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And wasn't able to make it better by finding other authors to take inspiration from cause personally I think it sucks but at the same time if I did find another strength based story I would feel like a leach and it would make me sick to my stomach copying someone else.

So tell me is it good or bad cause your comment really does matter to me.

But if your going to be a piece of shit about it well I'm just gonna ignore you.



 "Congratulations on hatching before any of your brothers or sisters in response to this the system has decided to give you the status effect "alpha" and changed your racial name into the sub species known as The behemoth Drake awarded 20% growth when eating or killing any creature of a higher level than you.


"congratulations on becoming the first member of a new species called The Behemoth drake awarded 18% growth when fighting other members of the fire Dragon species "

This is what he woke too what the hell even is the "system" and how could it possibly have managed to change his very genetic structure and DNA into a mythical make believe creature that's supposed to scientifically and biologically be incapable of existing. least he got some answers to his questions.

Like what he was and what his species was called and at least now he knew that he wasn't at the bottom of the food chain in where ever the hell he was speaking of.

He looked around finally checking out the cave he was in though it was more like a giant cave on a mountain with a ledge overlooking the looking forest outside with creatures of all shapes and sizes either eating plants or eating each other tearing apart limbs or digging in the ground finding the burrow of a smaller animal to feast upon.

Though they were differently colored had different sizes and looked absolutely nothing alike in appearance they had one thing in common. 

THEY all looked mutated beyond relief some of them having body parts that served no purpose at all other than making them appear even scarier than the other creatures that lived next to them.

It was stupid and made absolutely no sense at all and he felt excited? 

That's actually pretty strange why does he feel excited at fighting one of these potentially extremely dangerous monsters.

wait hold on WHY is he even thinking about fighting one of these things they could probably kill him with one bite yet he feels the need to express himself by killing each and everysingle thing in this entire forest 'just because' what is he suicidal.

Though with each and every passing thought about how stupid and insane he was he gradually started to get angry at himself and because he couldn't slap himself he did the closest thing to it.

Which was ramming his face into the cave wall which cracked upon impact with his skull and still angered at himself for acting like a pacifistic pussy in a situation like this did so multiple times for good measure.

after calming down and rethinking about his previous thoughts he couldn't help but feel disgusted at himself for thinking like a coward and gradually began thinking about what he should do to survive in this world.

It would would be hard and after all is said and done he would have a lot of scars to show for it but it would be all worth it if he wanted to be anything in this world other then a good meal for an extremely dangerous creature.


a couple hours later~

after thinking about it be decided that he needed to fly how you may ask well ask the large wings on his back though I doubt they'll answer you considering he's been trying to make them move even an inch for the past hour now but they refused to do so.

Plus the fact that he felt literally no muscle connection between it and him was making him start to believe that maybe he couldn't fly though it would make a little sense considering most of the creatures out there had one or two body parts that were just for show.

Though that begged the question if they were just for show how did his new mother get him up this high on the mountain if she couldn't fly.

Though the system did say he was a sub species so maybe his species of dragons couldn't fly which sucked but who knows maybe as he grew older his wings would gradually start to build up the muscle necessary to fly.

Which sounded awesome but maybe he wouldn't need it considering his species was called behemoth which sounded like a pretty damn sturdy and physically strong oriented name.

Deciding to try something that one of his nerdy friends forced him to read about he yelled "STATUS"

Name /none\

(LVL) 1

Vitality (50)

Strength (15)

Dexterity (0)

Agility (10)

Constitution (30)

Wisdom (7)

Intelligence (9)

Points 20

 Looking down at the screen he couldn't help but smirk now this shit would help him survive the gamer ability would make him practically unstoppable and if he put all his points into strength right now he had the potential to probably crush bone and coupled with the fact that he was already pretty tanky with his constitution at 30 and his health 50 he could confidently walk down there and farm exp from the weaker monsters in order to level up.

after thinking about it he put all his points into strength almost immediately feeling a rush go through him as he felt his body that was abnormally proportioned to his arms lengthen and enlarge itself to match that of his arms and growing blackened veins underneath his scales glowing with even more intensity then before.

Feeling the strength coursing through each and every vein on his body he smirked liking the strength and he even was able twitch the wings on his back making him hopeful that maybe if he put enough points into strength he would be able to actually fly.

For now he would have to farm exp though that would be next to impossible unless he found a way to get off this mountain without breaking every bone in his not so puny body on his way down.

And so he sat there and thought trying to think of a way to get down without hurting himself after a while he decided to climb down.

Though after thinking about how he would get back up he decided to dig his claws and feet deep into the side of the mountain creating crevices on the mountain in order to get back up.

And so walking to edge he began climbing down though he forgot one simple thing he was Quadrapedaled now.

Meaning while he was climbing down he struggled not to smash his face into the side of the mountain like a dumbass and most likely fall to his death.

 As he was climbing down he thought about the fact that he had no name which was strange because he already knew his name which was....

Uh actually come to think of it he couldn't remember which was alarming considering he knew his name before going to sleep could it be possible that the system somehow erased it when he went to sleep was it responsible for his sudden headache while he was trying to figure what the fuck was wrong with his body.

There was a strong possibility that maybe the system was fucking with his mind making him lose some of his precious memories the stuff that makes him well him.

For now though he would just keep that as a possibility and not a fact and he would trust the system for now.

As he was thinking this he forgot to keep his head from touching the side of the mountain making his head swing foward like a ping pong ball into the side of mountain making him lose his grip on the mountain.


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