One days after they left, another ship stopped on the island.


The ship looked normal and there was no flag, it looked just like any normal merchant ship.


After the ship stopped, people disembarked and between them, the one that seemed like the leader of the group was a woman with long, wavy, light green hair and brown eyes, she also had a generous bust.


The people around her looked at her with respect, and a bit of fear.


“Lady Monet, the hideout we sent them to should be a short distance from here.”


One of the men beside her spoke while indicating a direction.


“Lead the way.”


Monet was already bored from the long journey, she didn’t want to be in a boring place like west blue, but orders were orders, so she had no choice.


After a short walk, they arrived at the hideout, but they could already sense that something wasn’t right.


No one said anything, they just followed inside the cave.


Monet could already feel the scent of blood inside the cave, and it became stronger the more distance she walked, she already had a vague idea about what she will find there.


Not long later, she came into a large opening, there laid the corpses of the slavers, she didn’t care about that though.


“Look for the devil fruit.”


That was the reason she was there, nothing else was of importance, but she already knew that she will not find anything here.


A short while later.


“Lady Monet, the fruit is not here, instead all the members of the slavers are dead and the slaves are missing.”


Hearing his report, and looking at the traces, Monet could guess what happened. Someone stole the fruit together with the slaves.




She licked her lips, that may bring some fun for her.


“Wafu! Come here!”


She called, then someone rushed to her like an obedient dog.


Monet was given this man for this exact situation, he had the Sniffle-Sniffle fruit, he could locate anyone and anything through the sense of smell, but it was more than that, he could see the trail left by the smell in the air, once he locked on to a smell then he will find its source wherever they are.


“Lady Monet!”


The man said, waiting for her next words.


“Find who stole the fruit.”




The man started to sniff the air like a dog, then he moved to sniff all the places in the hideout.


After he sniffed everything that could be sniffed, he returned to Monet.


“Found them, two people in addition to the slaves.”


“Let’s go.”


Monet was happy to have some fun at last.

Alexander didn’t know that they were being followed, nor would he care if he knew. At the moment, he and his crew just destroyed a pirate ship they ran into, the fight was over before it started and Alexander had no chance to make a move, Robin herself took care of them, she also used this opportunity to let Elis experience a battle, Robin had Elis battle a pirate on her own, it was of course under her supervision. To their surprise, while Elis had no technique to speak of, she had the will to fight and no fear.


After the battle Robin didn’t kill any of the pirates, she left them for Alexander knowing he needs them to get EXP and G.


After he dealt with the pirates it was time for Alexander to review his stats and make another purchase, the shinigami awakening.

Opening his logbook.


Captain Management










Free Points












Devil Fruit

Rumble-Rumble Fruit


Armament Haki


Fast Learner (?)

Hyper Focus (?)





He spent 100G to upgrade his ship and he also got some gold the last few days, so he has enough for the Shinigami Awakening, but now he searched the shop for something else, he needed something to identify the unknown devil fruit he got.


Scrolling for some time he found what he needed.


[Devil Fruit Identifier] 10G


It was cheap, Alexander bought it instantly, and what appeared before him was a digital camera.


“This is it?”


He was speechless, he expected anything but this.


Holding the digital camera in his hands, he examined it, it didn’t matter how he looked at it, that was a digital camera. Thinking about how to use it, he took the devil fruit and turned on the camera, then he photographed it.


Looking at the photo, a red circle was drawn around the devil fruit and text appeared besides it, in the photo.


[Neko-Neko Fruit]

[This devil fruit gives the user characteristics of a cat, high agility, retractable claws, stamina, accurate sense of space, advanced hearing, advanced sight, advanced smelling, night vision.

The user will also have cat ears and tail, the transformation is toggleable.]


This, isn’t this a cat-girl? If Elis eats this, but if Robin had it…

Alexander hat to shock his head to dispel the images in his mind, this was a good fruit but what category was it, maybe it was Zonia. Alexander he didn’t remember seeing it in the anime, so no one found it in that version but here Doflamingo found it.


Since he came to this world, it was a must for the story to change in unpredictable ways.


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