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At this time Su Rong walked into the hall. Mo Fei immediately went to welcome him, “Mr. Su, you are here.”

Su Rong felt at loose ends by Mo Fei’s hospitality, “Mr. Mo, what do you want from me?”

“You are so smart. You got me.” praised Mo Fei.

Su Rong forced a smile, “Mr. Mo, what is it? Just shoot.”

Mo Fei nodded, “We found a new kind of magic weapon.”

Mo Yi nodded and echoed, “It’s called Cultivation Formation.”

Su Rong raised his eyebrows. That magic weapon Mo Fei mentioned really existed!

Mo Yi then took out a half-palm big formation, saying, “This is the legendary Cultivation Formation. Your cultivation speed will double if you wear it on you.”

“Really?” asked Su Rong.

Mo Yi nodded, “Exactly, double! It means after you wear it, you only need five years to advance to level 4, which should cost you ten years.”

Su Rong looked at Mo Fei suspiciously, “Really?”

“Of course it’s real. Why would I lie to you? Doubled cultivation speed! What does it mean? If means if you are ordinary, but with it, one could say you are quite a genius. Mo Yi, let him have a try.” said Mo Fei.

Then Mo Yi handed the formation to Su Rong. And Su Rong suspiciously held it in his hand.

To Su Rong surprise, the star power around gathered together at the double speed.

And Su Rong’s heart started to speed up out of his control.

Mo Fei looked at Su Rong with his eyes shining, “How does it feel?”

Su Rong smiled, “Not bad.”

“Since you are an acquaintance, I can sell it at a preferential price.” said Mo Fei.

“You would sell it to me?” asked Su Rong who already looked kind of excited now.

Mo Fei nodded, “Yeah!”

“How much?” Su Rong urged to ask.

“10 million star coins.” Mo Fei held up a finger.

“Deal!” Su Rong unhesitatingly transferred 10 million from his star card to Mo Fei, and held the formation in his hand tightly like he was afraid Mo Fei might regret it.

Looking at Su Rong agreed so easily like 10 million was nothing to him, Mo Fei immediately regretted it! He was not bold enough to name a whopping price. What a shame!

Su Rong asked curiously, “Mr. Mo, why would you recommend this to me instead of the prince?”

“How would that niggard spend so much…” Realizing it was inappropriate to say those words before Su Rong, Mo Fei immediately changed his tone, “I mean, Prince Yu…he…he is not as generous as you!”

Su Rong thought to himself, “…Is it really appropriate to say Prince Yu a niggard?”

“Mr. Mo, can I used two at the same time?” asked Su Rong. If so, one doubled. two quadrupled, and three sextupled.

Mo Fei nodded, “Yeah, I think so. But the outcome would decrease. The second only has a half of the effect. So one is two times, two is three times, three 3.5 times, four 3.75 times…And the upper limit is four times, even if you use 100, or 1000.”

Su Rong’s eyes shone, “Then I want another 9!”

“None!” said Mo Fei decidedly.

“Why?” asked Su Rong.

Mo Fei blurted it out, “If I give them all to you, when can we kick your ass?”

Seeing Su Rong’s face turn stiff, Mo Fei forced a smile, “I mean…we have none.”

Su Rong looked at Mo Fei face, thinking, “How is that possible?”

Since they overheard about the magic weapon thing, Su Rong had always kept an eye on them. Su Rong was pretty sure Mo Fei made the formation himself. So if he wanted, he could make them endlessly.

Su Rong then gave Mo Yi a glance. Now he and Mo Fei were on a par. But under Mo Fei’s help, Mo Yi could quadruple his cultivation speed, while he could only double the speed. So in the future…

Mo Fei cast a glance at Su Rong blandly and became very serious, “My Rong, our deal is a secret, you know?”

Su Rong nodded, “Yeah, sure.”

Mo Fei then nodded satisfactorily, “It’s good. I know as smart as you are, you’d know what to do and what not to do.”

Su Rong, “…”

Mo Fei then left happily with the star coins.

As for the rest five formations, Mo Fei gave them all to Mo Yi generously, then bought some more ingredients on Star website and planned to make some more.

On the other hand, after Mo Fei and Mo Yi left, Lou Yu came out from the back of Su Rong, imitating Mo Fei voice, “My Rong, I know as smart as you are, you’d know what to do and what not to do.”

Su Rong felt a wisp of coldness jumping through his feet up to his head. Damn it! He was so thrilled that he even didn’t notice Mo Fei called him ‘my Rong’.

“My prince, you are back.” Judging from Lou Yu’s expression, Su Rong kind of had a feeling that he was jealous.

Lou Yu nodded, “I’m back a while ago.”

Su Rong then handed over the formation to him cap in hand, “My prince, Lord Mo gave this to me.”

Holding the formation, Lou Yu narrowed his eyes, “Not bad, huh?”

Su Rong nodded, “Yeah, I tried. It works.”Next chapter -> Mo Fei, You Go Viral.


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