ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods

ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods

by HikaruGenji

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content


[The gods are alive]

1000 years ago, the rift opened. That day, the myths came alive one after the other. gods and devils became reality.

[The gods are bastards]

1000 years later, the world still suffer from the sequel of the rift.. Walking with a valkyrie, dunking with a giant, swimming with a mermaid. The extraordinary become ordinary.

Humans, the weakest, but the most tenacious races found way to not be outclassed and enslaved. Steal and grow.

Be it by using the power of the stars, the power of the very being who threatened them or even the power of technology, humans never stopped trying to reach the domain of the gods. 

Follow Sol, our hero, a constellationist, as he fight, grow and reach the apex in this world full of myths.

Disclaimer : The picture used as a cover doesn't belong to me.

 I will now post only on Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Let me some reviews or comments. It's my first time writing and I want to do a great job at it. Any criticism will be accepted as long as it's not simple trash talk.

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Gilles Traore

This novel is really interesting. The story, follows Sol, a super genius who lost most of his power because of an accident that happened 10 years before the start of the second chapter. Until now we still don't know what exactly happened, but the author is giving us hint here and here rather than telling everything in one shoot.

The story updates are stable with about 3 or more chapters each weak. At least until now he never posted less than 3 chapters each week. 

The world-building is slowly but surely done and each character is easy to distinguish from the author. It's clear that the author is doing is all to write a beautiful story. 

The problem of the author is that there typo there and there+ some errors. But nothing much. At the very least, it's more than passable and it's easy to read. Even though it's the first work of the author and English isn't his first language, it's clear that the author is doing is best to write something that wouldn't hurt our eyes. And he succeeded. I hope many more will give a try to this story.

Finally, I would give a 4 or 4.5 for the story, but because of the guy who gave 0.5 without even trying to read, I will give a 5.