Lord of Undeath

by Libraest

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Having woken up under the overgrown soil of the earth, he no longer walks among the living. Vast and mysterious world sprawls before his eyes, almost like an empty canvas waiting to be filled. But even a white canvas has its flaws.

Unlike him who no longer hungers, tires and thirst, they tread this world. The weakness incarnate, fathers of desire, jealousy and destruction. They whom tarnish his world and bring upon unimaginable hatred.

Thus, be it demons, dragons or humans. Come... Come and take salvation that he brings and join the shrouded path of the unknown. Before the foundation of life itself crumbles under his grasp and a new one rises, bend your knee and heed the call of that who has arisen. Break what binds you to this earth and join him in unlife, for he is the Lord of Undeath.


English is not my native language and I’m a beginner writer. It's my first draft and story, so things could change at some point (if I ever decide to rewrite this).

Weekly uploads at best, constructive criticism is welcome, as are ideas and advice.

p.s I do not own the cover. If the artist wishes for me to remove it, I will.

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  • Overall Score

Till now it has everything you would expect and this in a way that makes it interesting and to some extend also funny to read. The normal problems a novel of the genre has (not enough interaction , or transformation into a human to get interaction which kinda kills the whole point) got solved in simple yet effective way. The mc and followers are fun and interesting to read about and you wil ask yourself after every chapter " what weird does he plan next". Hope to see more in the future!

The Dolphin
  • Overall Score

It's very rare to see an undead MC with undead goals, but this story is exactly that! The MC creates logical decisions with the information he has. All things we (Humans) wouldn't even consider, the MC wouldn't even know about, creating this unique dynamic of learning things and actually using that information for his own gains. I feel I should also say the MC also possesses the power of a lich, being able to raise the dead. Also, as far as I've seen, there's no goody two shoe moment, the mc is practical and efficient. The reactions and writing are also captivating and keep me wanting more. The only downside are the cliffs at the end, almost make me want to walk off one. I 100% recommend at least trying this story, even if it isn't your usual cup of tea :)

  • Overall Score

This is a very interesting take on a subject which until now has been poorly done. The MC stays true to his nature which makes the plot something different than what I am used to. Quite an enjoyable read.

  • Overall Score

Royal Road has an abundance of stories that claim to be dark stories but not that many actual, dark stories. This is a phenomenal dark story that I cannot recommend enough if you happen to like stories that center around undead characters. If you give it a shot, I promise you won't regret it. 

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Synopsys: A new kind of undead is born and Go his merry way to look for the reasen of undead life and to meet new People.

Sarcasmus of.

He knew what he is and he know what the world want him to so.

The writer in my opinion, does a great story telling. You have different point of Views in some chapters. Normaly they don't go well in the same, not here they went in eatch other quiet naturel. No cuts i mean.

Grammar is good.


  • Overall Score

I think more (or any) foreshaddowing could fic this. Seems like it doesn't have a plan.