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"Well ..."

Four years after the doomsday, Yun Che was good at driving; he managed to get out of the city though it was traffic jam everywhere. Yun Yao was groggy and already laid down in the back seat. Yun Che, though focusing on driving, would check her condition through the rearview mirror from time to time. He feared that she would really ... change. It was enough for him to see his loved ones become zombies in the previous life. He never wanted to experience that again.

"Dude, is this ... young lady uncomfortable?" The man sitting next to her had already found that Yun Yao was uncomfortable. After considering for a long time, he eventually mustered up courage to ask.

"Do you have a definite destination?" After looking at him in the rearview mirror for a long time, Yun Che asked him instead of answering. The man was shocked and shook his head with a wry smile. "My father was killed by my mother in order to save me ..."

It was so cruel that he did not know why he just spoke it out. Perhaps subconsciously, he felt Yun Che was reliable.

"So?" As if he had not heard anything at all, Yun Che seemed a little cold-blooded. The man could not help curling his lip wryly: "No."

Who did he want to win sympathy from? In such a chaos, who would sympathize him?

"Very well, you can follow us for the time being until you find the safe place, and the premise is that you take care of her."

Don't blame him for his lack of sympathy. He had been living after the doomsday for 4 years. No matter how compassionate he had been, he was not that person any longer. As for the trust, how could one trust someone who didn't even know him? He would only make choices that were in his favor.

"Ah? Don't you stop to wait for her ... "

"There is no time."

The man couldn't help wondering: even if Yun Che didn't say it, he could see that he was very concerned about this woman, but Yun Che's next sentence made him more confused. Squinting at the woman lying beside him, he could just not understand what “There is no time” meant.

"Feed her water, pay attention to her changes, and let me know if there is anything unusual." Too lazy to explain to him, Yun Che gave him the rest of the water Yun Yao previously drank.

"Okay ... okay." Unable to understand his logic, but the man knew one thing very well: to survive, he must follow them.

"My name is Zhou Zeyu." Looking at the back of Yun Che’s head, Zhou Zeyu put YunYao’s head on his shoulder and fed her water with difficulty.

"Yun Che." Yunche said; he had already driven out of the city. He did not take the highway or the national road but drove his car into the villa area to the east of the city. He remembered well that there would be an old road through the villa area to Huai city. The villa area was inhabited by rich people and the population division was not as dense as the city. Moreover, because of the barrier of the villa wall, the old highway behind was almost deserted and only people in the suburbs and villages would use it to save time. Compared with the highway or national road that must have been blocked up, the old highway should be the only shortcut, although the condition would be bad.

"Help ... help ..."

Along the way, many people chased by zombies were constantly waving to them for help, but Yun Che ignored all of them and crashed into the zombies in front of the car directly. But when they entered the villa area, many people were desperate in the middle of the road.

"Touch!" When Zhou Zeyu thought Yun Che would stop, Yun Che just stepped on the accelerator and the car sped up instantly. A man covered in blood was knocked out instantly. Zhou Zeyu suddenly opened his big mouth in surprise. It took a long time before he stupidly said, "He ... he is human."

"He would no longer be human sooner. His eyes are cloudy. Within an hour, he will definitely become a zombie. Do you want to be his food?" He had no sympathy, but that didn't mean he was cold-blooded. Moreover, before this “man”, there were more waiting in the middle of the road.

"Er ... sorry, I ..."

"Don’t, I don't object to you being a saint, but I must ask you to restrain your sympathy before you leave. None of us could have trouble except you." Glancing at him in the rearview mirror, Yun Che found time to light a cigarette for himself.

Yun Che was much politer than before, but Zhou Zeyu felt quite shame. In this world, he could not even protect him, how could him take care of the lives of others? Even if the man did not mutate, they still could not stop. Otherwise, those who were blocking the road would surely rush into the car and...

Zhou Zeyu couldn't help shuddering once thinking of the consequences. He swallowed hard and said, "Thank you."

He knew that Yunche was teaching him, although the aim was to stop him from making trouble.

"Don't mention it, just take care of my sister."

Yun Che refused to be polite to him; he opened the window and threw away the cigarette butts, "Sit tight."


"Touch ..."

"Uncle!" Before Zhou Zeyu could respond. With a loud noise, people in the car all felt dizzy and Chen Chen burst into tears with fright. Yun Che promptly released one hand to grab his little fat hand: "Don't be afraid."

"Em ..." Chen Chen grasped his hand tight; he turned his head with eyes full of tears, but he nodded his head in a muffled voice. Yun Che could not bear to see this, but there was no other way out. The wall blocked the way and he could only rush into it.

"Chen Chen is a little warrior and this is awarded to my little warrior." Pulling out his hand and rubbing Chen Chen’s head, Yun Che made a colorful rainbow lollipop appearing on his hand. Chen Chen instantly smiled, "Thank you, Uncle."

Fuck, was this guy crazy?

Sitting in the back seat, Zhou Zeyu was in a shock for quite a long time. Was it really right to rely on him? He just ran into the wall…Luckily they were driving the hummer, if not... Zhou Zeyu felt more and more helpless, but he did not realize that he didn't consider to separate with them for a moment. Next chapter -> Night lodging and Yun Yao’s waking up.


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