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Xing Biao kneaded dough by rolling up his sleeves. The dough made by Xing Biao was flexible and chewy. He pushed the basin with one hand, and kneaded with another hand. At the same time, his muscles on the back were moving and the line on his waist was prominent. With powerful wrists, burly muscles and firm waist, Xing Biao was a stylish man when judging from the appearance.

His big palms could beat people to death. But he kneaded dough, made dumplings and rolled dough in front of mom in an obedient and neat way. He bent slightly to cooperate with his mom when she intended to tap on his shoulder. The family turned crowded with such a big man. Su Mo felt him noisy, and turned up the volume of the television deliberately, which was still covered by sounds of Xing Biao. Xing Biao laughed and talked in high voices. He turned extremely smooth-tongued after the embarrassing moment of calling mom. He always said mom and dad, and asked Su Mo to see the dumplings he made.

Su Mo frowned, and did not intend to respond to him. However, he was often attracted by his voices.

Su Mo stared at Xing Biao by holding his own jaw. He felt Xing Biao was not sharp-sighted. But he was liked so much by his mom.

He moved hair for his mom, and chatted with his dad while smoking.

It seemed so happy. Xing Biao really knew how to make his parents happy.

Xing Biao turned around and threw him a kiss.

Shit! He behaved like a hooligan to him.

Su Mo looked down upon himself for he was enthralled by Xing Biao. It was about 40 minutes, the time for an episode of TV play. Su Mo decided to get back to his own room to avoid Xing Biao. He took the walking stick to stand up.

“Where are you going? I’ll take you to.”

Xing Biao saw Su Mo sometimes. He was happy that Su Mo was staring at him. But Su Mo stood up suddenly.

Xing Biao dusted off the flour on his hands, and walked to Su Mo.

“Get back to the room to have a rest.”

Su Mo’s body was held before he took the first step. He was held by Xing Biao again.

Did he intend to show his strong body? Su Mo was unhappy that Xing Biao often held him up.

“We’ll make a physical examination in the hospital after lunch. Then we’ll buy gold jewelries.”

“I don’t want to go to the hospital”

“You have to. You are not a boy afraid of going to a hospital.”

Xing Biao frowned.

“I’ve seen a doctor. I don’t have to go to the hospital again.”

“I was not together with you when you saw the doctor. I’m not sure if the doctor is reliable. You have to see a doctor anyway.”

He put Su Mo on the bed, and cushioned his leg with a pillow, to avoid congestion on his leg.

“Just read some books before lunch.”

Xing Biao intended to walk out, and then said by pointing at the nose of Su Mo.

“You are not allowed to walk alone unless I hold you. I don’t want a little cripple.”

Su Mo replied to him with a book throwing to him.

The book hit on the door, and fell on the ground.

“Who are you thinking you are?”

In Su Mo’s opinion, Xing Biao was careless, impolite and unreasonable man.

Seeing that the book on the bedside table was thrown to the door, Su Mo took the dictionary and tried to calm down by reading it.

Su Mo decided not to be angry with that hooligan, and give him no response anymore.

He read the dictionary.

It was so weird that he saw the annotation of Biao on the dictionary although he did not mean to consult it to the dictionary.

Was that destined? He was destined to understand Xing Biao in detail?

In Northeast dialect, Biao meant silly. Right, Xing Biao deserved his name.

Su Mo thought that was really an appropriate word for Xing Biao, silly.

That was really an appropriate name for Xing Biao. In fact, Xing Biao was the spokesman of the word “Biao”. With the name of an abusive word, Su Mo intended to abuse Xing Biao next time when Xing Biao made him unhappy.

Su Mo was pleased about that, and then continued to read the dictionary. People could find almost everything in Kangxi Dictionary. Biao was the third son of the Tiger, a redundant child with multiple diseases. Most of them could not survive after being abandoned by their mothers, and the ones could survive would be more fierce than tigers, ruthless with cold blood. Biao meant fierce, sturdy and strong.

Su Mo took back his smile. He knew nothing about Xing Biao. Xing Biao said that he did everything to survive without a parent, and he lived hard. What kind of man was Xing Biao?

Without sufficient time to know each other, Su Mo thought he did not understand Xing Biao enough. Next chapter -> Didn’t You Want to Date with Me? No Way!


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