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Book 1: Chapter 7♠ Grappling with a Deviltusk Boar♠


The village's ticking clock of aspects continuously turned, sounding rhythmic in its every beat, the shrieks and groans from the villagers serving as its accompaniment. With Davin leading as the conductor, the villagers in the east outskirts crafted a passionate music composition using the villagers’ howls and squeals. It was a masterpiece, deserving great applause from the village elders.

It was already the middle of the afternoon when the training of the villagers finally came to a halt. From the village outskirts, groans of tiredness and pain could be heard. You could even hear soft whimpers and sobs drifting through the wind, speaking for the injustice they the villagers had experienced.

At long last, the villagers were allowed to go home and rest. Though, they were asked to return again for another session the next day after tomorrow.

Picking themselves up from the grass, the laborers... Erm, the villagers, slowly walked towards the village staggering to their homes looking like rags, their legs feeling cramped every time they took a step. Their eyes hollow, it seems like the light in their eyes were sucked away by a certain monster.

The other villagers who saw them were dumbfounded upon seeing them. Just this morning, they saw them energetically grumbling about this so-called drill. Now, they looked like refugees from a war-torn kingdom, running away from the vestiges of chaos and war.

Upon arrival at their homes, most of the unfortunate villagers all fell to their beds as tiredness overwhelmed them. Shoulder's stiff, legs-shaking, the villagers drowsily lied in peace. Entrusting their whole being in the caressed of their beds, they slept.

Later that day, some villagers had nightmares, waking up in cold sweat taking their time to cry due to the baffling experience. Though most of them want to speak up and tell the tale, no one dares, and no one will.

Davin's warning had done its work. Some important information should not be spread in a casual manner, especially those that could cause panic and unrest.


The villagers had to undergo a very effective body exercise under Davin’s instructions. Continuous running to the hilly village outskirts, deep squats, crossing back in forth through the waters of the feet-deep stream, picking up different sizes of rocks then building it up like a wall in the riverside covered the villagers training menu. Drips of sweat fell ceaselessly to the parched grasses in the eastern outskirts, it swayed along with the whispers of the wind, asking for more.

Toiling like slave laborers with pickaxes and shovels, that's what the villagers felt like.

“Ain't this supposed to be training? What's with the running? Are we only playing? And damn that rock mountain!”

At first, Davin thought that these sloths could immediately be used for farm work as the madam had said. Unfortunately, the bunch lacked both discipline and body fitness. They were like sheltered ladies, their bodies cushioned in fat and few muscles. If you do not keep an eye on them, they’ll even slack off in just a jiffy. They even lacked the stamina, huffing like a dumb roe after a few laps, giving the esquire so much disappointment.

Working out as if their life depended on it, the villagers panted and puffed both in distress and exhaustion as the vulgar taunts and threats of Davin accompanied them until it felt all-natural even without the esquire's roars.

Most of the villagers didn't notice that the esquire had already sneaked to the forest of wilderness. Though some observant villagers witness it, thus slowing down there training to what they deemed as manageable and acceptable.

Later in the morning, they finally saw the thin shadow of Davin again. The esquire was ferociously laughing, he was running fast towards the eastern outskirts of the village, leaving a trail of dust behind his back. The villagers felt baffled after seeing the esquire running towards them like an idiot. They wondered what was happening to Davin.

“Hey, Bob?


“Did Sir Esquire finally lost his mind?”

“Bah! He’s already a crazy man in my eyes after making me do this.” The villager smashed his fork in the ground, but after seeing Davin running towards them, he picked it up in just a jiffy whistling as continued to what he was tasked to do.

After a few seconds, the villagers heard a rumbling sound from the ground. The sounds were getting louder and louder, it was like a rumbling charged a cavalry. The villagers then saw a big shadow trailing behind the esquire, it was also sending a big dust storm behinds its path. The beast was ginormous in size. Its dark tusk alone was equivalent to the size of an adult man. The black hide of the beast abhorred light making it looked like a dark shadow as it ran. Its eyes were blood-red like the monsters of the night. The sharp teeth triggered an ear-grating sound as if it was chewing on hard rock, its saliva splashing on the ground as it ran after the esquire. A crazy man and a crazy boar. It’s one heck of a chase.

