Overpowered Magus

by roadsmember

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Magic Male Lead Secret Identity Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
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Seventeen-year-old Julius Alkas is a one-man powerhouse and among the most powerful magi in the thirty-six known galaxies. His friends call him the Immortal Archmage. His enemies...well, the ones who are left, bitterly curse his existence.

Tasked with finding the scattered Kor’Rel shards, Julius and his best friend, Koda, an Interstellar Fae cat, will travel to different worlds, causing trouble as they explore the vast cultural richness in the universe.

The story features an OP MC, short chapters, and minor use of blue screens. Read at your own peril.

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This is gold, I love koda already.

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 - What the Heart Wills

I wrote this review on phone, and I'm lazy right now to correct grammar in a review. Might do so in the future. 

Hm, so I can say this story really excels in almost all for the little number of chapters it has. I can't believe someone downrated this before even letting it have a complete intro. Like it was just starting, I entered here to see why was it that it had such a low rate. My expectations were low since I don't fare well with OP MCs. My plan was going to be read, check and try not to copy whatever was wrong, and then leave...

To my surprise, I found the total opposite of what I expected. I found a true ball of trash. A lump of coal that might light and turn into a star or a diamond. Yeah, this is very good. But hey, people on this site disappoint me sometimes. Being critical to a work that hasn't even started and has less than 10% of the intro completed... really? Well, It's a personal rant, but I really dislike the downrates before a story presents the reason why it should be read. Just compare this to mother of learning (best rated here) or some others, in which the intro needs like 20 chaps or more. Like a 5k web serials can have an intro of around 300 pages sometimes, and those first pages can be an ordeal to read... But then you read the next part and find how good was it, instead here I find a story that was almost killed in the cradle. 

This one was at 3.5 ratings with only 5 chaps, and the story intro still in place... And for interesting purposes, it wasn't bad... like its actually good, even found the Great DK commenting on it. 

Like, I can imagine the author's motivation plummeting a bit with that rate... Sorry for the rant, author you can do it!

Anyway the review:

We have, apart from the synopsis, what you would call the basic fantasy couple. An Mc and his pet Koda... The MC is a tier 12 magus, that is doing lazy stuff apparently while he waits for something. The pet is some sort of mythological dragon combined with space? Well, that's an amazing pet btw, it has a lot of character, the magus mc is also interesting, and I can expect a lot from Anna and Valentine already. For the little number of chapters, I can feel their fleshing going to be above 3d. 

Story: It definitely has a good combo: OP magus, Fae pet, expecting payment for a fleet, seems like a magus traveling the stars while building a fleet to attack some 'space demons' or 'corporations'. 

Grammar: Very little 'real' errors. Really, even high authors have them, this reads rather well. 

Style: I love it. Just add more details*.

Thanks, hope it really ignites into more than a black stone. 

NOTE: Personal opinion addition.

Worldbuilding lacks a bit though (from what I could predict, the author confirmed it after the last comment),  it's like 80% complete in my opinion just that the author shows less than 20% to the reader. I am a sucker for details so I will exaggerate to growl with my raccoon bard technique. 

However, don't believe in this, very few here seem interested in a lot of worldbuilding detail, since it can stall the story and make it non-enjoyable. Readers in RR care more for the characters, stats, action, and troubles with a lot of surrounding emotion (feel my power, feel envious of it, kill and bathe in blood, etc...) Well, people love wish-fulfillment or solo-powering it seems. I like it but it's too simple of a plot after reading a bunch, so its a rant from someone outside the norm which shouldn't be taken into account) Yes, this raccoon loves to rant!  

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It's a gem, just READ it!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 6 - Shadows of the Past

The few chapters already enthralling me, I wonder how it will bring my imaginations along the journey. This fic now definitely are one of my favorite on RRL.