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Warning This fiction contains:
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It had only taken a single day for Adam's entire life to fall apart, and from that single day things continued to spiral out of control.  When he is summoned to a parallel world and offered a new life he eagerly accepted it, not willing to let the opportunity pass him by.

The world he agrees to live in has its own issue, however;  generations ago, a curse was unleashed on the world.  A curse that makes it so that only one out of twenty male children live past the first year. To combat the lack of surviving males groups of women would come together and share a husband. The shortage of males also shifted the power dynamic between the genders, causing men to be protected, coddled, and ultimately grow soft.

Neither party is properly prepared for the other, but they will both need to learn to rely on each other's strengths if they are to survive the coming storm.


Author's Note:

This is a Harem novel, so it is more like my classic novels and is like a mixture of A brother's price and Risou no Himo Seikatsu.  You can like always expect an Mc who is not a pussy or oblivious to the advances of the harem,  Also sex, lots of sex...

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  • Overall Score

Promising start but life hitting author hard

Author going through some serious life shit so updates paused. Got 5 stars for being a good dad. Story is easy to read and mc isnt a idiot so yes I like it but 5 chapters isn't a lot to base my review on. Nothing in the discription says it's dropped yet so I hope it updates when all the legal fires are put out. 

monster maker
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Great story, can’t wait for more

It’s a great story, and I found it well composed. I also liked how the main character got to go back to his world in order to prepare, and is not just thrown in all op, he is going to make himself better for the new world.

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great story i hope the author can update. everythig its just pretty good.

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Starts a lot like 'Risou no Himo Seikatsu'

and so far i love what i see (chap 5 so far) here is hopeing it gets alot more political and action packed than 'Risou no Himo Seikatsu' as that one is rather a slow burn with a rather average joe main not that its bad or anthing.

as for the characters the main here is looking to be one that wont take shit as it has already been piled up on him already and havent seen to much of the queen to make a judgement yet.

grammer and spelling can use some touch ups here and there but is readable and enjoyable.