The monster was called a deviltusk boar, a mature one at that. Based on its massive frame and long tusk, it could be rank a Rank 3 - deviltusk boar. A rank 3 deviltusk boar, were known as horde leaders of boar stampedes, staying in the front of every stampede, leaving a lot of villages and farmlands under its mercy.

In the Kingdom of Rutherford alone, many of its attacks had been accounted resulting in disastrous damage both to the livelihood of commoners and nobles alike. Their stampedes were considered as one of the most devastating monster attacks in the kingdom. It left a lot of people with no home, no food, and no economic ability to survive. It’s also one of the common causes of human migration in the region as well as a major cause of monster subjugation conscriptions.

Some accounts of lucky survivors were written by the old chief for the villagers’ awareness. It was announced throughout the village to serve both as a warning and a reminder just last year. According to the tales of the passing survivors from the devastated villages, these monsters were capable of destroying stone houses, ramming fields, and even tearing and eating a man whole. The monster rampaged in their village, thus their village was no more, forcing them to look for other ways to live. The descriptions of the survivors about deviltusk boar were well-detailed, making it easier for the villagers to acknowledge it as a threat.

In the end, the old chief surmised everything in few words.

If you see one, run.

If you can’t run, hide.

If there is nowhere to hide...

Your great-grandparents were just going to get you sooner than expected.

Isn't that great?

The villagers looked at the esquire who was running towards them, they even saw the esquire flailing his hands at them. No… perhaps he was waving at them. Anyway, who cares? Feeling mocked, the beat roared speeding up in anger as it tried to trample Davin.

The faces of the villagers paled, they started sweating buckets after seeing the massive existence running towards them. The villagers huffed and dragged their bodies in all directions despite their fatigue. Most of the youth even pissed their pants as they shook in fright. While others fled to the goddess knows where place, screaming at the top of their lungs, asking for help as the staggered in painful muscle spasms. The villagers both big and small bawled in grief as if it was the end of the world. Some lost consciousness while others played dead thinking it would make them safe from the beast, forgetting the advice of their old village chief

The east village outskirts were covered in panic and terror. Witnessing such an action pack event was their first-ever since they were born in this village. They only heard stories of this devil spawn from a passing survivor from the nearby village.

The rumbling sounds from the ground were enough to weaken their already buckling knees.

The esquire continued to run towards the villagers. All of a sudden, Davin ran towards the direction of a massive old tree, the big devil tusk boar still rushing towards him. He then took a big dive towards the side of the big tree, shifting his momentum along the way. Unfortunately, the big devil tusk boar was incapable of such feat with its four legs running in full strength, its mere size and weight did not even allow it to change direction. It continued to rush towards the tree until…


Another innocent tree had been shaken to its core, the devil tusk boar swayed from side to side as if it had drunk a few liters of ale in the nearby pub. It shook its head continuously, groaning as it puffed air from its snout. It was disoriented, seeing stars with its every step.

Davin stood nearby, huffing a little due to the chase. He then walked towards the sides of the beast, the sounds of his step hushed and silent. He then threw a vicious punched to the monster’s snout.


Seeing the man who dared to punch its snout, the devil tusk boar burned in fury and pain. The boar hoisted its back straight and charged again towards the man despite its injuries. But this time the esquire did not evade, the esquire took a deep breath then charged towards the boar barehanded. The very sight of it sent the villagers who were hiding in the nearby tree scream.

Ohh! Bang!

Davin grappled with devil tusk boar with his strength alone. He caught the boar’s two long tusks. The force of the boars charged pushed him a few meters away as he caught the boar’s tusk. All of a sudden, the esquire’s arms shone in a metallic sheen.

The esquire then bellowed. With his two hands, he plucked and tore away the devil tusk boar’s long tusks sideways, bathing the east outskirts in monster’s blood. The boar then whined and groaned in pain, the sounds of its cry were like the shrieks of a domesticated pig, trampling the ground in anger as if it was a bull.

It was still alive, a testament to its monstrous vitality. If it was only a normal boar, it would already be on its last breath. The esquire then charged again, his aim was the snout again. He circled around the boar, as he avoids being trampled to death. He jabbed it again and again until the boar’s snout was bloodied all over. The esquire dared not hit the other parts of its body. He knew how hard those dark hides were. The monster’s hide was a great ingredient in many high-end armors in his father’s town, the mere news of it would send the merchants scrambling to get a piece of it.


