One More Time (BL)

by blanketskies

Mild Shonen-ai/BL interactions.

Ping Tian is a continent governed by four main sects. Each of the Sects has its cultivation focus and works very well together to maintain peace and harmony in Ping Tian.

Ye Chen is a disciple in his sect. His childhood friends are a pair of twins who enrolled in another Sect.

Ye Chen will finally soon be able to contract his first beast at the age of 14 during the Beast Hunt Ceremony, however, he was not able to contract any beast, he was even heavily injured and became bedridden for a month.

As he missed this year's chance, he has to wait for another year before he could enter the next hunt again.

Meanwhile, his sect members who are his age mocked him for being incompetent and even used their newly contracted beasts to bully Ye Chen.

Ye Chen gritted his teeth and promised to pay them back tenfold and trained his hardest for the next beast hunt...

However, things are not as simple as he expected it to be.

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