Mo Fei asked with his head tilted, “Mo Yi, do you know why Prince Yu would marry me?”

“It’s said because your jimbook and Prince Yu’s are inter-restricted. Those with compatible jimbook can not suppress him at all. So they could only take the opposite approach.” Mo Yi moved forward and said.

“So just because our jimbooks are incompatible?” doubted Mo Fei.

“Maybe also because of your reputation out there.” Mo Yi echoed.”

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Mo Fei raised his eyebrows, asking: “Reputation? Am I quite famous?”

“Of course. Young master, you’re far-famed.” Mo Yi said.

Mo Fei showed some interest, “Really? What did they say about me?”

“They said you are ugly, good-for-nothing, short-lived, a freak, with no morals, and shameless…” Mo Yi felt quite embarrassed while saying those words.

Mo Fei, “…”

“So the third prince has special hobby of freaks like me?” Mo Fei blinked and said.

Mo Yi scratched his head, “Maybe Prince Yu has kind of special taste, I guess.”

Mo Fei rubbed his chin, saying, “Scheme! There must be a scheme behind this.”

Mo Yi felt embarrassed, “Young master, you should consider about it. After all it’s Prince Yu! It is a now-or-never thing.”

“Prince Yu? Is he very outstanding?” asked Mo Fei.

Mo Yi nodded, “Sure! Of course! Even though three women died because of him, there are still a long line of women out there wanting to marry him.”

Mo Fei rubbed his chin again, “Something is not right. I bet Prince Yu should’ve been brought up by his stepmother.”

Mo Yi nodded, “Young master, you are so smart. He is brought up by his stepmother. And it’s said this marriage is also arranged by her”

Mo Fei, “…”

Mo Yi looked at Mo Fei and said, “Young master, this time don’t you never ever try to scare him away.”

Mo Fei raised his head and looked at Mo Yi, “It seems you are quite interested in him. You like him?”

Mo Yi forced a smile, “Young master, how could I have the guts to snatch a man from you? I mean, a lean camel is bigger than a horse. Even Prince Yu is not the favored one, he is still a prince after all. Think about the betrothal presents! Young master, recently we could barely afford any food, you know.”

They could have made a fast buck to sell Lin Yi’s jewelries. But after the farce last night, they dare not sell them now.

Suddenly Mo Fei’s eyes shone, “You are right, you are right. You are so smart!”

“That’s all thanks to you, young master. I’ve learnt everything from you…” Mo Yi sucked him up.

At Prince Yu’s residence

“My prince, if you don’t like this person, you can cancel it.” said Su Rong.

Lou Yu shook his head, “No need. Whom I marry to doesn’t make any difference. I am wondering what kind of person that woman has ‘carefully’ picked for me.”

Anyway, with that woman living, he could never marry the one he was really into.

Su Rong frowned, “Your Highness, I feel so sorry for you.”

Lou Yu said with his brows knitted, “Set a date for us. I want to see what this person is capable of.”

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