At last! The monster finally fell to the ground. It was still huffing and puffing, bloody red steam rose with its every breath. The esquire then jumped towards the back of the devil tusk boar. He took out a thin-thread from his waist and circled it around the boar’s large neck. He then jumped at the back of the still struggling boar.

“Huff! Could you please stop mopping around? The little guys are panicking you see;” Tightening the rampaging beast's air pipes like a snake, the Esquire Davin pulled the string constricting the beast’s airways tighter. “Just stay still and be part of the menu! Hahaha! Dumb pig! Be my Lord’s dinner die!

Blood slowly appeared of the thick hide of its neck, its dark-colored tongue dangled. Its breath was getting deeper and faster. A sign of desperation from the monster, it seemed like it finally felt death clasping over its neck. It struggled in desperation. It tried to roll over on the ground yet it failed.

Davin’s stranglehold kept the beast on arm's length as he mounted its back. The monster roared in desperation as it tried to stand up. Unfortunately, the esquire struck the monster's backbone, putting pressure to prevent the beast from standing again. With booming sounds, he steered his patella to the monster’s spine in succession, thwarting the monster from moving from its spot.

Bamm! Bamm!

The devil beast’s mouth frothed, pungent saliva sprayed as its tongue dangled to one side struggling to get a breath of fresh air as the esquire continuously struck its spine.


Thus, the once fearsome beast breathed its last, with a grieving sound it fell to the ground with a thud. Its tough hides were no match to the amiable-looking esquire.

Releasing his deadly hold from the dead Deviltusk boar, the esquire gallantly stood straight and tall. Like a mythic hero in a story, he glanced at the unsightly villagers.

“Hey, doesn’t this pig look healthy and yummy? I bet the Lord would love to have a feast tonight.” The esquire huffed in deep breaths after the ordeal, he was covered in dust, dried blood, and soot, his appearance was far from the respectable esquire a few hours ago. Despite that, Davin still asked the kneeling villagers as if nothing happened, calming their nerves a little.

After saying those words, the esquire pulled out a dagger from his armor vest. It was a dark dagger, you could even feel a murderous aura coming from it. Though, a few chips and cracks could be seen on its edge. Nevertheless, the dagger still emitted a mysterious glint on its serrations as if it's capable of cutting rocks like soft butter.

Davin then glanced carefully at the eyes of the villagers, emanating intense after bloodlust which the esquire himself didn't notice. The villagers then went to the esquire and kneeled, thanking him from saving their petty lives.

“Dumbasses, do you now understood why I was tasked to train you?” He jumped down from the boar’s back and looked at the villagers. “Could you imagine what would happen if that beast went down to the village?

The villagers gulped in fear. They imagined what would happen to the village. The village would be destroyed, many of the villagers would be dead. Though, some cursed him in their hearts for bringing the boar in the eastern outskirts.

“That damn boar was about to act on your village tonight.” The esquire then sat cross leg in the grass, he then closed his eyes as he stabilizes his breath. “Imagine what would happen to your wife, your mother, your father, your sons, and your daughters if I was not able to lure it.”

The very image of the catastrophe sent shivers to the silent villagers.

“The esquires, attendants and everyone in the knight contingent is for the lord alone.” The esquires suffocating bloodlust receded like an ebb until it was no more. “If a group of these beast goes to the village, we’ll all protect the lord and his family. I wouldn’t even send a second look even 500 or more of the villagers get massacred.”

Hearing what the esquire, many of the villagers paled and fell in the ground.

“We will not be able to save any of you for we are few.” The esquire opened his eyes then looked at the sweating villagers.

“You must learn to save yourselves.”

The esquire then stood up and walked towards the beast’s carcass. With patience, the esquire then slowly drilled the strange dagger at the mid-line of the neck of the beast. The monster's blood spilled on the grassy forest ground, spraying it dark red. The sounds of the knife tearing the flesh of the dead beast intimidated the men.

Looking at the dagger, the esquire, and the dead boar; the villagers gulped in relief and fright.

“I hope no one would tell their family about what happen here until the Lord says so.” He then added seriously. “The next training would be held here again, at the same time, the day after tomorrow.”

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