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Alexander used the same method as before to get on the ship, but he didn’t pay any attention to the reactions of the five girls, he was already tired of those reactions, it was fun in the beginning but now he didn’t like it, he was feeling pretentious.

He became aware of the rapid changes happening in himself, at first, he had some idealistic thoughts because of his immaturity, he considered himself the same as the protagonist in those stories he read in his past world, he was too ignorant of the world and now he was maturing every single day that passed in this world, but he was worried because his thoughts and behavior changed too fast.

He still remembers that not long ago he felt like a hero under the spotlight, he owned the world, but that is wrong, that will only lead to loneliness and misery, it didn’t matter how many women he had, or friends, or family, he would always have a sense of superiority in front of them, not regarding them as people on the same level as him but more like NPC made to make his story more interesting, in the end he would feel like he was stuck in a single-player world, even if that was false, in his mind it would be true.

He was happy that he could understand that before it became too late, yes he had cheat like power, yes he was like the protagonist of those novels, but if he was alone then all that would have been useless.

It would have been like drinking water but still dying of thirst, never focus on the road and forget your goal.

Seeing as Alexander was lost in thoughts, Anemone looked at the strange man, waiting for him to lead them inside, she didn’t have a bad first impression of him as he didn’t give off any bad thoughts. She knew that they were lucky to run into him because despite their strength the enemy was prepared to deal with them, there wouldn’t have been any chance to escape.

Alexander woke up from his thoughts, seeing the girls waiting for him he cleared his throat, embarrassed, and walked inside the ship.

Following long corridors, Alexander took the girls inside the Living Room, which was very different from before, much larger and with three big and comfy sofas around a glass table and there was another table which was much longer, fit for a big dinner.

At this time there were already good-looking dishes placed at the table, waiting for them.

Robin was seated on one of the sofas, reading a book, when she saw them coming in she placed the book on the table and got up.

“You are here, the dinner is ready.”

After Robin was done speaking, Alexander took the girls to the table and they all sat down.

They were eating in silence; the five girls didn’t touch their plates until they saw that everyone else was eating then they started to take small bits, then they were eating with happy faces.

He was almost sure of their identity but not entirely sure, there were many clues to make a guess, like their names, in the end he will wait and see what they will do.

Once they were done eating, Alexander told Elis to show the girls around the ship and, after that, to lead them to the common living quarters where they will be sleeping for the time being.

Robin and Elis will each get one of the new single rooms while Alexander suspects that his room was on the same level as his cabin because he remembers a new door appearing on the wall in his cabin, it made sense for him that it was his sleeping room.

“Let’s leave this place.”

He turned to face Robin and told her, there wasn’t any more need to stay on the island as there will be visitors soon and it wouldn’t be a good place to rest anymore.

With Robin’s help he got the ship ready to go, the five girls and Elis should be already in their rooms, so he gently used his power to gently lift the ship, he barely felt any trouble in doing so.

Even with the seastone under the ship he had no problem moving it, that was because he didn’t use his power directly on the seastone, that was because his power wasn’t magnetism but electricity, he used changing electric fields that naturally created a magnetic field, in other words the magnetic field was a byproduct of electricity and not directly made with his devil fruit.

The sails were up so the wind won’t destabilize the ship and make it harder for Alexander, and like that, the scene of a ship raising to the sky was displayed, too bad only Robin and Alexander could see it.

On the deck, Robin and Alexander admired the full moon, the moment was a very beautiful one.

Alexander took the Armament Awakening Pill, and after he looked at it, he ate it. A strange sensation ran through his body, his body tingled, and his vision was blurred. Then he suddenly knew how to train haki, and at the same time, he was able to use it.

It was a strange sensation, it was like someone who didn’t speak Chinese, suddenly knew how to speak and thought it was easy despite him not being able to learn it before.

He looked at his arms and tried to activate armament haki, with the feeling of trying to but a tight pair of pants on, his arms took a black metallic luster.

His haki was still very weak and immature so only a slight change occurred, but with training he was sure that he will reach a very high level.

Robin on the side, saw the change and smiled.

“How about we spar?”

Hearing her, he was happy to accept, and like that Robin and Alexander spared on the deck, under the moonlight, with only their basic skills.


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