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Heh heh heh.

Heh heh heh.

Heh heh heh.

Twigs was excited. She gained a new skill called [Wind Kick]! Although she had other wind-related skills, she felt the proudest of this one. Not only could she kick her brothers out of the nest when they annoyed her, but she had also grabbed this one with her ingenuity!

Being smart really was an advantage! Eager to bask in her glory, she pulled up her Status.

Character Sheet

Name: Twigs | Race: Green Falcon (Chick) | Sex: Female

Evolution: 0% | Level: 1(0%)

Class: None | Magic Affinity: Air

Species Traits: Adaptive, Carnivore, Egalitarian

Unique Trait: Assimilator, Adaptive

Titles: Hare Kin (+5 Endurance, Dexterity, Perception, +3 Strength, Hare Proficiencies [Boxing], [Avoid Detection], [Enhanced Hearing I], [Night Eyes I], [Panoramic Vision I])

Attributes (0 AP)

Strength: 1 -> 4 | Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1 -> 6 | Dexterity: 1 -> 6

Intelligence: 3 | Wisdom: 2

Perception: 1 -> 6 | Luck: 0

Health: 10/10 | HP Regen: 6/min

Stamina: 40/40 | Sp Regen: 6/min

Mana: 30/30 | MP Regen: 2/min


Skills: Falcon Punch (0%), Hare Boxing (0%)

Spells: Screech (0%), Avoid Detection (0%), Wind Kick (0%)

(0 PP) Perks: Keen Eyes I, Beak Tooth I, Enhanced Hearing I, Night Eyes I, Panoramic Vision I

Twigs was accomplishing great things now. And who knows, with her Trait [Assimilator], she may one day surpass Bo...She glanced at his unconscious body and down at his legs.

No, she thought. I can't beat him if I can't even move my legs right...I got somewhere with [Wind Kick], but it's not enough. She glared down at her legs. If you guys don't work right, I'm not letting you out for a week!


Grog returned to his burrow with his belly full and his body tired. He would take a well-deserved nap and-

'O-one, t-two, th-three, step, one, t-two, th-three, s-step-N-no! Stay i-in line, B-Bo!'


'One, t-two, th-three, step-Bo!'

'Okay, okay! I think I got it...One more time?'

Grog was dumbfounded. The leveret and the chick were out of the burrow and were arm in arm, practicing walking upright. Since when did babies learn to walk on two feet? Since when did any beast learn to walk on two feet? He watched them, half-amused and half-horrified and then the chick cried out:

'I-I got a-a P-Perk! [Walking I]!'

The hare pulled his arms away and started clapping while thumping his tail on the ground―was his tail always that long?

'I must be outta mah gosh darned mind,' he muttered.

Grog saw the hare's ears twitch in his direction and he turned to face him. The leveret's eyes lit up and he yelled: 'Mr. Toad! Can we become [Toad Kin] now?'

When Lofflaren introduced himself, Sydney immediately pounced.

"You're an elf? How tall are you? Can you do magic? Are there more of your kind? Are you endangered? Are you hated by the other races? What-"

"Hey!" Megyn snapped. "Why don't you shut up and let him actually answer?"

Sydney blushed. She hadn't meant to get so worked up. It was just...ever since she had watched the Lord of the Rings, she had been obsessed with Legolas, who was by far the best character. She would just die if she ever got to meet the actor who played him.

Sighing, she locked away the fangirl part of her deep into her chest and focused. Now was not the time to remember a 'childhood' crush.

Lofflaren offered me an awkward smile. "I'm, um, 6'7. I can do magic; I'm a healer and I can do a bit of mind magic. Elves are pretty much everywhere. Um, I think we get along fine with the others―that...that is, the other races, I mean. We're fine. I think."

Marco cleared his throat. "So why are you here? And don't tell me you're another prisoner; you'd be chained up like we are."

"Uh, right," Lofflaren scratched the back of his head. "I'm here for a, um, rescue mission, sort of."

"Rescue?" Megyn scoffed. "What can a healer do?"

He flushed and started mumbling, "W-well, I-I know...awaken..."

"Awaken what?" Megyn snapped.

Sydney sighed. They weren't going to get anyway with his awkwardness and her berating him with every word she said. She's such a tsundere, she thought then shuddered at the thought of Megyn dating Lofflaren. But it happened all the time in anime, so who knows. It could work in a story about a baby hare going on adventures...


"Megyn," she said calmly, "please allow Lofflaren to explain himself."

She started to say something, but decided against it and just sat there, glaring. Sydney nodded at Lofflaren for him to continue.

"Um, thanks," he said shyly. Was he...blushing? Was it one of those stories where the guy is so shy the girl has to take charge of the relationship?


"A-anyway, healers can Awaken Otherworlders' ability. It's a part of what makes us so special. Um, I'm supposed to Awaken you and get you out of here."

"Sure," Marco said. Lofflaren moved towards him, but then Megyn cut in.

"Hold on!" she yelled. "How can we trust you, huh? Who are you working for?"

Marco frowned and said, "Freedom first, answers later. Duh. We don't have time to talk. That's how they get caught when someone's trying to rescue you because there's always going to be someone dumb enough to demand answers when it's not the right time."

"You little-"

"Lofflaren," Sydney interrupted, "hurry it up."

"What? Oh, yeah, sorry..." He pressed his hand against Marco's chest and closed his eyes. After a second, his hand started glowing. After the glow got to an uncomfortable brightness, Marco gasped.

"I'm meant to be a Ranger!"

Megyn and Sydney looked at him and asked, "What?"

"Uh...later. Lofflaren, do Sydney next."

Lofflaren shuffled over and reached out to touch Sydney before hesitating. He glanced down at her chest and then looked away, coughing. "Can I, um-"

"Let's just get it over with," she muttered.

{Congratulations! You have been Awakened! Your Otherworlder ability is Spatial Manipulation. This ability comes with four spells you can pick as well as one automatic perk [Absolute Storage I]. You have gained the [Affinity] for Space Magic.}

That's weird. Why doesn't it come with skills? Are there no proficiencies that don't cost mana?

The system told them that the difference between spells and skills was the cost: spells=mana while skills=stamina.

Mentally, she asked, 'System, what proficiencies can I choose?'

Spatial Manipulation Proficiencies



Pocket Dimension Creation

Spatial Aura

Spatial Crush

Spatial Distortion

Spatial Empowerment

Spatial Mimicry

Spatial Perception

Spatial Rift

Spatial Slicing

Spatial Tuning

Spatiokinetic Combat

Warp Bubble

That's a lot...

A note from Commander Kane

They're back! I think the right thing to do with these guys is to have them mentioned every tenth chapter or so. Maybe a little shorter. I don't want you guys to forget about them like I did.


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