A Giant Among Dragons



Devouring the weak and an exceptionally huge encounter


A note from Skullcrusher1234

Ok I'm back and would you believe I started working on this for only two days and finished it.

As he fell he thought this was it this was the end he bitterly thought this was even worse then his previous death and he previously died from absolutely nothing.

Now this time he would die to his own stupidity and cockiness I mean how could he be so stupid thinking about killing monsters when he wasn't even halve way down the mountain yet plus the fact that he just barely hatched.

Closing his eyes expecting absolutely agony to wrack his large frame with the bones in his body piercing his vital organs if not outright flattening his organs inside while crushing bones.

So when instead of feeling this he felt himself land on his stomach and chest with his arms and legs sprawled out awkwardly on either side of him.

Opening his eyes he lifted his head off the ground and looked up and saw that he had dug crevices almost all the way down with only a few inches left of space until he made it all the way down.

Embarrassed he got back to his feet or should he say paws quickly and deciding to work off his embarrassment by killing something he looked around seeing a large lake most likely filled to the brim with fish he began trotting towards it with his large claws leaving indents in the ground because of his weight.

Of course because of this he made a lot of noise which normally would have atracted nearby predators lurking and waiting for the opportunity to catch prey whether it was a carnivore or herbivore but strangely it was quiet no predators waiting for prey to drink from the lake and then strike.

There was only silence which made it heavily suspicious to the young behemoth who saw with his own eyes the amount creatures that practically glued themselves to this area because of how much food the lake had in it.

So extremely cautious he dunked his head inside the lake to see if he could spot a predator big enough to scare away all the competition.

And only saw blurred images with small figures of fish swimming by his head which he promptly snapped at with them evading his maw by simply moving knowing these fish were too small to satisfy his hunger anyways he looked down into the deeper depth of the water and saw nothing but moss and sea weed.

But as he focused more on a certain patch of large sea weed he saw that it was in fact not a patch of sea weed but a snake a rather large one at that with sea weed and moss growing along its body like a thick coat of fur and............it was coming right at him jerking his head out of the water quickly he stepped back with giant jaws just barely missing his large head.

And as he was preparing to fight it........?

He saw the large snake wiggle around on the ground gasping with an open jaw trying to breathe in the air and failing Laughing quietly in his head at the stupidity of this animal he decided to drag the creature farther away from the water so it couldn't go back in though as he was about to do this a notification appeared in front of him.


[Swamp serpent]

A sub species of sea serpent that waits weeks maybe months at times in deep and dark waters waiting for the opportunity that presents itself when both weak and strong prey go near its habitat known for it's relatively weak scales in comparison to their cousins the sea serpents and large mouth capable of swallowing most creatures whole.

(Is no threat to you in its current state of being beached and could serve as a potential meal and large exp booster)

Grinning he walked over towards it and gripped it by its tail with his jaws and slowly began dragging it back to the forest not liking how open it was for potentially large predators to steal his kill or kill him instead.I

Twenty minutes later~

After dragging it back into the deep forest leaving drag marks on the ground because of the surprisingly hefty weight of the creature he began wrapping his jaws around a part of its neck or at least he thought it was its neck and began shaking his head from side to side trying to do as much damage as possible copying the motion of what he saw hyena's do to a goat in a documentary he watched.

And surprisingly the snake made absolutely no noise when he did this almost accepting the fact that it was going to die and didn't want to go out screaming though it was probably his imagination most animal's didn't have the intelligence to be prideful and even if it was why would it feel pride in itself considering its just an over grown snake though that was probably his biased opinion on it but eh who cared food was food and he didn't honestly give a shit about its mental state right now.

He just wanted to eat and after a few more shakes the snake slowly died both from blood loss and his violent shakes to its neck and so the large drake began digging in eating chunks out of its neck and especially after finding venom sacks in its neck because now he might be able to get some poison resistance if it had enough but as he slowly began devouring both its neck and head he was disappointed to find he didn't get any notifications about poison resistance or venom resistance which meant it didn't have enough venom in its body for his vitality to actually take a hit.

And after eating half its entire body he couldn't eat anymore his belly feeling stuffed beyond belief so he decided to bring it with him back up the mountain who knows maybe his siblings have hatched and are probably starving not that he actually cared if they were starving after only a few minutes after hatching when he survived 24 hours an ENTIRE day without food then they were weak and would serve as his next meal the next time he got hungry.

Stopping suddenly at these thoughts he couldn't help but wonder where these prideful and angry thoughts came from because although in his past life he always had a bit of a temper it wasn't to this extent or level and though like any human being he has enough pride to get pissed at being disrespected and yelled at or even cussed out by another person it was never where he would willingly kill someone he would try to kick there ass and beat them into a bloody pulp crying on the floor yes but never kill because most of the time that got people sent to jail for life.

Though thinking back on how many times he was sent to a prison center because of the beatings he inflicted on some people he thought maybe it wasn't really big difference when you compare it.

Shrugging at his sudden violent thoughts he decided it didn't really matter anyways if he was an angry psychopath when he grew up who could possibly arrest a giant fire breathing Dragon.

The answer absolutely no one and that made him freeze he now realized something ABSOLUTELY NO ONE could stop him which meant he didn't have to abide by the laws of society and have to follow rules and laws which prevented him from doing certain things like burning down a town or city just for shits and giggles or even domestication other human beings into doing certain dexterous things with their hands like building him a giant metal mountain to which he could collect taxes and slowly build up a giant hoard and other things (GIGIDY GIGIDY)(Nah just kidding not gonna do that super weird and messed up on a lot of levels).

After thinking about this he decided to stop thinking about this for a while and focus on bringing his food to his siblings reluctantly.

Standing straighter he picked up what was left of the large snake and walked towards the mountain with the snake in his mouth hanging limply.

And after walking for a little bit he found the crevices leading up to his cave but strangely there were smaller claw marks digging into his own large imprint leading up to the mountain which severely pissed him off that someone else was most likely in his cave judging by the claw marks awakening territorial instincts he didn't know he had digging his claws into the side of the mountain he began raising himself up the mountain using the crevices to do so.

Like a raging beast he dug his large clawed hands into the mountain over and over again until he finally got to the top where he saw two small figures growling and snarling at each other like wild animals next to his siblings eggs with one of them cracked open like it was hatched.

Releasing a far deaper snarl of his own with it echoing inside the cave and they froze up instantly at hearing the loud snarl it almost sounding like a roar.

And both in creepy unison slowly turned their heads towards him but that was when he started running towards them like a bull on steroids and after only being a few feet away from them both he jumped at them both roaring with rage.

A note from Skullcrusher1234

Was it good what do you do you think will happen will I kill off his brother or sister while he's in a roid rage or will he kill the other one and maul it's body to the point of being unrecognizable. anyway sorry if my grammar is bad I'm really tired right now and am not focusing to much on making it nice and clean right now cause I know I'll fix it tomorrow or when I have the time.

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