I need money to level up!

by PoringSlayer00

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Terry was just an average nerd who liked to drink, fool around with his friends, play computer games, and watch anime. He didn't care about his past, nor did he worry about his future. But then, on a particular Saturday night, he was summoned by a goddess, and she sent him to another world with a single mission: entertain her.

Follow Terry on this journey while he tries to get stronger, get laid, and make the goddess open her legs. But he will fail to get laid, many, many times.

Warning 1: I'm not a native speaker.

Warning 2: I'm writing for the fun of it and to learn more about the English language, so any tips and corrections are welcome.

Warning 3:This work will have a lot of anime and game references.

Warning 4: You will find many, many cheesy pick up lines here.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 01 I want an awesome power! ago
Chapter 02 Leveling up like a madman (1) ago
Chapter 03 Leveling up like a madman (2) ago
Chapter 04 Leveling up like a madman (3) ago
Chapter 05 Necromancer? (1) ago
Chapter 06 Necromancer? (2) ago
Chapter 07 Necromancer? (3) ago
Chapter 08 Necromancer? (4) ago
Chapter 09 Do you know who I am? (1) ago
Chapter 10 Do you know who I am? (2) ago
Chapter 11 Do you know who I am? (3) ago
Chapter 12 Do you know who I am? (4) ago
Chapter 13 Do you know who I am? (5) ago
Chapter 14 Guild (1) ago
Chapter 15 Guild (2) ago
Chapter 16 Guild (3) ago
Chapter 17 Magic Weapons (1) ago
Chapter 18 Magic Weapons (2) ago
Chapter 19 Magic Weapons (3) ago
Chapter 20 Magic Weapons (4) ago
Chapter 21 Magic Weapons (5) ago
Chapter 22 Library (1) ago
Chapter 23 Library (2) ago
Chapter 24 Library (3) ago
Chapter 25 Offer (1) ago
Chapter 26 Offer (2) ago
Chapter 27 Offer (3) ago
Chapter 28 Spiritians (1) ago
Chapter 29 Spiritians (2) ago
Chapter 30 Spiritians (3) ago
Chapter 31 making a good impression (1) ago
Chapter 32 making a good impression (2) ago
Chapter 33 making a good impression (3) ago
Chapter 34 Nerist (1) ago
Chapter 35 Nerist (2) ago
Chapter 36 Nerist (3) ago
Chapter 37 Strange Granny (1) ago
Chapter 38 Strange Granny (2) ago
Chapter 39 Strange Granny (3) ago
Chapter 40 Strange Granny (4) ago
Chapter 41 Revenge (1) ago
Chapter 42 Revenge (2) ago
Chapter 43 Revenge (3) ago
Chapter 44 Unwanted Partnership (1) ago
Chapter 45 Unwanted Partnership (2) ago
Chapter 46 Unwanted Partnership (3) ago
Chapter 47 Potential (1) ago
Chapter 48 Potential (2) ago
Chapter 49 Rebels (1) ago
Chapter 50 Rebels (2) ago
Chapter 51 Rebels (3) ago
Chapter 52 Talentless (1) ago
Chapter 53 Talentless (2) ago
Chapter 54 Talentless (3) ago
Chapter 55 Ghost Town (1) ago
Chapter 56 Ghost Town (2) ago
Chapter 57 Ghost Town (3) ago
Chapter 58 Lies (1) ago
Chapter 59 Lies (2) ago
Chapter 60 Lies (3) ago
Chapter 61 Resolution (1) ago
Chapter 62 Resolution (2) ago
Chapter 63 Resolution (3) ago
Chapter 64 Fakes (1) ago
Chapter 65 Fakes (2) ago
Chapter 66 Fakes (3) ago

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Reaper Hex
  • Overall Score

So I'm not trying to be rude but here is my honest feedback. I like the concept of the abilities you have for the story but the main character just seems like an jerk I don't like instead of being funny if that is what you are trying to go for. 

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Now this review is base mostly on Prologue, Chap. 1 and nothing else except my vast reading experience on this site. I would suggest you read it to make your on choice on the story instead of using the reviews to inform you.

TL;DR at the bottom.

