Alexander gained altitude while closing in on the ships, the he took coins from his pockets with both his hands.


“Take this!”


*Boom* *Boom*


Every ten seconds two lightning beams flashed, and two ships were destroyed, his attacks looked like falling stars that brought destruction over his enemies


In one minute, 12 ships were destroyed, seeing this the remaining ships turned around, the only one that didn’t change course was the main ship.


Seeing this Alexander made up his mind to use El Thor.


Electricity started gathering in his right hand, the power becoming more evident with each passing second.


“Do you think I’ll let you?”

Alexander saw a huge old man rushing towards him from the leading ship.



He didn’t know he could fly, but thinking about it, Don Chinjao is one of the few people that can use all three types of haki so its normal that he has means to fight in the air, or else he wouldn’t be considered a monster.


Seeing how he didn’t have time to finish his move, Alexander shot it as it was.


A stream of electricity rushed towards the old man.


Don Chinjao’s arm became black and he punched the incoming stream of electricity, his strong haki directly dissipating it.




Seeing this, Alexander accelerated backwards but he was still a bit late.


Don Chinjao’s punch caught up with him and hit him in the chest.


Alexander almost lost consciousness, transforming in lightning would have been useless as he could directly hit him with haki.


He felt a few ribs breaking and his internal organs tearing, the pain was overwhelming, he had no chance when comparing the body’s strength.


Alexander coughed some blood, indicating that he may have an internal bleeding, seeing his he wanted to take the healing pill, but Don Chinjao didn’t leave him any time for that.


The old man rushed once again towards Alexander, fully intent on killing him, and if Alexander got hit once more then he may really die, but this time he was prepared, he transformed in lightning and retreated to a safe distance, no one would be able to outrun him with a speed of almost half that of light.


What followed was a run and hit tactic, Alexander continuously changed position while striking at Don Chinjao with lightning, but without daring to get close it didn’t have much effect on the old man.


After some time of playing a chasing game he saw that the ship of Don Chinjao was closing in on his ship.


Alexander understood that something had to be done and an idea started to take form in his mind.


“Old man, I can’t kill you but what about the people on that ship?”


Said Alexander while making an evil smile.


Hearing this, the expression of Don Chinjao changed.


“You dare?!”


Alexander didn’t stay to make conversation, he instantly appeared above the leading ship.


Alexander gathered all the power he could, dark clouds gathered in the sky and lightning flashed followed by loud thunder, Don Chinjao rushed to him but while fighting they got very far from the ships so he couldn’t reach Alexander in a short time.


Enel used the help of Ark Maxim to create this move, but he didn’t need that, with his knowledge he was able to do the same on his own, it just took more effort.


Everyone watched in horror as the dark cloud flashed with an enormous amount of lightning, then, to everyone surprise the clouds started to gather into a gigantic ball.


By the time Don Chinjao arrived the ball was already formed and was slowly descending to the ship, seeing the ball of clouds his face palled, he may be able to avoid such a big move, but the ship wouldn’t be able to escape.


On the ship was his beloved grandson Sai, and he couldn’t abandon him, in that case he could only try to take him and leave, seeing the speed of the ball of clouds he knew he barely had enough time.


Seeing his actions, Alexander had a smile on his face, that was the moment he was waiting for, the only way to defeat Don Chinjao was to use such big move, at least until he learns haki or has a stronger body, that is why he made such an evil plan, Don Chinjao will try to save Sai at any costs so he would use that opportunity to kill them all.



Alexander was unaware that his mindset changed, before he would have said that such a plan was cruel but put in front of death such naïve thinking did not surface at all.


When the old man rushed towards the ship Alexander increased the speed with which the gigantic ball descended, the previous speed was set by him to trick Don Chinjao in rushing to the ship and not to him.


Not leaving any time for Don Chinjao to escape with Sai, the only thing the old man could do was try to resist, but that wasn’t feasible, this power wasn’t just showy.


Understanding that he had no choice, Don Chinjao gathered all his power to fight back, even with his drill head gone, he still used his head to try and dissipate the attack, when his head meet the ball of lightning the air cracked and the sea quaked, but he looked like an ant trying to lift a boulder.


Don Chinjao and the ship were overwhelmed by the giant ball of clouds and lightning.


After a huge shockwave and explosion, the only thing that remained there was a huge hole in the sea.


Today the White Cloud Pirates made their first official appearance.


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