The Glory After Rebirth

by Mason

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Historical Romance Low Fantasy Male Lead Reincarnation Slice of Life Supernatural

A letter to break off the engagement leads Ling Family in Tangyang to endless doom. And he, Ling Zhang, is tortured to death after his legs are cruelly broken.

This time after rebirth, he swears to restore glory to his family and to seek revenge. The very first he should do is to break the engagement himself!

Yuewen Family? Far in the capital enjoying high privilege and glory?

I simply don’t care.

You think yourself some delicious cake that everyone crazes to grab a bite?

Bah! Too hard that it hurts my teeth!

Yet never has Ling Zhang expected that this ‘hard cake’ would promise him a life of glory after rebirth.

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Word Count (18)
1st Anniversary
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
He Crawled Back ago
C2. One Bowl of Hangover Soup ago
C3. Past Wrongs ago
C4. The Legacy of Mother ago
C5. Why Isn’t Ling Zhang Here? ago
C6. Keep Your Damned Eyes Open ago
C7. Keep Your Damned Eyes Open ago
C8. An Openly Declared War Between Jia and Ling ago
C9. Confrontation ago
C10. Do You Want to Rebel? ago
C11. Uncle Appeared ago
C12. Don't Let Me Down ago
C13. The Confession of the Four People ago
C14. Put Poison in the Sobering-up Soup ago
C15. The Reasons for Framing ago
C16. The Crowd Were Burning with Rage ago
C17. Commander of the Prefecture Guards-Zhang Chong ago
C18. The Judgement ago
C19. Have You Ever Heard About Yuwen Family in Capital? ago
C20. Uncle Will Return the Justice to You ago
C21. Just Tell me ago
C22. Family Came Back ago
C23. Gone Too Far ago
C24. Ling Family Is Indomitable ago
C25. I’m Afraid It’s Too Late ago
C26. To Execute Those Treacherous Servants ago
C27. Xiao Feng's Fear ago
C28. Family Feast ago
C29. Big Brother, Are You Getting Married? ago
C30. Young Master Wants to Learn Kung Fu? ago
C31. Ling Zhang Wanted to Break Off the Engagement ago
C32. Feel So Uneasy ago
C33. Ling Family’s Counterattack? ago
C34. An Encounter with Bandits ago
C35. Help! ago
C36. Thank You for Saving Our Lives ago
C37. Are You Really Marshal Yuwen? ago
C38. Am I a Heart-breaker? ago
C39. Young Master Will Be Very Happy! ago
C40. Marshal Yuwen Was Everywhere ago
C41. The Roster of the Guards ago
C42. Trap-and-Kill Formation of Twelve ago
C43. What Else Do You Remember? ago
C44. Your Mother's Origin ago
C45. The Marriage Partner of Marshal ago
C46. Herb Farm at the South of the City ago
C47. Arrival at the Herb Farm ago
C48. Our Marshall Will Arrive Tomorrow ago
C49. He’s Coming! ago
C50. Isn’t Your Eldest Grandson at Home? ago
C51. A Desire to Escape ago
C52. Every Part of Him Is Perfect ago
C53. Subtle Enmity from Ling Zhang ago
C54. I Didn’t Agree to Break Off the Engagement ago
C55. I Won’t Eat You! ago
C56. I Can Walk by Myself ago
C57. You Want to Help Us? ago
C58. A Small and Narrow Carriage ago
C59. Call Me Brother ago
C60. Yuwen Tong's Doubts ago
C61. Recruiting New Guards ago
C62. Jia Yuanling Was Exiled ago
C63. Exploring the Mine Together ago
C64. Do You Need Me to Dredge the Meridian for You? ago
C65. Trouble at the Gate ago
C66. The Formation Drawing ago
C67. Would You Like to Go to the Capital with Me? To Meet Marshal Yuwen. ago
C68. Telling Stories About Marshal Yuwen ago
C69. It Wasn't Proper ago
C70. You Are Not Being Honest ago
C71. Something About Your Uncle ago
C72. Honey-Trap ago
C73. Ling Zhang's Confusion, Yuwen Tong's Enlightenment ago
C74. A Tough Start ago
C75. Did You Complete It by Yourself? ago

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Anne Qi
  • Overall Score

I love the charcters setting so much. Will follow this one and see what will happen.

  • Overall Score

While the idea of reincarnation is common, you took it and made it yours.

The chapters can be longer and there is always room for improvement grammar wise, but you are doing an excellent job!