The Broken Realm Online

by Hakurai

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai School Life Strong Lead Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Unexplained incidents are occuring around the world. Banks vaults being cleaned out while still sealed shut. People dropping dead suddenly without any signs of illness or injury. When Jaese witnesses his partner and several officers killed by a man shooting ice from his palm, he fails to convince anyone what had happened and thus sets out to prove that there are those out in the world able to use unnatural means to commit crimes.

Darith, A high school student and avid gamer is suddenly invited to a game through his phone, and when he accepts he finds himself transforming into his character, gaining video game like stats and the ability to level up. As doorways open between the real world and the fantasy game world that only he and other players can see, the lines between reality and game slowly begin to blur.

As Darith begins his new life in this fantastical game world and Jaese begins hunting down those that play the game, it's only a matter of time before their fates cross paths - and what starts as an innocent adventure into an unbelievably immersive game may quickly turn into a life and death battle for the fate of the world.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: An Invitation ago
Chapter 2: Game Start ago
Chapter 3: Instructions Not Included ago
Chapter 4: Frozen Caverns ago
Chapter 5: Display and Automation ago
Chapter 6: Learn and Grow ago
Chapter 7: Priorities ago
Chapter 8: Spider Queen ago
Chapter 9: Evidence ago
Chapter 10: The Coldrinn Ruins ago
Chapter 11: Ready Player Two ago
Chapter 12: The Suutrin Desert ago
Chapter 13: The Game ago
Chapter 14: Boot Camp ago
Chapter 15: Into the Rabbit Hole ago
Chapter 16: New World Order ago
Chapter 17: Ice Wraith ago
Chapter 18: Debuffs 101 ago
Chapter 19: Staring Contest ago
Chapter 20: Ganking ago
Chapter 21: Battle in the Sand ago
Chapter 22: The Fyu'jin Ruins ago
Chapter 23: Raid Boss ago
Chapter 24: A Knight of Justice ago
Chapter 25: Serious ago
Chapter 26: War Zone ago
Chapter 27: Of Ice and Fire ago
Chapter 28: City Guards ago
Chapter 29: Nothing is Normal ago
Chapter 30: The Stars Align ago
Chapter 31: Party Leader ago
Chapter 32: The Kingdom of Avistion ago
Chapter 33: Tao Cheng's Equipment Emporium ago
Chapter 34: A Scholar's Life ago
Chapter 35: Adapting ago
Chapter 36: Power Nap ago
Chapter 37: Book of Affinities ago
Chapter 38: Follow ago
Chapter 39: The Darklight Caverns ago
Chapter 40: Survival of the Fittest ago
Chapter 41: The Realm Breaking Incident ago
Chapter 42: Progress Report ago
Chapter 43: Popularity ago

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White Wind
  • Overall Score
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In very general terms, this story is pretty good and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in some quality story.

When it comes to style, the author uses a very simple one. Its not excessive nor too weird. Things are described, but not in a wordy way. I would say it's actually just simple but not basic.

Story is handsdown a 5 stars. I see the influence of other things in here but most of the story is original and has its own twist. It begins kinda bland and you can see it's quite predictable as well, but as the story develops, it develops really well. At this point, I just can't wait to read the next chapter.

Grammar is nice. Period.

Characters are very well fleshed out overall. At the beginning, I feel like the characters don't really act their age very well. They are 15-16, but I read them as 12-13 years old. However, by the time you are a few chapters in, they don't read like that anymore and you can literally notice how everyone has its own personality. You don't really need a "...said Sarah" to know it's Sarah talking for instance.

This review was written by chapter 35.
Also, the Author is pretty cool and reads/answers comments.

  • Overall Score

Fat kid becomes powerful wizard. Most common trope in the genre, but decent.

Reviewed at: Chapter 35: Adapting

Don't really care for fat, ugly kid books but I can get past it enough to read the story. I found it completely common but still worth reading.

Jason M
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story starts off somewhat confusing, however after reading past the

first 2 chapter you start get to know what each character are with their

pov, and the flaws in which they show slowly through the story.

The author did a good job writing and showing the realism in which, if

this game were real and the possible things that it can change in socity

and ones self if one where to obtain power.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I want to like this story but every important character except Gabriel and Liana pisses me off, and that's because both of them are understandably ignorant enough that they can't be expected to do much about what's going on in their respective situations.


Spoiler: Spoiler

 Anyone who's stupid is irredemably stupid, and anyone who isn't stupid doesn't have the knowledge or skills to do anything about the irredemably stupid people. This is so bad that it goes beyond what can be covered by the "people aren't perfect" excuse. I find myself wondering between every paragraph how the hell any of these folks managed to survive beyond age 5 without tripping on flat ground and dying of head trauma. Feels bad, man.

