Mayhap Jak saga

by Mullayo

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Anti-Hero Lead Low Fantasy Magic Multiple Lead Characters Strategy

Man plans and gods laugh!

Cruelly orphaned as a result of a wager between two gods, a forest-born boy must find his own way in the wide world.

To do so he will need to find friends, both animal and human alike.

He'll also need power and learn how to wield it. He's more than willing to fight, but it will take time, and many miracles to achieve his aim of revenging himself on an emperor.

Join Mayhap Jak, along with his odd assortment of animal companions and castoff humans, as they grow into the warriors and witches they will need to become to protect their  precious Wolf Clan.

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Group Leader (IV)
Word Count (12)
5 Review Upvotes
Fledgling Reviewer (I)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Wager war ago
Bearing up ago
Friz gets in a fight ago
Ambush in the forest ago
Making up the numbers ago
Bear back ago
Marriage of Inconvenience ago
Begin again ago
Deliver Us From Evil ago
Closing In ago
Grey Grove ago
The Last Stand of the Fae Forest Witch ago
Follow the Leader ago
Rock Bottom ago
Swamp Meet ago
Swamp Fever ago
Getting Ahead ago
Heads Will Roll ago
Theatre of War ago
You Can't Return Home ago
Trivial Pursuit ago
Haven in a Storm ago
Home Sweet Home ago
Friendly Fire ago
Homecomings ago
Put up Your Dukes ago
Lyfsa Beach ago
Shot in the Dark ago
The Eagle has Landed ago
First Impressions ago
Handymen ago
Final Preparations ago
Winter's Chill ago
The 16th Circle of Hell ago
All Alone ago
Bad Bad Chrichton Bradfield ago
Arn Arrives ago
Fighting Chance ago
Enemies all about ago
Inkite Fighting Circle ago
First Win ago
Trade Talks ago
Hanska's Anger ago
Orphan Offer ago
Orphan Exodus ago
Orphans arrive ago
Purple Jersey Question Girl ago
Visitors ago
Risky Trip ago
Norwood revisited ago
Weapons ago
Horse Sense ago
Caravan Guard ago
Damsels in Distress ago
Westcott lets loose ago
Ari Arrives ago
Hanska at Haven ago
Settling Down ago
Table Talk ago
Map Maker ago
Warrior Princess ago
Ogre King ago
Ari Gets Snippy ago
Demon of Death ago
New Day Rising ago
Rakkesh usurped? ago
Mobbing Up ago
The Iron Ghost ago
Guard Duty ago
She's Shaman ago
Lost in Translation ago
Girl Fights ago
The Slap Heard Halfway Around the Mountain ago
Seatoun by the Sea ago
Circling the Wagons ago
Pub Crawl & Playing Chicken ago

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