One Piece: Harem King



Chapter 9 – Saving a girl 2


Alexander almost shouted out loud again, he got double the rewards from killing the merchant than the reward he received after killing a marine, looking at the name of Evil Merchant a smile formed on his lips, sure enough even the system recognizes trash as such.

The pirate’s bounty was displayed in the reward data, this wasn’t very useful but seeing the 4+1G reward he wonders if the +1 is because of the bounty and if he will get 1G for every million of bounty the pirate has.

But that was nothing compared with the reward he received for completing that quest, 2x [Armament Haki Awakening Pill].

That is the equivalent of 600G, thinking of that, Alexander was very happy, but his happiness turned to worry, there are no free things in the world, there must be a catch somewhere considering that the quest was far from hard. There were many ways for him to complete it, he didn’t know how the system calculated the rewards, maybe the quests are very rare thus the big reward, what he was worried was that he will meet with misfortune thanks to the quest, he could think all day, but he didn’t have sufficient information to arrive at a conclusion.

Still, the reward to him was like food for a starving man, that was because it solved one of the problems he was facing, the strengthening of his crew that will have two members if the little girl joins, he still had to have a proper conversation with the girl that was now lying on the second bed in the room that Robin was using, the room was a common sleeping room so there are two beds, Alexander gave the room to Robin and he slept on the couch in his cabin.

At that moment he heard the door to the living area opening, he knew who it was because only a member of his crew can enter the ship, as stated in the [Crew] tab of the logbook excluding the little girl he brought inside himself.

Robin had a calm expression when she saw Alexander and the girl on the bed.

“Captain, you sure made a great ruckus.”

Said Robin, but contrary to her words, her face had a warm smile.

“You knew?”

Alexander did not think Robin would already be aware of what he did, but thinking about it, with her information gathering ability and also her great intelligence, it wouldn’t be hard for her to connect the incident to him, after all, there aren’t many with lightning ability.

He took some time to explain everything to Robin, after hearing him describing the situation the girl was in, Robin had a sad expression on her face.

“This is something common, the slave trade has a high demand and is backed by the Celestial Dragons.”

Hearing Robin’s words, Alexander remembered the Celestial Dragons he had seen in the anime, they were truly the definition of monsters, and there was someone else who had a big influence in the slave trade.

“Do you know about ‘Joker’?”

Robin was surprised when he asked this question, he inquired because in the anime there were no specifics about Joker and his underground business, but he dealt with slaves.

If there is someone who knows about the details then it must be Robin, she worked for an intelligence gathering agency before so her skills and knowledge in the field is outstanding.

“For someone with amnesia you sure know a lot.”

He could see that she had things to ask but was hesitating to do so.

“Let’s speak after we deal with the girl; she is waking up.”

Seeing the girl showing signs of waking up, Alexander postponed the conversation that he needs to have with Robin, he must tell her about his system.

In the novels he read before, the mc always lies and hides the truth about himself or the origin of his power, Alexander doesn’t believe that is a good idea, not if you want to have a genuine relationship with someone.

This is true for any worlds; you must trust if you want to be trusted.

This is even more important with Robin, she will never trust you if she feels you are hiding something, not after all she experienced.

It may seem too soon to confide a secret like that to someone he just meet not too along ago but that isn’t the case, after following Robin’s adventures in the anime for such a long time, how can he not know her character.

He can trust Robin, and it is also best if he trusts her sooner rather than later.

Still, there is something he will never speak about and that is the fact that he comes from another world and that this world is an anime on that side.

Alexander had some doubts about the last part, was this world created following the anime or was the anime created using this world as inspiration, it was better not to overthink this as he will get no answer.

He may never have an answer to those questions, but he didn’t care, he wants to forget about it, this is his world now.

They turned their gazes to the girl.

Seeing the girl opening her eyes, Alexander spoke.

“Hello little girl, how are you feeling?”

Seeing Alexander, the girl shrunk away with fear on her face.

“Don’t worry, you are safe here, no one will hurt you.”

He used his warmest voice to speak with her.

Hearing his world, the girl didn’t retreat further but she wasn’t calming down, there was distrust in her eyes, and no one could blame her considering her situation.

“My name is Alexander; you may not remember but I took you from that place to my ship.”

Alexander had to take things slowly, he had to let Robin try to calm her because she would trust another woman more, after explaining how she got here he introduced Robin.

“This is Robin my trusted companion, she will take you somewhere you can clean yourself and then she will show you around the ship.”

Showing his best smile, Alexander excused himself and let Robin to take care of the rest.

Retreating to his cabin he started thinking.

“I must get rid of Joker and the Celestial Dragons.”

Joker is the most influential underworld broker, his slave trading covers a huge area and because he is a former Celestial Dragon, he can legally sell slaves, not to forget that he is now a member of the Shichibukai and will not be questioned by the marine.

He can’t let those people live in this world, they will consume it like parasites, but besides them there are many people that are just as bad, even if he kills them there will be a sea of people rushing to wear their pants.

Not to forget that Joker will also be a rock on his path sooner or later, that’s because their values conflict greatly.


Exhaling a breath, he stopped thinking about that for now, the White Cloud Pirates aren’t strong enough to deal with that, there is still a long way to go until he can deal with that.

Now that he got the 2x [Armament Haki Pill] he will give one to Robin and one to the little girl, the sooner the better as the pill will just awaken the haki in a person but will still depend on the person training for a long time to reach a high level.

He won’t rush, building a strong foundation will enable him to build higher, he looks up to the day his fleets will rule the seas.

Waking up from his dream of grandeur, he remembered that it was time to start preparing dinner, the girls will be ready in a short time and it wasn’t good to let them starve.

Heading towards the kitchen, Alexander was curious to see how the girl looked now as she was too dirty even after he tried in vain to clean her with a wet cloth.


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