As someone who loves LITRPG's, Isekai, Reincarnations, Wuxia, Anime, Fantasy, Adventure etc... I can tell already from the little bit I have read from this story that, this story is not for me or for many with similar tastes.

LITRPG's is a genre that is in constant demand but also saturated with poor attempts. This is a poor attempt for me just from the little I have read. It ''could'' get better later on but it already lost me from the beginning. 


It reads like an anime and thats a bad thing. In fact for me and perhaps me alone thats a terrible thing to find out. You see anime IMO is generic and follows a terrible pattern that is rarely broken  and depending on the genre of anime somethings happens more often than others. Only the great animes, the kind that are the best of that year break the mould in someway that makes those generic moment add to it instead of take from it. (the ''it'' being the anime)

So what are those terrible moments?

The random and inhuman ecchi moments, the generic and shallow interactions so far from a real human moment that its so alien that it cant be comedic. In anime those moments can be funny if done right and more importantly if those moments are rare not only in the anime your watching but in all anime as well. But they are not, they are done so often that every anime regardless of genre  have them because for Japanese writers and viewers that apparently can never stop being not funny.

Why am I writing about those Ecchi moments?

Cause thats exactly what happend in Chap. 1, MC meets female GOD and to confirm reality he needs to cop a feel of those big anime tiddies.(Wish fulfillment aside) Its suppose to be funny I guess, but coming from a MC I already think is an ass for killing his guildmates and ''friends'' and stealing the boss loot while that somehow is possible / allowed in a game. (mind boogling) It also cements in my mind the MC is a prick and not the kind you wanna read about and follow on his journey.

There is more I can write about to complain and bitch about, like having a presumably anime watcher and westerner writing a story like an anime.(Without the Japanesse Culture) Missing the mark of why people like reading stories about characters in game like worlds or having game like systems of progress. Or about why I think introducing World Ending quest or GOD's at the start of a story is bad for a story or novice writer etc.

In short its a pass from me, because the first chapter was bad start by my standards. Its too much like an anime, the mc is unlikable and the are better gems out there waiting to be found.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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I was very interested in this story when I first read about it. A protagonist that had to forgo something often seen as important to gain strength is a great concept. I was even willing to deal with the lecherous main character so long as they started to show improvement or hidden reasoning behind their actions  Sadly I only got to chapter 9 before i just had to stop. The above average story so far was not out weighing the pure dislike I was developing for the transparent seeming simple minded character. Any character depth was lost for cheap jokes. 

  • Overall Score

when I read the title I was hoping it would be a more mercantile style story instead it's just your typical stupid MC isekai the whole him not being able to use gold thing is just annoying and pointless since he gets gold for killing monsters anyway and just trades whenever he needs to buy anything

  • Overall Score

If you can accept that the MC is definitly not a normal person, then this is OK story.

The MC gains some depth over time, grammar is better than most here on RR.

I consider this a nice, light read, all together an average story. As I was reading it, I just could not put it down, and made me want to see where will the story go.

  • Overall Score

Iv enjoyed reading the story up to it's current chapter. Main char is a troll but not such a dick you want him dead. Not op but smart enough not to put himself in any critical spots. So far so good but needs a editor badly. Nothing that keeps you from reading but small mistakes that are easy to spot pop up every chapter. 

  • Overall Score

 The main character is unlikable, that makes it a little bit interresting.
The writing style is definitly wuxya, but without the endless descriptions of everything.

The only Problem I have is with the money absorption. There are so many ways around that. IOUs, hire someone to buy/sell things for you...

But the rest of the story is fun to read.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

So im not too much into womanizing MCs, harems and all that shit ,

this is fairly funny and intersting however.

As long as it doesn't get overly cringy i'll keep reading this, since it's really entertaining .

  • Overall Score

if he gets max level does he gain the amazing ability to hold gold and use it

good novel too

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I would just say that here you should not try to feel the mc's skin on yourself, since mc is lustful and ruthless nerd, not very likeable character. You should observe him just like a goddes that summoned him: indefinitely.

I didn't find any mistakes that bothered me.

Goddes character is pretty realistic, other then her being not offended in any way by Mcs insults. People who interact with Mc don't have any unrealistic characteristics either.