An Old Man's Journey Vol 1 & 2

by Allanther

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Dungeon GameLit Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content


Charles was an old man.  A widower.  Retired.  He spends his days watching old movies and waiting for his kids and grandkids to call.  And doing that is all he wanted to do in the short time he has left.

Then his long-time friend Bert, one of the last living ones he has, reaches out to offer him a chance to play a game.  A virtual reality simulation that could give him another way to spend time with his family.  So he seeks to find a place within the game, a place for his family to visit.

With a magic stick levels above what any starting player should have, Charles sets out on a journey to find the perfect place to entice his family to visit. But the game and the players have other ideas.  Set up as an NPC quest giver to some, and antagonist to others, how will Charles find his place and what will he have to do to get there?  


This is a work of fiction, any similarities between etc. etc. etc.  Please don't sue me.  


This is Vol 1 and 2, it intended as a series of Novellas and a light read.  Thanks for checking it out!


Temporary coverart from pixabay. 

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  • Overall Score

Have read up to chapter 10.

The writing is easy to read. There are some grammar and spelling issues, but nothing too egregious.

The story is fun, old man casually messing with other players and

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I really like Bert

Spoiler: Spoiler

(which of course is vital to the plot).

Might want to add the Short Story tag, and unless there's a major change in the last few chapters I'm not sure Villainous Lead is appropriate.

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Absolutely beautiful. A wonderful comedy that has gotten me into some nice laughing fits. 

Tired old man just wants his family to visit him. In trying to get the rest of the world to leave him alone, he creates never ending cycles of get off my lawn and senile rants. Perfection. 

Please send comfortable shoes.

  • Overall Score

 Its soo hilarious imagining an old man hitting people with a walking stick.

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Story overall is great. Lots of clever humor, but (spoilers for chapter 22)

Spoiler: Spoiler

This wouldn't be an issue in a "gamer lite" magic world, but this is a video game.

Even with time compression, game time and real world time both progress in parallel, in a linear manner. The story is good without this gimmic, and this confuses the setting.


  • Overall Score

Very funny and surprisingly entertaining even if it is sort of slow/slice of lifey.

  • Overall Score

story has a lot of promise, fun to read

Reviewed at: 37

really entertaining MC, old man just wants to be left alone but ends up trolling the hell out of everyone he meets.  probably one of the more realistic fivr litrpgs I've read yet here on RR.

  • Overall Score

Few Things Better

Reviewed at: 33

Your looking for something to read undoubtably. 

You've read the greats of Royal Road, the greatly good and the greatly cringe worthy.

More importantly you hunger for something to fill the time between chapters of whatever you read.

This fits like a well made glove, a custom cobbled shoe, or that last piece of pie after thanksgiving.

Its funny, witty, and most importantly short. 

I normally don't like short chapters, they leave me wanting. Here a short consise story lets me fill in the details, and laugh at the poor abused fools Charles gives quests to. 

  • Overall Score

Ridiculous in a good way

Reviewed at: 45

I'm sure this story will get old.  That said, its at least as much fun as walking around aimlessly with a stick.  On the negative side, a future where one gets too old to remember what to do with a submissive hot wolf girl is too horrible to contemplate.  

It must be noted that the story currently ends shortly after a bowel movement. A cathartic release of the build up to be sure, but dissappointing that the author is reportedly uncertain whether he will continue.  

Juses Christer and 9 others
  • Overall Score

 Good Good Good Good Good Good Good goood good



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This story reads like a fever dream. It's extremely fast paced with a bunch of plots at once.

It's an overall humorous story with an unique main character.

You should read this in one sitting and at as high of a pace you can. 

If you do not like the main character in the beginning, you will not enjoy the rest.

If you like world-building, I do not recommend this.

Please don't read below spoiler if you are interested in the story. This story does have its merits and I don't want to poison your perception of a story that should be read as a fun romp.

Spoiler: Criticisms

 You should read this in one sitting and at as high of a pace you can. (So important, I said it twice.)