The Last Duke's Memoirs

by Thepundit2

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Mythos Ruling Class Strategy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

There was a crudely recorded era that had always baffled a great number of scholars, philosophers, biographers, and historians all over the Eudorian Continent. According to the remaining recovered ancient scriptures and old text from that era, it was a period where the earth bled crimson in anguish. It was a period where lives were like grass waiting to be stomp. The historians called it the "Era of Tragedy". The scholars and biographers termed the period as the "Lost Era" due to a lack of historical evidence of its existence, raising doubts of its authenticity. But nevertheless, many considered the era as a certainty.

The recovered scriptures and text told a great tale of a tragedy, a lost century. A bloody period of perpetual strife among war gods, powerful heroes, crafty nobles, dreadful demons, mighty dragons, beautiful elves, forging dwarves, deadly beastkins, vagabond humans, and many more.

Though no matter what the people call it, the ancient text simply called the blood-stained era as "The Dusk".

(Hi, Puns here, this is the rewritten version of my first novel - Tryst: The City of Scholars in scribblehub. I decided to put my writings in the good hands of Royal Road after some advice from my friends.  My release will be quite sporadic since I decided to write things in a more careful manner to avoid plotholes. Anyways, thank you and please enjoy.)

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