The Thundering Tortoise Trio

by Mullayo

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Anti-Hero Lead Magic Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters School Life Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead Wuxia Xianxia

Three young friends try to make their way together, through the dog-eat-dog cultivation world of the jianghu -- and even worse, their teens!.

They have chosen to take the path less travelled, by rising as a single entity -- of three entirely separate individual people -- The Thundering Tortoise Trio!

Along their merry, yet sometimes scary, way, Jian Cheng, Fatty Li Feng and Fairy Fen Ling will forsake their own petty selfishness, their hateful overbearing sect, conventional cultivation wisdom and even the entire righteous path, for the family they have become... And for benefits of course!

After all, everyone loves benefits!

Join these three friends with benefits (*we're not changing the title though...), as they probably overcome every obstacle (* but no promises) to bravely forge their own future!

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Group Leader (IV)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1) Testing Times at Rusty Creek ago
2) New Beginnings ago
3) Fallen Angels ago
4) Sect Appeal ago
5) Bully for you ago
6) The Battle for Rusty Creek? ago
7) Divine Intentions ago
8) A Real Affinity ago
9) Blood, Sweat, Tears and Treasure ago
10) Coming and Going ago
11) A Strong Foundation ago
12) Balancing the Ledger ago
13) Misty Future ago
14) Tour of Duty ago
15) Delivering the Goods ago
16) Revenge for Rusty Creek ago
17) Mixed Messages ago
18) It's Worth Threepeating ago
19) Taking a Stab at it. ago
20) Trust in the Process ago
21) Over Trumping ago
22) Water the Chances! ago
23) Who's Zhu Ming Who? ago
24) Turn on one's Heal ago
25) Two out of Three ain't Bad? ago
26) Triple Threat Revealed ago
27) Surprise! Surprise! ago
28) Buckle Up ago
29) Not An Ice Rhino! ago
30) The Long Haul ago
31) Ground and Pound ago
32) High and Mighty ago
33) Tumbling Block ago
34) Leaps and Bounds ago
35) Talking Turkey ago
36) Hubba Hubba ago
37) Reading Between the Lines ago
38) Hoping for the Beast ago
39) Planning for the Worst ago
40) The Best Laid Plans of Rats and Men ago
41) Biting Off More Than One Can Chew ago
42) Finger Nicking Good ago
43) Plenary for Your Thoughts ago
44) Zhu Ming In ago
45) Making Out like a Bandit ago
46) Making Friends... Do What You Want ago
47) Token of One's Esteem ago
48) Schaden Feud ago
49) Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth ago
50) Scribble Mission ago
51) Scratch Mission? ago

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hakatri gin
  • Overall Score

Starts generic, then gains a lot of personality - Chapter 47

Reviewed at: Token of One's Esteem

The first two chapters are rather ok-ish but after the third one the story finds its own style and develops charmingly, the mixture of humor and xianxia is a more western approach to stand up unlike the traditional chinesse comedy of "breaking the formality of a situation" and this mixture feels very fresh

As with all stories the development of ideas is more important than the originality, this starts as a very standard story but the way it handles itself sets it apart, then it develops an interesting gimmick of infiltration not really used in the regular xianxia and it focuses on personal and inter sectual interactions while cultivaion is a factor in those relationships but never replaces them

At chapter 47 the characters' personalities are still the same but they are much more fleshed out than before and when a character is missing the group's interactions vary considerably, it gets to the point wheer its fun to see how different characters reach to the same situation and they themselves are aware of how different their dinamics are when the party composition changes

They do feel like a group of friends who have been together for a long time and are used to each other's shenanigans, and its fun to see their team dinamics while the plans have to move forward

Overal a very nice change of pace compared to regular xianxia, but it also assumes the reader is familiar with the genre so it may be hard to grasp if this is your first xianxia

Also, i like turtles so i may be biased, but who doesnt like turtles? 

Start at chapter 3 and see for yourself

  • Overall Score

For me this feels like a comedy book mixed with a cultivation book. It has its fun moments. But it aslo has it serius moments.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great Xianxia story, one of the few that portrays as a team and not an individual without the common clichΓ©s that spoil a good novel, focusing on interpersonal relationships without losing the beauty of cultivation and without creating a killing machine that you only know how to use a sword , I loved all the main characters with different personalities, so far all the novels show an innovative style mixing comedy and xianxia naturally I expect more posts, don't die with the corona virus, God bless the Google translator.

a weekly schedule of 1/3 will undoubtedly bring more visibility to the novel, happy for its healthy days

more more more more more more more πŸ˜‘πŸ’ / 😊🐒🐒 / πŸ˜†πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  • Overall Score
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Cyrrently at chspter 4... it has potential and i hope that it wont degrade ...though the setting is your typical wuxia/xiaxa genre i can still see a lot of good points here... i wouldnt elaborate since its only have 4 chapter ... i would still recommend this to reae... add to your READING LIST  .. I demand more chapter... please and thank you