The Broken Realm Online

by Hakurai

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai School Life Strong Lead Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Unexplained incidents are occuring around the world. Banks vaults being cleaned out while still sealed shut. People dropping dead suddenly without any signs of illness or injury. When Jaese witnesses his partner and several officers killed by a man shooting ice from his palm, he fails to convince anyone what had happened and thus sets out to prove that there are those out in the world able to use unnatural means to commit crimes.

Darith, A high school student and avid gamer is suddenly invited to a game through his phone, and when he accepts he finds himself transforming into his character, gaining video game like stats and the ability to level up. As doorways open between the real world and the fantasy game world that only he and other players can see, the lines between reality and game slowly begin to blur.

As Darith begins his new life in this fantastical game world and Jaese begins hunting down those that play the game, it's only a matter of time before their fates cross paths - and what starts as an innocent adventure into an unbelievably immersive game may quickly turn into a life and death battle for the fate of the world.

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