In the palace, Lou Jing stormed to see Lou Feng excitedly.

“Feng, I heard Lin Feiyu has come. Was he here to send you the cultivating formations?” asked Lou Jing eagerly.

Lou Feng shook his head, “Feiyu said he went to ask for the formations from Lou Yu but got rejected because of Mo Fei!”

Lou Jing frowned, saying grumpily, “Mo Fei? You mean that bumpkin our Mother Consort has betrothed to Lou Yu?”

Lou Feng nodded, “Yeah, it’s him. Feiyu said Lou Yu has already agreed. But this Mo Fei didn’t agree, so Lou Yu made an excuse and took back his words.”

Lou Jing frowned, “Oh no! That Mo Fei is just a guy from a no-one-has-ever-heard-of place who got rejected like a hundred times. Why would Lou Yu listen to him?”

“It looks we have belittled this Mo Fei. There are a lot of rumors about this Mo Fei on the Star website. Someone said he had premarital pregnancy, someone said he has got tuberculosis and won’t live long, someone even said he has serious hircismus that could kill people, and a lot of people said he is intolerable to the eyes…But, in fact, Mo Fei is kind of cute who plays the piano well and even gets the better of Lin Feiyu.” said Lou Feng. Welcome to unlock the whole chapter 56 -> Lou Feng.


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