The Mortal Ingredients

by re:live

Original ONGOING Drama Psychological Romance Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk Grimdark Harem Magic Male Lead Strong Lead Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

"It was just supposed to be another day. Just another ordinary, mundane, monotonous, bullshit day at school. Fuck, I still hate remembering it."

Joshua Cole was just meandering through life. Never really had any determination to do better, and even his crush was just a friend until just five minutes ago... although, her affection is the last thing on his mind after he slips into another dimension.

Faced between selling himself to the state in order to earn a life of luxury, or try to make it on his own with a small startup fund, how will our hero (villain, murderer, savior; your pick, really), survive in a familiar yet foreign land?

There is a copious amount of profanity. A Cyberpunk story with blood, gore, violence, mind breaking (not during sex, because apparently I have to clarify), and sex. Kinky, kinky sex. You have been warned.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Universal Language ago
Chapter 1: Who Will Know? ago
Chapter 2: Decisions, Decisions. ago
Chapter 3: The Right Choice ago
Chapter 4: For the Greater Good ago
Chapter 5: A Heated Encounter {NSFW} ago
Chapter 6: One Princess' Junk ago
Chapter 7: A Glimpse of My Darkness ago
Chapter 8: With Power Comes Options. ago
Chapter 9: Tying Up Loose Ends {NSFW} ago
Chapter EX 1: A Tale of Two Realities ago
Chapter 10: A Step in the Right Direction ago
Chapter 11: Expletives and Machinations ago
Chapter 12: The (Not So) Far East ago
Chapter 13: Tales of the Underground ago
Chapter 14: The Who and Why ago
Chapter 15: I Swear, Clubbing Was Never My Thing ago
Chapter 16: In Which Lucina and Reya Contemplate Their Lives ago
Chapter 17: Enjoy It While It Lasts {NSFW} ago
Chapter 18: This is Definitely a Minigame ago
Chapter 19: One Step Closer ago
Chapter 20: Findings ago
Chapter 21: Planning Has Never Been So Much Of A Cluster ago
Chapter 22: There It Is ago
Chapter 23: Why Do I Even Bother? ago
Chapter 24: Do I Even Have To Fight? ago
Chapter 25: So That's What That Was! ago
Chapter 26: Hey, I Actually Learned Something! ago
Chapter 27: I Hope You Had Insurance. ago
Chapter 28: Well, Look On The Bright Side ago
Chapter 29: Recruitment? ago
Chapter 30: Does It Have To End That Way? ago
Chapter 31: The Mortal Ingredients ago
Chapter 32: What Have You Been Up To? ago
Author's Notes: Q&A ago
Chapter 33: The Person At Fault ago
Chapter 34: An Equivalent Exchange ago
Chapter 35: My Path ago
Chapter 36: Setting The Stage. ago
Chapter 37: A Much Needed Break From Reality {NSFW} ago
Chapter 38: The Results Speak For Themselves ago
Chapter 39: Be There Soon ago
Chapter 40: A Reception ago
Chapter 41: Recon ago
Chapter 42: The City Proper ago
Chapter 43: The Chase ago
Chapter 44: Those Of Noble Birth ago
Chapter 45: The Strafe Family ago
Chapter 46: The Eldest of The Ten ago
Chapter 47: Impending Consequences ago
Chapter 48: Weekly Cleaning ago
Chapter 49: The Plan From The Get-Go {NSFW} ago
The Update You Never Asked For ago

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A lot of potential, mostly squandered.

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: For the Greater Good

The story had me hooked up until chapter 4, and from there, it was downhill for me. 

I really liked the introduction of Joshua, he seemed a relatable character (We've all had the same exact thoughts about school), and I loved his interactions with his crush, I can't remember her name, it was only mentioned once or twice. Still, she was a unique character, and I wanted to get to see more of their dynamic. But as soon as their interactions start going somewhere, Josh gets whisked off to an alternate reality. The blurb warned of it, so it wasn't jarring, just a little disappointing after I got to liking the girl she falls out of the story (wonder what plot device the author will use to bring her back?).

Then we're in Ethria, literally dropped into the princess bedroom, which was great. I loved how the story started there. From there, we get a bit of info-dumping, but it wasn't nearly as bad as some stories, so I'll give it a pass. The way dialogue is written makes it hard to tell who is sometimes speaking without the aid of tags, which there aren't many of them. That's the biggest grammar issue I found; otherwise, the author's writing is good, even excellent at times. And I found myself enthralled with the story and wanting to read more, which is when, of course, it takes a sharp turn.

Within a chapter and a half, Josh goes from prisoner to an audience with the king (btw telling both the king and the princess to fuck off was brilliant!) but then right at the peak of my excitement with the story, Joshua completely switches personalities. Instead of the freaked out highschool/ college kid nervously asking out his crush who is thrust into a new world he instantly becomes a dom and subjugates the princess, in their first conversation, he makes her virtually his slave.

Then he gets a really cool power, but in under a couple of hours, he's mostly mastered it enough to break into high-security systems, and the princess is already starting to fall in love with him. I like harem stories and have no problem with his domineering attitude, it just comes out of the left field, and all of this in less than two chapters was too jarring for me. 

I gave it four stars for how much I was engaged at the beginning. The author has a lot of potential, and I'll check out his other works, but this one has lost me.

  • Overall Score

The author kill his own story at chapter 30, after chapter 20 it went downhill pretty fast, what a waste, such a shame... It really had good potential, but well... It felt rushed and goaless

  • Overall Score

overall really interesting worldbuilding here and i can say this story really has potential...Is it bad that I want the Mc to be Bi... lol

but either way, the BDSM thing is cool, but it won't be if it ends with the MC thinking with his bottom half. It's nice to see harem novels where the ML knows better than to hook up with terrible women just because they're beautiful.

also, the ML's character is a bit bipolar but hopefully, after a few chapters he'll find a goal for himself other than avoiding manipulation 

  • Overall Score

Honestly it's pretty darn good. Better spelling and grammar then what's on here a lot of the time. Plots good so far, pacing could use a little work around the time he travels.