I Hear You Are Going to Marry Me



C17. Didn’t You Want to Date with Me? No Way!


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“It’s the time for lunch, darling.”

According to Su Mo, a detestable man was the first impression on Xing Biao.

“Don’t call me darling.”

“Then, dear?”

Xing Biao tried and called Su Mo dear. Su Mo waved the walking stick and punched it at Xing Biao with no word. Xing Biao rushed to the door.

“Why do you play the stick? You are not a monkey.”

“Try to call me these female words again.”

“Darling, baby?”

Su Mo trembled, for these words were more disgusting.

“So darling is better. We don’t need to quarrel about what I call you. Let’s have lunch. Don’t punch me again, ok? I’ve petted you so much. You can do everything you like at home. But save face for me in front of others, ok?”

Xing Biao was aggrieved. Seeing that all the other couples who would marry soon seemed in love, but he was glanced every five minutes.

“Come here, I’ll have lunch.”

Xing Biao answered soon, and held Su Mo up.

They drank beer together with dumplings.

Su Mo’s dad and mom were happy that their family members including their son-in-law could gather together.

Su Mo was very hungry. He returned back due to his parents. He was travel-worn, and said nothing but focusing on food.

Northeasterners could drink a lot. Eating a dumpling, drinking some beer, glancing at Su Mo, and talking with Su Mo’s dad and mom, Xing Biao seemed so happy.

Aunt Su treated Xing Biao so well that she always took foods for him.

Xing Biao stood up by holding his glass.

“Dad, mom and darling, I’ve thirty years old. I left from home when I was 15 years old, and I left from northeast China when I was 18 years old. I’ve suffered a lot. Every Spring Festival, all members of other families got together and had dumplings, but I cooked a dish of instant frozen dumplings and kept drinking beer for a whole night by myself. I did not like that feeling. However, I have dad and mom now, and I have my darling and my family. Trust me that I will treat Su Mo better than myself. I’ll give him everything he wants. I’ll make him happy.”

Su Mo said nothing. Staying abroad for many years, he always cooked a bag of instant frozen dumpling every Spring Festival for foreigners did not celebrate this festival. He could experience the sad and lonely feeling. He could understand Xing Biao very much.

“Biao, we trust in your conducts, and we’d like to marry Mo to you. You will treat him well, won’t you?”

“Of course dad, I won’t make him upset by some unkindness.”

“Darling, you’ll never regret about marrying me.”

Su Mo delivered the bowl of vinegar to Xing Biao.

“Just sit down and have lunch. Stop talking.”

Xing Biao sat down and toasted to his father-in-law. Then he held the bowl of vinegar and drank it up.

Su Mo stared at him in astonishment.

Xing Biao shivered due to the sour vinegar.

“I ask you to have dumplings with vinegar. I don’t ask you to drink up the bowl of vinegar.”

Xing Biao drank up the whole bowl of vinegar.

“Ah? I thought you asked me to drink it up, and do not drink beer. Shit! It’s so sour!”

Xing Biao held his cheek and kept drinking water. It was so sour.

Su Mo laughed. He had not seen such a heavy-handed man for long. It was so funny.

The life would not be boring when living with such a funny man.

Su Mo was tired. He intended to go asleep after lunch. But Xing Biao did not allow him to do so.

Squatting at the sofa, Xing Biao negotiated with Su Mo.

“Let’s go to the hospital, ok?”

“My foot is fine.”

“Just check it in the hospital. We’ll get married on the 30th day of this month. You have to be fine at that time. We’ve never dated, and do not stay home. I’ll take you to wander about today.”

Su Mo was helpless with Xing Biao, who did not allow him to go back to the room.

“I’ll have a rest. You go by yourself.”

“You need to learn something about my business, my work, my staffs and so on. I’ll hold you to.”

“Someday in the future, maybe.”

“A date is a date. Today, not someday in the future.”

“I said someday in the future.”

Su Mo roared at Xing Biao, and Xing Biao got angry. Shit! He loved Su Mo so much, but Su Mo went too far! Xing Biao did not negotiate with Su Mo anymore, and held Su Mo up from the sofa, and then walked out.

“You are so noisy. Your foot is injured, and I’ll hold you wherever I want. You are not obedient, and you deserve so.”

“Xing Biao, you hooligan! Don’t you know how to acquire consent from others?”

“I have to do so since you don’t want to negotiate with me. I love you, but you are so noisy!”

Xing Biao held Su Mo tightly. He frowned and said so to Su Mo.

“Mom, give me his clothes, please.”

Aunt Su opened the door and put the cloth on the shoulder of Xing Biao, and said to them: “Don’t come back too early. You can live together since you’ll marry soon.”Next chapter -> I Liked You Very Much, Darling.


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