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C15. I Shared My Mom with You, and Gave Me Your Red Packet


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Aunt Su responded to him happily. She was as happy as hearing her daughter-in-law calling her mom for the first time.

She stretched her hand and delivered a big red packet to Xing Biao.

“It’s the money for changing the call. I’ll have another son.”

“Mom, you don’t need to!”

“Take it. It is the luck money. You have to take it.”

Xing Biao could not refuse the enthusiastic mother-in-law. He smiled, and seemed embarrassed by holding the red packet.

“It’s the first time for me to receive money from mom. Some bit of shame-making.”

“Didn’t your mother give a red pocket to you?”

Recalling the days he passed in the thirty years, Xing Biao smiled bitterly.

“No, I left from my hometown when I was at my teens. I stole money and beat others in order to survive. I’ve never received any red packet and gift money.”

Su Mo stopped, and frowned. This man lived so hard.

Aunt Su tapped on his hand.

“I’m your mom from now on. I’ll take good care of you.”


Xing Biao nodded seriously.

Xing Biao stared at Aunt Su. She was kind and good to him. He knew people who treated him well, and he gave back returns. He would take care of his parents together with Su Mo.

Su Mo stretched his hand.

“Give it to me.”


Xing Biao was confused about what Su Mo would do.

“Give me the red packet!”

Su Mo glared at Xing Biao, and Xing Biao delivered the red packet to Su Mo tamely. But he took it back as soon as he put it in the hand of Su Mo.

“No. It’s the red packet for me.”

It was the red packet for him given by his mother-in-law. Why did he transfer it to others as soon as he received it?

“Somebody tell me that he would give all his money to me after marriage. Won’t you fulfill your promise?”

“Ah, Mo, that’s the red packet for Xing Biao. I’ll give you another one.”

“You should give me a red packet, too, for I’m your real son. But, Xing Biao, yours is mine. Give it to me!”

Xing Biao did not want the money. But it was the first time for him to receive a red packet from his mother-in-law, with great memorability. He wanted to put it properly, to memorize it.

“I’ll give you everything you want.”

Xing Biao kept the red packet, and gave the money in it to Su Mo. He just wanted to keep the red packet no matter if there was money in it.

“That’s a lot of money.”

Su Mo took out his wallet, and put the money in it. Then he stretched his hand to his mother. Give me that. You made me marry a man, so you should give me some money for compensation. And his mom said she would give him money, too.

Aunt Su gave Su Mo a red packet, too.

Su Mo put cashes in the two red packets in his wallet.

“As a younger generation, you said you would be obedient to my mom. You should show your sincerity to my mom since you have receipted her money. According to local customers, you should by me golden jewelry. You do not need to buy for me, but just buy some for my mom.”


“No, you don’t need to. You’ve given a lot of bride price.”

Aunt Su thought her son began to take money from Xing Biao. Actually, all the money of Xing Biao would belong to him.

Su Mo glanced at Xing Biao, and Xing Biao followed all instructions from his lover.

“I’ll buy them.”

Su Mo gave a sniff. He said that he would never let off them easily, and he started it now. Xing Biao said that his money was Su Mo’s. His mom forced him to marry a man. So he had to revenge them.

As a lawyer, he was familiar with laws, and knew how to exploit an advantage and change money of others into his own.

He decided to take money from them, because they joined together to make him uncomfortable.

So he decided to take money from them. Next chapter -> Curious about Conduct of Xing Biao.


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