  • Overall Score

Why is this story on the 6th page of actives. It's better than literally 3/4 of the stories above it. The author manages to merge the real world and litrpg (full of mundanes) without killing the story. This is actually harder than it seems, 99% of the time when an author does this, the story is abandoned. Kill ten rats and a number of other vrrmmorpg or system integration stories do this, and died. Here though, it's actually integral to the plot, the consequences to the real world are clearly demarcated, and the author includes it in the world building. Well Done, keep it up man.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story so far is following 5 characters who are all pretty unique and interesting on their own. At first it was hard to see what purpose  each character had in regards to the plot but as their paths begin to cross it gets pretty exciting.

The Game world and power system is awesome, wish it was real. The story isn't about the mc being op but rather him just playing it smart, and his flaws make him more relateable and believable. Another good point is that the author establishes an antagonist right from the beginning. It does take a bit of time for the isekai and game elements to jump into the story though.

Has some typoes and grammar mistakes,but nothing distracting, so far the updates are frequent. Can't wait for more!



  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

unique blend of reality and game-world, very interesting

Reviewed at: Chapter 29: Nothing is Normal

(as of chapter 29)

Darith, a fat and socially awkward but smart gamer nerd (i.e. the standard RRL MC), gets invited into a strange and secret full immersion-like fantasy MMORP"Game" that is running parallel to the real world and at the same time blended into it, with stats and abilities useable in the real life. That's fun for him, but some "players" take it seriously and for nefarious purposes: Officer Jaese sees his partner and colleagues killed by what can only be called a bank-robbing magician, but as magic clearly doesn't exist, his boss thinks he's taken drugs. Read the story to find out how Darith learns to take the "game" (is it really a game when people die for real?) seriously, how Jaese searches for the killer and how former gang member Gabriel wants revenge for losing (spoiler) to a clearly un-natural turf war mass murder!

Style/Grammar: The story is told in third-person internal style from five different points of view. That's more than usual and while often a bad sign in a RRL story, after a few chapters those plotlines are starting to converge and it's not difficult to see where the story is (probably) heading Spoiler: Spoiler

so it is fine here. The descriptions and word choice are okay but didn't strike me as exceptional. Grammar is good and there are few typos.

Story: On one hand, this is a classic "fight and train, explore and do quests, get XP and stats and skills" fantasy LitRPG story. On the other hand, the game has far-reaching consequences also for the lives of the real "NPC" people. These multiple layers make it a bit difficult to really put a label on the story as not everything about how the game works and how the game ties into reality is explained (the "City Guard" can somehow undo damage done in the real world and wipe the memory of the non-players, but at the same time Jaese still remembers how his partner was killed). The combination is really fascinating though and the plot development is captivating. Pacing is good, with the exception of stat/skill leveling which is unreasonably fast even for a grinding montage.

Characters: The characterization of the people is "good". Quotation marks because many of them are high school teenagers with a heavy helping of teenage drama. As that is a standard trope seen in every teen movie ever (I really don't know how much of that is taken from real life vs being exaggeration), I'll tolerate it even though I personally don't like it (Stupid kids nowadays... *shakes walking cane*). Apart from that, the central characters are written in a mostly consistent way, with believable strengths and flaws and not always acting in an optimal way (although Darith is carrying the idiot ball for much longer than believable, a pro gamer should get his shit together much quicker when he realizes that the game affects reality). While the players quickly get stronger, they are not OP. The bad guys are rather cliché though and some side characters are very stupid.

All in all, this is a very interesting story with a unique blend of reality and game-world. I'm enjoying it very much and I think it has the potential to reach the top part of RRL. What are you still waiting for, start reading!

  • Overall Score

I like to consider myself a veteran reader with a lot of experience and while this novel has flaws (minor ones only) it does the majority (98%) of thing correctly if you compare it to the same novels of this genre.

I will recommend it 100% if you're looking to read.

  • Overall Score

i wasn’t thrilled with having multiple povs going on - but the writer really pulls it off nicely.  This is a fantastic story - read and enjoy!

Andross Guile
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This is a great low fantasg soft litrpg. Its a coming of age story with its tropes and a few clichés that are actually done well.

There's the Mean Girl and the well-meaning but broken little sister of the Mean Girl etc. The MC is not OP, he merely knows how to play MMOs and thinks in battle. He's actually a smart character, which can be quite difficult to write. The other characters who have POVs are 3 dimensional and act well enough though you can skip their POVs easily enough, if one has read a couple hundred litrpgs because this might be well written but, if one has read enough books in this flavour of gamelit one can understand the story well enough.

Now, this isn't perfect. There are some minor issues and one major one. The grammar has some issues. Things like "too much stronger" are an eyesore but easily fixed. The major issue I have is that the characters level up way too quickly, not because they're broken but because the skills level up far too quickly. That is a personal preference though, so you may disregard this major issue.

The style's gripping and the combat is fairly decent. The magic system is intuitive and the litrpg is soft. For initiates that means we don't need spreadsheets to understand it.

In summary, read it. It deserves to be in the top 50.