Oh? He didn’t know what requirements he just meet to unlock a new function, but it wasn’t anything bad.


Without knowing it, while he was spacing out, his face got close to Robin’s.


For a moment there was only silence in the room, they were watching each other with their own thoughts running through their minds.


Just then.


“Come out NOW!! *boom* *boom* *boom*”


A loud shout came from outside followed by several loud hits on the door.


They both jumped up, scared by the unexpected intrusion in their private moment.


Alexander was angry right now, just when they were experiencing such a beautiful moment together, someone had to ruin it.


“*boom* *boom* *boom*”


Other loud knocks resounded again.


Alexander faced Robin.


“Wait for me, I will take care of it and return shortly.”


After he said so, Alexander turned around and walked towards the door.


“Be careful.”


He nodded to her and headed outside.


He opened the door with force, hitting someone.


When he arrived outside, he saw many guards on the ship, the person he hit was knocked unconscious to the side.


“It took you long enough.”


Turning towards the speaker, he saw a large man with long orange hair, put back in two ponytails, one in the back to the right and one over the left side of his face. He had shadowy eyes and was missing a few front teeth.


Alexander recognized that person, he was Boo from the Chinjao family and the vice-leader of the Happo Navy.


What was he doing here? Alexander didn’t expect to find Boo in this city.


“What are you doing on my ship?”


Asked Alexander in an angry voice, he hated the disrespect, those men just came and invited themselves on the ship, not to forget that they just ruined his time with Robin.


“Sorry for the intrusion, we got a tip that you may be connected to what happened today at the market.”


Behind Boo, an ugly pirate showed his face with an evil smile, he was the pirate that Alexander sent flying in the sea just after he found him on his ship.


“I have nothing to do with it, now please leave.”


He wasn’t going to cooperate with them, and he also couldn’t let them enter the ship.


“We have to be sure so just let us inspect the ship and then we will leave.”


Boo tone wasn’t arrogant, he spoke in a calm manner.


“What if I refuse?”


Alexander asked with a cold voice.


“I’m afraid you can’t do that, or we will be forced to use a more forceful method.”


Responded Boo while taking two of the three exes he had on his back.


Alexander knew that Boo wasn’t a weakling, he knew how to use haki and was also strong without.


But he was now years before the Corrida Colosseum ark and his strength was much weaker.


Alexander didn’t intend to speak anymore, he took a fighting pose and waited for Boo’s move.


Seeing that Alexander didn’t have any intentions to cooperate, Boo sighed and rushed to Alexander with his axes.


Alexander was fully expecting this, he rotated and swiped with his leg close to the grown, accurately throwing Boo to the ground.


“5.000.000 Volt Vari!”


Alexander accumulated 5.000.000 volt in his hand and struck towards the falling Boo, hitting him in the stomach.




Boo felt the strong lightning hit him, wounding him seriously, but he wasn’t any weak pirate, he withdrew to a safe distance and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.


“I admit I have underestimated you. But I will not repeat that again.”


Alexander didn’t respond, he didn’t like to speak nonsense when fighting and he also didn’t like to listen to his enemy’s monologue while fighting.


Without giving waiting for Boo to finish speaking he became lightning and moved to his back.


He used the same move ash before, 5.000.000 Volt Vari but this time the effect was reduced a lot.


“It’s useless, I have armament haki, your powers are useless.”


Boo already had armament haki, but it wasn’t very strong yet.


Alexander also didn’t use all his strength, it’s important to hold back and accurately examine your enemy.


Boo slashed with the axe in his right hand but in Alexander’s eyes, it wasn’t anything worthy of mention, creating a very strong electromagnetic field in his left hand, he directly stopped the axe, from the onlookers view it looked like he caught the axe with his bare hand.




Boo was stunned, the guys caught his axe.


“Surprised by just this?”


Alexander said in a mocking tone, at this time, facing a strong opponent, his character changed.


He wasn’t the kind and warm person Robin knew; this was the Alexander his enemies will fear.


Angered by his words, Boo slashed with his left hand, but Alexander caught that too.


“Is this all? Then you are a disappointment!”


Saying this, he used the skill Gloam Paddling, using his electrical powers to heat and melt metal, he can reshape it any way he wants, in this case he just melted it.


Seeing his axes turn to molten metal, Boo became to feel fear, he even infused haki into them but it was overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of his enemy power.


Having lost his weapons, Boo reached for the third axe he still had on his back, this time he targeted Alexander’s legs.


“Useless struggle, just give up.”


Alexander mocked seeing his struggle, then he transformed in lightning and circled to Boo’s back.


“10 Million Volt Bari!”


An electric arc formed between his fingers and he directly touched Boo’s back.




Smoke was rising from his body, but he wasn’t defeated.


“That’s right, struggle more!”


Boo’s body was becoming numb but hearing his words he almost fainted.


He didn’t know how to defeat this guy, today he kicked a pebble only to discover it was the tip of a mountain.


Seeing that Boo had nothing more to show Alexander decided to stop playing around.


He retreated to the farthest point possible so that behind Boo was the sea.


Then he gathered a massive amount of electricity in his hand.


Seeing this, Boo had cold sweat on his forehead, he could feel an imminent crisis in front of him.


He didn’t want to give Alexander any time to use that move so he started running desperately towards him.


But it was too late, Alexander didn’t need much time to use a weak version of this move.


“El Thor!!”

Alexander launched a massive electricity stream from his hand with Boo as his target.


El Thor, when Enel used it the power and range was much stronger than this, but he didn’t need to use such power against such an weak opponent so he used a weaker version, but even if weaker the power wasn’t something that could be easily resisted, maybe if he had a stronger haki then Boo would have had a chance to resist but not now.


El Thor enveloped Boo and continued unstopped, hitting the ship’s rail then crossing the sea.


The people who saw this were stunned; they had never seen such power before.


Everyone on the ship or close to it started running for their lives, no one had any intention to stay there for even a second.


Boo disappeared, blown away by the powerful stream of lightning, his fate unknown, even if he survived, he will need a long time to recover.


Strangely, the rail hit by his move wasn’t damaged in the slightest, so the indestructible durability wasn’t a lie at all.


His anger calmed, Alexander was unhappy that he couldn’t resume his rare moment with Robin, while it wasn’t much but he thought he was making progress with her, but for now it was better to set sail before someone stronger arrived.


Feeling expectant about his future with Robin, Alexander headed towards his cabin to get Robin’s help and sail away.


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