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Lou Jing then walked to Mo Fei and said scornfully, “Sister-in-law, you are such a foodie!”

Mo Fei nodded while still chewing, “I haven’t had lunch yet.”

“If you keep eating like this, all those food here isn’t enough. Even a pig wouldn’t eat so much.” ridiculed Lou Jing.

Mo Fei blinked and said, “How could I? There is so much food here. Do you also want some? Help yourself!”

Mo Fei sized Lou Jing up and then lowered his voice, “Girl, you better not eat too much. A girl should keep fit, or no one will marry you.”

Lou Jing stared at Mo Fei gloomily, “Are you implying I am fat?”

Mo Fei smiled, “Oh come on! Actually…you’re…just a little…a little bit fat.”

Lou Jing looked super awkward, with raging fire under her eyes, “This is the first time someone said I am fat!”

Mo Fei then sized her up and said, “Girl, maybe because of your bad temper, so no one dare to say it in your face. If you want to hear the truth, you should learn to be more approachable. You know, not everyone is as sincere as I am. Girl, even your younger brother has been married while you are still single. Don’t you think you should reflect on yourself?”

Su Rong looked at Mo Fei, with his jaws dropped onto the floor.

Lou Jing’s face turned deathly pale. She snorted and then walked away.

Then Mo Fei kept gulping the cake, thinking, “No wonder they are brother and sister. Even the way they snorted is the same, so slutty!

Su Rong looked at Mo Fei, saying, “You have offended Princess Jing.”

After finishing that piece of cake, Mo Fei said sullenly, “I’m just telling the truth. Oh, I forgot. Nowadays anyone who likes telling the truth is always not welcomed. But as honest as I am, I’d feel guilty if I don’t tell the truth.”

Su Rong, “…”

“Young master, are you OK?” Mo Yi came to them and asked.

Mo Fei shook his head, “I’m fine. What are you doing here?”

“I told Mr. Su I was gonna help and here I am.” Mo Yi said.

Mo Fei nodded and then looked at Mo Yi with a pair of shining eyes, “So many hot chicks here! This is a rare chance.”

Mo Yi rubbed his forehead, “Young master, beautiful women are not into foodies.”

Mo Fei looked quite embarrassed, “I want both cakes and hot chicks. But if I have to pick one, then cakes!” Beautiful women are not eatable anyway!

Mo Yi, “…”

Su Rong, “…”

Lou Feng then pulled Lin Feiyu to Lou Yu’s side, “Yu, your wife has never stopped eating since he came in.”

Lou Yu said flatly, “Then leave him. It’s a blessing to be a foodie.”

Lou Feng laughed, “Yu, you are really good to your wife!”

Lou Yu just ignored his words and said with a smile, “He is my wife anyway. Of course I should be good to him.”

Lou Feng cast a glance at Lin Feiyu, “Well, Feiyu has prepared a song for your big day.”

Lou Yu cast an eye at Lin Fei with a complicated expression, “Thanks.”

While Mo Fei was chowing down those cakes, Mo Fei was already thoughtful enough to cut the new cake into pieces and put them in his plate.

Su Rong watched those two, speechless.

While Mo Fei was digging, the whole place suddenly went silent, then the piano was heard in the hall.

Mo Fei pressed his chest and asked with a low voice, “Who is it? Why is he sawing wood while I am eating cakes? It nearly got me choked.”

Su Rong looked at Mo Fei, wearing a complicated expression, thinking, “Does Mo Fei say that on purpose since he already knew Lin Feiyu is the man on Prince Yu’s mind?”

Mo Yi stood on his tiptoe. After a while, he said to Mo Fei, “Young master, it looks like a toy boy is playing piano.”

Su Rong, “…”

Mo Fei then rubbed his nose, “I got it.”

Su Rong turned to Mo Fei and tried to explain, “It is Mr. Lin Feiyu who is playing the piano. He has both superb spiritual and physical aptitudes. And he also has great performances not only in developing potions, but also in a lot of areas like music, drawing and literature. He is the champion of the last Doron Piano Competition.”

Mo Fei nodded, “Doron Piano Competition? How many people have participated?”

Su Rong said reluctantly, “A lot.”

Mo Fei kept digging the cakes drowsily, thinking, “People here are so corrupt. With that lame level, he could even win the championship?”

Seeing Mo Fei’s disapproving expression, Su Rong thought to himself, “Mo Fei the idiot, he has no taste at all.”

After it was finished, all people on site gave him their heated applause from deep of their hearts.

With a plate on the left hand, and a fork on the right hand, Mo Fei didn’t applaud.

Lin Feiyu then stood up in people’s applause, and bowed politely to the audience.

Then Lou Jing’s voice was heard, “Yu, your new sister-in-law doesn’t appreciate your performance. He even said you were sawing wood.”

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