it's my first story's on this site so I'll try to and make it good. 


Just a heads up this is a strength and defense based character so don't expect a lot of dodging

Anyway now on with the story....



He heard as he tried to move his arms in order to lift his upper up off the bed he thought he was in but his arms felt like bricks and wouldn't move. now Jason knew he was a pretty built guy and weighed up to 200 something pounds so for him to be kidnapped or restricted in anyway without him noticing or being able to break free with his brute strength was actually quite impressive.

So Jason opened his eyes to look at the person who kidnapped him and at the same time exert more strength to break free and beat the fuck out of who ever kidnapped him.

But.....he only saw red, now this would normally be normal for him when ever he got pissed at anyone and lost himself to his rage and proceeded to put said person in a coma.

But that was basically it he could not see anything but red plus there were weird black veins going along with the red they were like spider webing spreading everywhere.

Needless to say it was weird looking as hell to look at. now Jason was not disgusted of veins what so ever considering his arms and most of his upper body were covered in them with smaller ones on his legs as a product of his hard work.

But the fact that they were glowing and looked ready to explode thereby, killing him in the process worried him plus the fact that black is not a color that's supposed to glow.

So jason did what any insane person would do in his situation and pulled back his head headbutted the vein like an idiot.

Almost expecting for it to explode Jason tried pulling his head back instinctively only to realize his forehead was stuck in the fleshy looking thing only instead of feeling flesh he felt scales?

 "What the......

Yanking his head out he pulled back again wanting to get out of this weird as fuck place upon noticing the light shining through the hole he made with his forehead.

Pushing forward with all his might Jason broke the scales with a massive hit smashing his head through.

As he felt the cool breeze of the air of the world crash on his face he could only sigh in pure bliss at the sensation with the strange substance that used to surround him absorbing itself into his skin coursing through his veins like blood.

After a few seconds he instinctively broke out the rest of his body with a heave almost immediately afterwords he fell on his face feeling that his body was extremely different.

For starters he was on all fours instead of two feet like he expected so extremely weirded out Jason chose to lie down for a few minutes to think about this.

" Ok calm down Jason you need to figure out what the fucks going on before freaking out like a pussy OK "Jason told himself to calm down afters standing on all fours like an animal.

Ok lets bring up some things I've noticed about myself I walk on all fours like an animal which is strange because he DISTINCTLY remembers being a human being looking back at the thing he broke out of he saw a giant cracked open dark red egg with scales covering it from top to bottom like armor and looking behind it he saw smaller eggs that were not even half the size of the red one looking more like the size of a bird's eggs and not as heavily armored as the red one.

Looking down at himself he saw pitch black claws and red arms with a strange black veins bulging between the scales making his arms look bloated.

After looking at himself he decided he needed to sleep this off hoping it's a dream he walked over to his "siblings" egg and curled his massive body around them closed his eyes and went to sleep.


PHEW done hope you guys enjoy my story I spent a lot of work on it.

719 words almost a thousand I'll try and make the chapters longer but I'm busy right now see you next week.Wink


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