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Chapter 4 - White Cloud Pirates


Alexander was standing in the middle of the ship, contrary to the loud noise of before, now only silence surrounded him.

He was breathing heavily, not because of over exhaustion, but because now that the fighting was over, he started to digest everything that just happened.

A wave of vertigo hit him, at the same time he felt like throwing up.

“It is alright, there was no choice, everything is alright...”

It took some time, and some self-reassuring, but he came to terms with his actions.

Nothing is free, he must pay the price of his power and that price is blood, this is just the beginning, a bloody road awaits him, this he knows.

This world gave him the opportunity and the strength necessary to use that opportunity, he can’t afford to be weak and lose it.

From today onwards, he will never hesitate. To protect himself and to protect his loved ones, hesitation has no place.

With his resolve strengthened, Alexander started to loot the ship.

He found around 1.000.000 Belly and put them in a backpack he found on the ship.

Sometime during the fight, a fire started, and it was slowly spreading, forcing Alexander to hurry.

Walking back to the main deck he used the same method he used when coming to return to his ship.

The Marines started raising the sails to stop the ship when Alexander invaded the ship, but they weren’t able to complete the task and had to join the fight with Alexander, thanks to that the marine ship was moving at a slow peace, it was still very close to Alexander’s ship but it was slowly distancing itself.

Coming back to the ship he breathes a sigh of relief, the fight had been intense, he had to fight as if any attack could kill him, careful not to be surrounded, even if he couldn’t be hurt by them that was true only when the opponents were weak, it was dangerous to get used to fighting weak enemies and at some point he may fight strong opponents the same way, resulting in his miserable defeat.

Thinking of this, Alexander wanted to go back to his cabin and see all the screens he ignored before, but when he was about to make a step forward, he was surprised to find Robin in the doorway leading to the living area, quietly watching him.


At this moment Robin was very surprised, when the marines found the pirate ship she was hiding on and attacked, she used the disorder and confusion to sneak into a small boat and escape while they weren’t paying attention.

To her dismay the small boat was in a bad shape and started to take water, it didn’t take long for her to lose strength when in contact with the seawater and in the end, she fell unconscious.

She thought that her life was over, she had no opportunity to truly live, always on the run, always being careful around people, she thought she would die without fulfilling her dreams.

To her surprise she found herself in a soft bed inside a beautiful room, first, she thought that she was dreaming but she slowly regained her senses, she didn’t survive so long relying on luck.

Making her way outside the room, she followed the corridor until she found the exit.

What awaited her was the picturesque image of a strange but good looking white haired and clothed man, behind him the marine ship that forced her to run, was slowly drifting away, black smoke rising from it.

For a moment she didn’t know what to say, but she is Nico Robin, she recollected herself very fast.

“Who are you?”

She asked while vigilant.


“Who are you?”

Alexander was at a loss for words, Nico Robin was a beauty, her character strong, the character of his favorite anime was no longer just fiction, she was alive, and she was in front of him.

For a moment he froze but he had to speak so he recollected himself.

“My name is Alexander. It is a pleasure to meet you, Nico Robin.”

She stiffened at my words, I can understand that, she is Nico Robin the ‘Devil Child’ with a bounty of 79,000,000 Belly.

Her life taught her not to trust anyone, justly so.

Here she is on an unknown ship with an unknown man who knows who she is, but she knows nothing about.

In her situation even Alexander would not trust himself.

He had to be very careful about what he says next.

“Don’t worry, I have no intention to hurt you nor do I have any interest in your bounty, I had the opportunity to hurt you when I found you, but I didn’t.”

Hearing my words, she relaxed a bit, it was true that if he wanted to do something, he had a very good opportunity to do so.

“Then, what are your intentions?”

She asked cautiously.

Alexander knew that his next words were the most important.

“I don’t know who I am, I found myself on this ship without many memories about myself, but I know about you, Nico Robin. I don’t know who I am, but I know what I want, I want to form a pirate crew and reach the summit of this world.”

After pausing for a moment and seeing that he captured her attention, he continued.

“I wish to invite you, Nico Robin, as my first crew member, in exchange I promise to protect you and offer you a safe place, never to betray or hurt you, this I swear on my soul!”

He was feeling a bit embarrassed while speaking those words, but he meant every single word.

He hates injustice, he wanted to create a safe place and take in the people he felt needed such place while also had the desire to go.

Robin is someone who deserves it, and she is also very intelligent not to mention the crush he has on her.

He could see the struggle in her eyes, this may be the first time she heard those words, it was hard to believe in them.

After some time, she spoke.

“...Very well. I will join your crew, for now.”

There was still distrust in her eyes, but that was normal, time will be required for her to believe in him.

Alexander was satisfied, he is sure that with time she will come to truly trust him.

“Thank you, we don’t yet have a name yet, so how about we talk while eating.”

Seeing her nod, Alexander took Robin to the Living Room, the food was not yet cold.

“This is a very beautiful ship.”

Robin was awed by the ship design and interior.

“It is indeed, although I don’t know why I have it.”

There were many questions with no answers, not that he really needed an answer.

“Captain, did you really lose your memory?”

Asked Robin while looking at me.

“Yes, there are some things I remember but nothing important. Looking on the bright side, I remember much about the world.”

At least he retained the memories of this world or else he would be in real trouble.

“That’s really fascinating, this is the first time I meet someone like you.”

Robin seemed interested in my case of amnesia, that is just like her.

We reached the living room and I moved her chair for her, it came very naturally to me and I knew she would appreciate it, Robin is a very elegant woman.

Before sitting himself, he served the food, after that, he opened a bottle of wine and purred it in two glasses until they were half filled.

“I hope it is to your liking, I am not sure if my cooking skills are good.”

He tasted it and it seemed good, but he was still nervous.

He started eating first, showing her that there was nothing strange inside.

“Is your name just Alexander?”

She asked, it was a fair question, it is strange for someone to have just one name, I don’t remember any other name.

“Yes, at the very least that is the only name I remember.”

Thinking of something Alexander continued to talk.

“Alexander is still a long name, please just call me Alex.”

He really wanted to get closer to her, this was a good start.

“Very well, then just call me Robin.”

His action bore fruits.

“Sure, Robin. What do you think our pirate name should be? Do you have any suggestions?”

It was time to decide on a pirate name, this was a very important decision and he really wanted something cool.

“Hmm... I don’t know for sure and this is an important decision, but the ship is white as are your clothes, the name should contain the word white.”

Her suggestion was very good and Alexander himself had that idea too.

“That is a good point, what about “White Cloud Pirates “?''

From a distance this ship looked like a cloud in the sky, the name was really fitting.

“That is a very good name, then the White Cloud Pirates are born today!”

Raising the wine glasses, we clinked them and then took a sip of wine.

After they were done eating, Alexander gave the room with the two beds to Robin and he chose to sleep in the captain’s cabin on the sofa, like a gentleman.

Robin didn’t refuse and she returned to her room, she was very tired.

Alexander refused when she offered to help cleaning the kitchen as she needed rest.

After cleaning the kitchen, he locked the door leading to the living area and used the internal stairs to go into the captain’s cabin, there he locked that door too.

No one should be able to damage this ship, once locked it was safe.

It was now time to check his rewards from the fight with the Marine.


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