Rebirth As a Fatuous And Self-indulgent Ruler

by Mason

Original HIATUS Adventure Historical Romance Male Lead Reincarnation Supernatural

After rebirth, Long Xiaoyuan went into raptures because he was in poor health in his previous life. However, he suddenly found that his soul was in the body of a fatuous and self-indulgent emperor.

This fatuous emperor put sycophants in important positions while executed the faithful and the upright!

This merciless emperor married the son of a general and kept torturing him!

How could he be reborn as such a person?

The empress was pretty handsome and smart. Since the former soul of the emperor didn’t cherish such an excellent man, Long Xiaoyuan would love the guy and save himself by the way!

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Word Count (18)
1st Anniversary
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
C1. What’s the Point of His Rebirth? ago
C2. Why Was Your Reaction Weird? ago
C3. Having Himself Consecutively Misunderstood ago
C4. Do You Find It Hard? ago
C5. Giving the Phoenix Seal to His Empress ago
C6. How Striking His Empress Was ago
C7. All Imperial Concubines Came to Visit His Empress ago
C8. How Important a Head-on Blow! ago
C9. Taking a Fancy to His Empress ago
C10. Getting Out of the Palace with His Empress ago
C11. Qingzhou, You Can Go Back to Your Home for a Look ago
C12. His Empress Was the Most Handsome One ago
C13. How Could He Refuse His Father-in-law’s Toasts! ago
C14. Being Sick ago
C15. My Grace, Please Trust Me This Time ago
C16. How Troublesome the Women of the Imperial Harem ago
C17. What Would You Do This Time? ago
C18. Can’t Leave Without Results ago
C19. His Empress Make His Heart Ache ago
C20. How Great His Empress Was! ago
C21. What Present Do You Want? ago
C22. Getting Furious ago
C23. “Father!” ago
C24. Qingzhou, Do You Recognize His Abilities? ago
C25. Not Testing Him ago
C26. It Was Time for a Purge ago
C27. Qingzhou, Let’s Fly Over the Wall ago
C28. Punishing Them as a Warning to Others ago
C29. Why Did Them Turn Bandits? ago
C30. General Lian, It’s Great Disrespect ago
C31. Shi Qingzhou Meant a Lot to Him ago
C32. His Majesty Is Back! ago
C33. Three Months Was Almost Gone ago
C34. The Unexpected Pregnancy ago
C35. My Grace, I Leave This Matter to You ago
C36. Let Him Be Your Legitimate Son ago
C37. Receiving a Tip-off ago
C38. His Majesty Was Capricious This Time ago
C39. The Future Empress of His Empress ago
C40. Am I A Failure? ago
C41. Sleeping Alone ago
C42. His Empress Disappeared Late at Night ago
C43. When His Wife “Cheated” On Him ago
C44. The Premature Birth After A Fall ago
C45. To Save the Mother or the Baby ago
C46. Being Honored As the Legitimate Eldest Son ago
C47. Was She His Daughter? ago
C48. Extremely Handsome ago
C49. To My Love ago
C50. A Personal Revenge! ago
C51. What An Evil Idea ago
C52. Not All Things Being Perfect ago
C53. Meeting Someone from the Modern World ago
C54. Taking Him Back to the Palace ago
C55. His Heart Broke ago
C56. How Much I Mean to You (I) ago
C57. How Much I Mean to You (II) ago
C58. Going to Explain Himself (I) ago
C59. Going to Explain Himself (II) ago
C60. You’re Thinner ago
C61. He Came Here to Show Off? ago
C62. Here Is My Home (ǀ) ago
C63. Here Is My Home (II) ago
C64. Elder Brother Shi Is More Awesome Than You ago
C65. The Mansion Is on Fire ago

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This story should have a Yaoi tag somewhere in the description. While the other guy is mentioned in the description, it is also in reference to the original emperor and not the protagonist.