Alexander had an ominous feeling; he didn’t understand why Boo was here in this city.


He felt that it was better to hurry and set sail before something unexpected happens.


“What happened?”


Asked Robin when she saw Alexander rush in the room.


“We have to set sail, that was Boo Chinjao just now, he wanted to inspect the ship.”




Listening to Alexander’s words, Robin was also uneasy.


“Don’t worry, I dealt with him, but I don’t want to stay here and wait for reinforcements to arrive.”


It was better to leave now; Robin didn’t hesitate and together with Alexander they set sail and left the dock.


“Sure enough, we left just in time.”


Many soldiers from the Happo Navy rushed into the port just as they left.


“Just in time.”


Robin exhaled a sigh of relief.


“Or maybe not.”


Said Alexander signaling towards east, from there three ships with the Happo Navy’s flag were closing in.


Something wasn’t right, why were there ships ready to chase them.


“Maintain this course, I will do something about the ships.”


Alexander wanted to try something, now it was the perfect moment for this.


Robin used her Flower-Flower Fruit to control the ship and maintained the direction.


Alexander rushed inside the living area to take something but on the way, he found a scared Elis in the hallway, seeing this, Alexander took some time to reassure the girl and when she left for her bed Alexander resumed his run.


He was searching for coins, in a short while he found a bunch of coins then he rushed back on the deck.


He didn’t know if he wanted to do was feasible, but he had to try and see.


He was inspired by Misaka Mikoto from a certain anime, he felt that the best way to use this Devil Fruit was using what he knew about electricity from his previous world, then his power will far surpass that of Enel that used just quantity to overwhelm enemies.


With his hand extended, he held a coin preparing to flip it, then he flipped it just a short distance and when the coin dropped right in front of his arm he formed parallel currents on both sides of his arm with the power of his Devil Fruit, using a large amount of power.




A shockwave expanded from his hand, shaking the ship and creating a huge distortion in the sea around the ship, the metal coin instantly reached five times the speed of sound and it melted in the shape of a droplet because of friction with the air.


The coin split the sea as it traveled towards the ships, before anyone could understand what happened, one ship was directly split in two and the other two ships were almost turned upside down by the waves generated by the mach5.


Alexander wasn’t faring much better, when he fired the coin he was thrown backwards by the recoil, he was lucky that he hit the mainmast and only coughed some blood or else he could have been thrown overboard, he didn’t expect this so he wasn’t prepared to transform into lightning and ignore the recoil so he suffered some damage.


“*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*”


While coughing some more, Alexander acknowledged that he did something stupid, the pain running through him reminding him of that, the power of that move was too great, he didn’t think that the power was such that it would have damaged his ship if it was a normal one.


Still, he got lucky and he already has some ideas about some improvements, this will be a great move.


While thanking Misaka in his mind, Alexander got up slowly.


“Alex! Are you alright?”


Robin rushed to him when she saw what just happened, she was awed by the power of that move that could even split the sea, the loud boom almost broke her eardrums, but she was more worried about Alexander, when she saw him hitting the mainmast she also could feel the pain.


“I’m alright, I just made a reckless mistake.”


Alexander told Robin, he patted her head while speaking to reassure her and himself.


“I hope this will deter them from following us.”


Said Alexander, he watched as the two surviving ships were trying to retreat.


Just the he saw a big ship coming from behind a cliff.


“Fuck! The big fish is coming.”


Seeing the ship, Alexander was tired, it was almost certain that the ship belonged to Don Chinjao, how could he be so unlucky and run in the entire Chinjao family here, and to make it worse he also made them his enemy.


After a short while he calmed down, they were already in that situation so there was no reason to cry over it, now they had to escape.


But luck this time wasn’t on their side, the big ship, followed by other ships were faster than them, if things continued like this they will be cached in a short time.


Alexander continued thinking of all the possible ways that could let them escape this situation, but nothing came to him while the ships were getting closer.


“There is no other choice.”


Alexander made up his mind.


He rushed to his cabin and opened his logbook.


Captain Management










Free Points












Devil Fruit

Rumble-Rumble Fruit




Fast Learner (?)

Hyper Focus (?)





It seems that killing Boo and destroying the ship gave him a lot of Exp and G.


He put three points in each stat and opened the shop.


Without hesitation he bought [Healing Pill] for 100G, he really hoped it was enough.


Rushing outside, he called Robin.


“Keep the course, I will slow them down and come back as fast as I can.”


Seeing the seriousness in his voice, Robin nodded her head, having a bad feeling in her heart.


Seeing her confirmations, Alexander rushed into the sky.


His targets were the ships chasing them.


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