“Mother, how could it be? How can Prince Yu marry Mo Fei? This is like kind of insult to him!” Mo Yuwei complained.

“Lou Yu, the third prince! Physique, S class, spiritual power, S class. How would Mo Fei, that son of bitch, be picked by him? What does Prince Yu see in him?” thought Mo Yuwei.

Lin Xi frowned, thinking, “That son of bitch has refused one after another. I was wondering what kind he would marry to. And now even Prince Yu has proposed to him.”

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Lin Xi said bitterly, “The Noble Consort arranged all this. I also can’t do anything.”

Mo Yuwei frowned, “This is not right!”

Their Mo family had been occupied in mecha parts business. They only had one company under their name, which was beyond common’s people’s reach. But it was nothing in the royal family’s eyes at all.

With her brows knitted, Lin Xi said, “I heard three of Prince Yu’s fiancées died because he was a hoodoo of his other half. The Crown Princess had people checked the citizen information registration data and found that Mo Fei and the third prince are perfectly matched.”

Mo Yuwei frowned, “Is there something with the Noble Consort’ brain? How is it possible Mo Fei is perfectly matched with the prince?”

Lin Yu frowned, “Don’t jump to the conclusion.”

Mo Yuwei could only shut her mouth. Royal family was not someone they should gossip about.

Mo Yi suddenly pushed the door open, looking quite excited, which startled Mo Fei who was trying to steal some food to eat.

“Young master, young master, you become famous.”

Mo Fei peeped at him sideways, “Become famous? Haven’t I always been famous?”

“Young master, you were famous in quite a small scope. But this time you become really famous.” said Mo Yi with his eyes shining.

Mo Fei showed some interest, “Really?”

Mo Yi nodded, “Yeah. On Star website, people are all talking about you.”

Mo Fei clicked open a post named “Prince Yu’s Fourth Fiancée”.

And then a scary photo jumped into their eyes.

“Wow! Who is this ugly?’ It gave Mo Fei a jump scare.

“Young master, that’s you. Did you forget six months ago, you used this “cross eyes and deviated nose” look to scare away your fifth fiancé?” Mo Yi said.

“Oh! This host is really resourceful. He has investigated the background of all my seventeen ex fiancés. This isn’t an easy job. Good for him.” Mo Fei praised.

“Yeah, right. Every detail of them. He must have done a lot of work. Such a dawdler!” Mumbled Mo Yi.

Mo Fei kept scrolling, finding that it had over a few thousands of comments!

Third follow-up comment, “Damn! Who is this freaking man? Such an ugly thing has the guts to court our Prince Yu?”

Fourth follow-up comment, “Alas, poor Prince Yu! A fresh flower on a heap of cow-dung!”

Fifth follow-up comment, “What the fuck is going on? A man so many people have dumped got squeezed to our dear Prince Yu?”

Sixth follow-up comment, “Don’t you ever let me meet that guy, otherwise I’m gonna rip him into pieces! I’ll let him know there is someone out there beyond his reach!”

Seventh follow-up comment, “You are right. I’ll definitely cripple him if I see him.”

Eight follow-up comment, “Prince Yu, even if your three fiancées all died because you are their hoodoo, I won’t detest you. I am not afraid. Don’t you give up on yourself. I am willing to marry you.”

Ninth follow-up comment, “You are not the only one who isn’t afraid, me neither! Prince Yu, I like you.”

Mo Fei rubbed his chin, saying, “I think it’d be better for us to stay home recently.”

Mo Yi nodded and agreed, “Yes, yes. Although those women’s avatars are pretty, they all have a sharp tongue. Young master, look at this one. This beautiful woman said she is gonna skin you and make soup with your bones and feed it to the dog.”

Mo Fei, “…”

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