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This is based from a poll on ScribbleSub.

Hello, so after I read all your opinions and seeing the poll outcome I decided to not remove the Zanpaktuo, the reason for that is simple. 

Because many of the worries were taken in consideration and shouldn't happen, and seeing how the poll was almost 50-50 there was no way I could satisfy everyone, I can just try and not do what the people opposed to the shinigami introduction were worried about.

Lastly I want to say that this is a Harem, the fighting is secondary and to help the MC gather his harem members and form a relationship with them, from now on the story will begin to focus more on the romance and harem elements closing in on the path I wanted. That said this doesn't means the action will be overlooked, I will do my best to bring good fighting and conflicts.


Thank you for supporting me!

He felt like an eternity had passed, but not even an hour passed since he sat at the desk, as indicated by the clock on the wall.

He now had his own Zanpakuto, he could feel its presence in his soul, he also met the manifestation of its spirit.

From now on he will have to take some time to communicate with his Zanpakuto, beside his daily training.

Alexander stood up and concentrated on the presence of his Zanpakuto.


After his word, blue treads appeared and connected at the same point forming into the handle of a sword, right in front of his chest. With both his hands he gripped the handle while the blade formed, in just a few seconds the whole great sword was formed. He didn’t transform into a shinigami like Ichigo nor did his soul leave his body, the only change he could feel was his Zanpakuto and the connection he now had with it.

What made Alexander more satisfied was that he didn’t feel its weight despite its size. He couldn’t wait and see its strength.

With a though he dispersed the Zanpakuto, it was handy to have a sword that could appear whenever you wanted.

This was another step forward, the next step was to give the devil fruit to Elis and then enter the Dead Sea before heading towards the East Blue, but before all that he really had to use the bathroom.

He headed with hasty steps towards the bathroom but when he opened the door he froze like a statue.

He was meet with the beautiful scene of Robin wiping her body with a white towel, the first thing he saw was her beautiful, curvy body together with her ample snowy breasts, her black, wet hair was dropping over her shoulders.

Alexander had cold sweat on his forehead, he forgot that after the upgrade, the men bathroom was moved slightly further down the corridor and the door to the old bathroom led to the women bathroom, now he didn’t know if he was lucky or unlucky to be in this situation but despite his thoughts he still didn’t remove his eyes from Robin. On the other hand, Robin froze the moment she saw him and didn’t react to the intrusion even now.

Robin’s face began to have a red tinge, when he saw that, Alexander woke up from his daze and retreated slowly after saving the image to the special folder in his mind.

After the door was closed he breathed a sigh of relief, he didn’t think that those scenes he saw in more or less all the anime he watched, could happen to him, last time it was Robin who intruded on him and now it was him that intruded on her, he didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

After that he headed to the men’s bathroom then searched for Elis, he found her on the main deck being thought by Anemone. The black-haired girl did her best to help around the ship, she didn’t want to receive Alexander’s help for free.

When they saw Alexander walking in their direction, they stopped what they were doing and faced him.


Elis was happy to see him, the last few days made her feel safe in his presence.

“Elis, come here, I have something for you.”

Hearing his words, Elis wondered what the captain would have for her.

Alexander showed her the fruit.

“Do you know what a devil fruit is?”

Hearing his words and seeing the fruit, her eyes widened.

“I heard it from Robin elder sister, could this be?”

Alexander smiled at her.

“Yes, so how about it, do you want it?”

Elis was looking at the fruit with clear desire in her eyes, it was understandable as this fruit was pure power, with this her whole life will break off from her past one, onto a complete new path where she isn’t just an observer to others deciding her fate.

Still, nothing was free, and she understood that, but the price of this fruit wasn’t something she couldn’t afford, she had long ago decided to join the crew and some day she may also get revenge for her family.

She nodded to Alexander, her eyes were clear, and the determination was visible in her behavior.

Alexander extended his hand with the devil fruit and gave it to Elis, but before he could tell her what kind of power it had, she bit into it.

Under his and Anemone’s gazes, her body started to change, two cute golden ears sprouted from her head and a fluffy golden tail extended from her tailbone, swinging left and right.


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