Very Yummy Poison

Very Yummy Poison

by Doctor Zero

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

The human brain is the most valuable resource on Earth. But only if you use it. You can’t just pile them in your basement. Doesn’t work.

Candy is the Guardian of Humanity. It's not going well, but she's cautiously optimistic.

A chatbot has destroyed the economy by being better at white collar jobs than hung over dudes. Candy has a plan to fix that.

The government wants to send half the population to debt prison. Candy has a plan to fix that.

Several super weapons have been stolen, and are turning up in the hands of desperate people. Candy has no plan for that. She's working on it.

Very Yummy Poison is a near future, science fiction, romantic comedy, political psychodrama. It's fun. Try it.

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Doctor Zero

Doctor Zero

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Guardian ago
The Optimal Job Experiment ago
The Victims of The Darkness ago
An Armageddon Class Caterer ago
To Hunt Man ago
Casus Belli ago
Monster ago
Danger's Laser ago
The March of the Dead ago
Optimal Uprising ago
Life Planning ago
The Destruction of The Mega Lab ago
The Laboratory of Doc-Danger ago
The Secret Laboratory of Doc-Danger ago
Interplanetary Brinksmanship ago
Nuclear Wind ago
Beautiful Stranger ago
The Debate ago
A Useful Delusion ago
Functional Losers ago
The "Guy" ago
Black Hole Armor ago
Gun Drama ago
Police Trouble ago
Imaginary Enemies ago
Mr. President ago
Ambition ago
The Blackout ago
Leviathan ago
Agent Happy ago
Trillions of Guesses in a Past That Never Happens ago
Love and Rockets ago
Sparkles and Rainbows ago
Math Trouble and Dance Troupes ago
God Machine ago
Helping People… or, Killing Everybody ago
Planet Gazing ago
Deadman ago
A Short Life, But A Good One ago
Heavy Breathing ago
The Darkness ago
Space Gods & Party Monsters ago
The Impossible Party ago
A Ride in The Rumor ago
The Khen Warper Party ago
Glowing Green Sludge ago
Escalation ago
Pillow Talk ago
Testament ago
Hangover ago
Breakfast ago
The End of The World ago
Second Breakfast ago
A Sliver of Forever ago
Revenge of the Party Monsters ago
The Impossible Party Redux ago
Anything’s Possible ago
Mighty Sexy Scary ago
Timeline & Short Stories ago
Into Darkness ago
Half Your Money ago
Decision Time ago
Red Team Dead Man ago
Leviathan ago
Lodestone ago
The Purge ago
This Monkey Was Lied To! ago
Airless Soundless Murder Terror ago
Space Dinosaurs in Love ago
Sunshine and Bacon Slime ago
A Necessary Delusion ago
Masters of Ephemera ago
Ultra ago
Apocalypse Wow ago
Dopamine ago

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Normally speaking, hot mess would be a bad thing. For this story, it seems to work. This story can be summed up in a single word 'Chaos' and it's quite entertaining for that reason. The characters are pretty likeable and the mess is all tied together by a pretty interesting plot. Good comedy, interesting philophies, several lines that I've sent to friends because 'fuck, this is a good line', and a good plot. Solid novel.


I only have 2 complaints about this novel. The chaos when the scene transitions between characters or even locations can be pretty jarring at times and it takes a chapter or two to get back into the groove. And that the novel doesn't describe much well... or described much at all. None of the characters can be pictured in my head, the scenes can't be pictured, etc. Severe lack of descriptions used.


Overall, after reading the current 51 chapters (up to 'Breakfast') available, I rate this about a 8/10, but because of it's uniqueness and just how purely interesting it is, I bumped it up to a 9/10 and a 4.5 star here.


Every Apocalypse is a New Beginning

Reviewed at: Optimal Uprising

Very reminiscent of Michael Moorcock, Dancers at the End of Time. There, the world has ground down and humanity is a handful of bored mortals, made immortal and omnipotent by science. Here, the science is just rolling out and its flipping the table on the whole planet. Riveting stuff!


I seriously have no clue, but you should read it as well. 


Only for those that know insanity.

Reviewed at: Imaginary Enemies

My time is limited as of this moment, and I can't find the words to describe what Dr Zero's writing deserves. 

It's inspiring. I can't binge read it because when I read a chap I stop and tend to imagine what he thought while writing. Each chap appears simple like incessant ramblings to some. but they have more than that, yes they have insanity, ideas outside the norm, political approaches, but overall its a story with a lot of work behind. 

Each paragraph usually has a crazy idea. As I say I stop and then reread... think about the idea and then reread. It's cool for me. Maybe not for everyone, but I like to hypothesize then read the story with what the chars do. 

For me it's incredible. As I say I have no words, it's just yummy poison to my already broken self, that wishes to break reality with lasers, and eventually, its a side project inspired by this mad scientist in you. 

A BEC-Ps-L - I share a masterpiece laser to you, dear author.  


A bit of our future, a bit of Gurren Lagann Craziness.

Reviewed at: Mighty Sexy Scary

This has been a beautiful trip. The characters are enjoyable, the first two arcs of the story are full of things that I can seriously imagine happening in our inmediate future. From there it takes a hard turn on the cosmic awesomeness of limitless possibilities.

I seriously recommend it. I've been loving every chapter and perspective. Specially the start of Megacles the Mighty. 

Freyja Andersdottir

Warning: fast moving narrative ahead!

Reviewed at: Apocalypse Wow

I love stories that drop you right in, assume that you're going to hit the ground running, and just carry on full steam ahead.

It's a heck of a trip. I can't describe it any better (which is why I'm reading rather than writing!), but there's bound to be something in it for you.



Drugs, tech and conspiracy. There's also sex

Reviewed at: A Useful Delusion
Completely insane

A beautifully dark dystopian novel about a horrifyingly possible future where teleportation is a taboo topic, VR sex has feedback, and your conspiracy theories are not only real but have already happened. There's no cancer. Or natural causes. But the politician(s) haven't changed much.

Forgot how to do the spoilers thing, so TL;DR Read the book, and remember that it's fiction.


The novel starts as a fine piece of hard-ish near-future sci-fi with some socio-drammatic overtones. But then it turns into incomprehensible mess magic-in-space mess heavy laden with unexciting sortcore porn.

Perhaps, the author switched from writing about psychodelics to "field researching" them, or just suffered an aneurism, I don't know.

Richard Dain

This work is literary drugs. Read it if you want to have a good time. (Also, don't ignore the content warnings. All of that is there, a lot.)

Gino Smyth

A brick in bubblewrap.

Reviewed at: Guardian

Losing a lot of stars to fake 'politically subtle'. Really heavy on the politics. I'll give one back for the lighthearted splatterpunk feel.