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Lou Yu sat in his star car blandly, while Su Rong looked at him and asked gingerly, “My prince, is it appropriate to send such little betrothal gifts?”

Lou Yu caught a glimpse of Su Rong and asked, “So you think it’s inappropriate?”

Su Rong forced a smile, “No, I mean, of course not.”

Lou Yu snorted, thinking, “That Mo Fei was talking about making a living by prostitution with Mo Yi! That son of bitch! He shouldn’t even have sent that box of Star Herbs. He should have sent him only one straw to humiliate him!”

Looking at Lou Yu’s gnashing expression, Su Rong asked out of curiosity, “My prince, is there something wrong between you and the crown princess?”

“Come on. What could go wrong between us?” said Lou Yu blandly.

Su Rong, “…”

“A-choo!” Mo Fei rubbed his nose and muttered to himself, “Some hot chick must be missing me.”

“Maybe it’s Prince Yu.” said Mo Yi.

Mo Fei glanced at Mo Yi and said, “Don’t mention that niggard before me. It makes me mad. I have never seen someone bitchier than him. Look at those herbs. Most of the rootstocks are damaged. He only sent me a box of lower level herbs, a box of rejects! He deserves to go to hell!”

A star car was speeding along the road and drove all the way before Prince Yu’s mansion. Su Rong found someone who shouldn’t appear here.

After getting out the car, Lou Yu’s face darkened on seeing Lin Feiyu.

“What are you doing here?” asked Lou Yu.

Lin Feiyu looked at Lou Yu innocently, “Lou Yu, I’m here to visit you.”

Su Rong frowned while looking at Lin Feiyu. Lin Feiyu was Lou Yu’s childhood sweetheart. Lou Yu had taken care of Lin Feiyu since he was young. Lin Feiyu’s physique belonged to level B, spiritual power level S, quite suitable to be a pharmacist. In fact, Lin Feiyu was indeed a potion talent. At such a young age, he could already make level 3 potions.

Su Rong was Lou Yu’s trustedfollower. Of course he knew Lou Yu had feelings for Lin Feiyu. Pity that Lin Feiyu only took him as a good friend. The one he loved was Lou Yu’s elder brother Lou Feng.

Lou Yu nodded, “Thank you for coming all the way to see me.”

Lin Feiyu raised his head and looked at Lou Yu, “Brother Lou Yu, they said you are getting married.”

Lou Yu nodded, “Yes, the wedding will be held in three days.”

“Brother Lou Yu, if you don’t like your fiancée, you just cancel it. Your fiancée isn’t good enough for you at all. Brother Lou Yu, you deserve someone better. Don’t give up on yourself since I turned you down.” said Lou Yu while looking at Lou Yu.

Lou Yu made no comment of his words but said instead, “Mo Fei is good.”

Lin Feiyu looked at Lou Yu, kind of surprised, frowning, “But I heard he is pregnant, and as tight as a drum, double-dealing. Brother Lou Yu, Mo Fei is really a terrible person. Don’t be fooled.”

“He ain’t that bad.” Lou Yu then thought to himself: Mo Fei is terrible for real, I have never met someone more terrible than him!

Su Rong glanced at Lou Yu. He was quite surprised that Lou Yu would speak for Mo Fei.

Lin Feiyu said with his brows knitted, “Brother Lou Yu, you seldom speak for someone.”

Lou Yu smiled, “Mo Fei will be my consort. Of course I should speak for him.”

Lin Feiyu’s face got a little stiff, “It seems you really like that guy called Mo Fei. I wish you all the best.”

Lou Yu smiled, “Thank you.”

At this time a star car drove by, from which walked out a handsome young man wearing a silver suit.

“Feiyu, what are you doing here? I was looking for you. Mother invites us for dinner tonight.” said Lou Feng.

Lin Feiyu then smiled at Lou Yu regrettably, “Brother Lou Yu, I gotta go.”

Lou Yu nodded as a response. Then Lin Feiyu ran at Lou Feng. Lou Feng held Lin Feiyu’s shoulder and gave Lou Yu a provoking look in an angle Lin Feiyu couldn’t see.

Lou Yu narrowed his eyes, with raging fire in his eyes.

With Lin Feiyu in his arms, Lou Feng felt kind of cocky, thinking, “Lou Yu had higher aptitude than me. So what? At last the one he loves loves me! Even though so many people out there like Lou Yu, but finally he ends up marrying a two-bit nobody.”

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