Lou Yu wasn’t the favored one. He had some star coins at hands, but wouldn’t be too many. So Lou Jing had always teased that Lou Yu was a pauper in front of others. But now 1000 cultivating formations! Damn it! This guy was going to be super rich!

Lou Yu wore a cold face and said, “he names such a high price but people still would like to pay.” And a long line!

1,000 cultivating formations seemed quite a lot, but there were so many big financial groups, so many cultivating masters out there. They were far from enough.

It was said five formations together would have the best effect, which could improve nearly four times cultivation speed.

General Ji planned to build a few cultivation buildings specially for the soldiers to cultivate. So those soldiers would all draw closer to Ji Family. Unlock the whole chapter 48 -> About the Cultivating Formation (2)


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