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Name: Villain Points: Rescue Points: Total Points: Rank:
Ayajo Kaneki 486 64 550 1st
Stephen Ozoku 182 29 211 2nd
Kastuki Bakugou 163 0 163 3rd
Eijiro Kirishima 86 45 131 4th
Tenya Iida 108 14 122 5th
Ochako Uraraka 57 59 116 6th
Zenchi Kanosei 81 33 115 7th
Ibara Shiozaki 71 40 111 8th
Itsuka Kendo 53 56 109 9th
Izuku Midoriya 0 85 85 10th


"Huh!?" Stephen cried out, unable to believe his eyes, though he had already guessed that his friend had beaten him and clinched first place, he did not expect such a huge gap between them in terms of points.

Zenchi was still in silent awe, as he not used his quirk to look at the rankings ahead of his friends, wanting to live in the present at this important moment in their lives.

'It's expected yet unexpected, even for us' Zero wrote down, showing to the two wide-eyed boys. Though they and Ayajo knew roughly how many villains they had destroyed during the examination and knew it would be an absurd amount, it was still a bit mind-boggling to the see the wide gap between her and the other examinees.

Her total points were more than double than Stephens's total points, and he was supposed to second!

"Being shocked for any longer won't do us any good Stephen, let's think about how much more shocked the other accepted examinees are at the moment, if we, who personally know the first-ranked were so shocked, how would they be?" 

Zenchi chuckled imagining the other examinees having a heart attack when looking at the rankings for the first time.

"It is quite amusing to think about, dear Ayajo has already gathered attention to herself even before starting the school term, I expected no less from her"

Ayajo this whole time had just been listening to her friends comment about her total points and was looking through the rankings to roughly gauge the ability and even the personality of her future schoolmates and possible classmates from their villain and rescue points alone. 

She had spotted two notable people, Katsuki Bakugou with zero rescue points in third and Izuku Midoriya with zero villain points in tenth.

Even an idiot would be able to guess the personalities of these two people just by looking at their respective points.

Getting the other's attention, she pointed towards the two names on the rankings, and the respective zeros on they had. 

"Third and tenth, opposite"

"I was about to mention it, this Bakugou dude got 163 villain point on his own only being less than twenty points away than your villain points, Stephen, and you had your robot army" Zenchi pointed out, it was truly impressive how a single person was able to accumulate so many points on their own.

This was in comparison to the first and second-ranked, Ayajo and Stephen, who had used their puppets and robot army respectively. 

"I'm guessing they're a bit of an asshole by the looks of his rescue points though" He stated wryly.

"Compared to him, examinee Midoriya is a bigger anomaly! Unlike the villain points that everyone knew about, rescue points were a hidden criterion and thus no one should have aimed to purposely score in that" Stephen commented.

'I also agree, it is as if they had known about rescue points previously, and their quirk was more suitable for saving people than fighting villains' Zero added on. 

"Even if that's the case, with the highest rescue points even compared to Ayajo, their quirk should be able to take down a couple of villains if it is able to rescue people so effectively." Zenchi reasoned out, even normal people that are highly trained like him would be able to take out a one-point villain.

"There is one fact that cannot be denied, even after all is said and done, they are the definition of what a hero should be to the masses, someone who puts people's lives and safety first, and defeating the enemy second." Stephen wisely finished. 

The other three nodded in agreement, they all thought, that someone like that will become a great hero one day.


A while later, in the second week of April on a Sunday, was the day of the entrance ceremony and orientation. The quartet of friends had met up in the morning to go to U.A. together and were currently inside of U.A. heading to class 1-A, having been luckily put together in the same class.

They were all wearing their U.A. uniforms, inclusive of Zero as it would be awkward being the only one wearing casual clothing in a prestigious school such as U.A. despite not actually being a student.

Stephen still had a crown on his head and Ayajo was also sporting her favorite cap from the entrance exam, unlike during the entrance exam, she was wearing a proper bra instead of binding her chest in cloth, properly accentuating her ample chest. 

Despite still wearing her cap and having her hair in a bun, she looked like a proper girl this time with her supple arms and thighs exposed, her cap doing nothing to detract the beauty and cuteness of her face.

They had turned a corner and arrived at a huge door with a giant 1-A visible on it, standing in front of the closed door was the green-haired boy Ayajo and Zero had met at the entrance exam, fidgetting nervously. 

Both of them were mildly surprised that he had passed the exam, though they had both encouraged him before the exam, they didn't hold any expectations due to the small fraction of people that get accepted into U.A. every year, being less than one in three-hundred examinees.

The two came forward to formally meet their new classmate as Stephen and Zenchi watched behind them, curious about who this student was.

Hearing someone approaching him, the boy turned to look at the pair before his eyes widened in recognition and surprise when he had looked at Ayajo's face, the cap helping his jog his memory.

"It's you! You're that person who encouraged me before the exam! Together with..." The boy turned to Zero standing beside her, very surprised to see a person made of wood and no face, with a head of leaves for hair. 

'Together with me, I was the one fully covered in clothing and accessories' Zero quickly wrote, showing to the boy who didn't recognize them at first glance.

"You were him!? I-I'm sorry, its just a little surprising that this is what you look like underneath" He explained, not expecting at all that the person who had written him that message and explained Ayajo's action would be so different from what he was expecting.

"Ayajo Kaneki" Ayajo suddenly stated, wanting to introduce herself before they continued talking, or at least before the two of them continued with their conversation.

'I'd had worst reactions, so don't worry, and following Ayajo over here, I'm Zero, full name Zero Kaneki'

'Nice to meet you'

"I-I'm Izuku Midoriya" The boy named Midoriya stated, formally bowing at a 45-degree angle.

The pair were once again surprised to find out that the baby-faced boy who had been embarrassed during the presentation and was a bit of a nervous wreck, and the examinee who had the highest rescue points out of any other examinee as well as zero villain points, were the same person.

The two boys just behind them who were listening in were also surprised such an innocent-looking person was the person they had deemed to be worthy of becoming a model hero.

"You, selfless person?" Ayajo asked, after seeing the rankings and Midoriya's points a few weeks back, she had decided to refer to him as 'selfless person'. 

She had the habit of referring to new or interesting people as a description of their physical traits or personality, as it was easier to remember them that way.

"Selfless person? What do you..." Still in his bowed position, Midoriya had slowly looked back up and noticed that Ayajo's chest area had a large protrusion that he wasn't able to immediately identify, his mind still telling him that the person he had met at the exam was male due to their clothing and lack of a chest protrusion.

His mind suddenly remembered a certain body part that the opposite gender had on their chest that boys didn't have, and had jumped back in shock and let out a cry of surprise.

"Y-you were a girl!! S-sorry for assuming otherwise this whole time, the clothes you wore were totally different from what I'd expect a girl to wear..." Before continuing, he had noticed what he said could be taken the wrong way and had immediately tried to rectify it.

"N-not that you're not girly or anything!! To be honest, you're actually really cute!!" Midoriya covered his mouth in shock at what he had said, he was still nervous at meeting new people even with how nice they were to him and he had just randomly said what he was thinking.

During the exam, his nerves were shot and he didn't get a good look at Ayajo's face, meeting her again and realizing that she was a girl, he unconsciously took a closer look at her face and found himself blushing at how beautifully cute she looked. 

She was easily the cutest girl he had ever met and his nervousness had made him compliment her out loud as didn't know what else to say to rectify indirectly calling her ungirly.

"Thanks" Ayajo replied, a small smile coming to her face from the compliment, she wasn't embarrassed in the slightest at a boy calling her cute but was genuinely happy that someone had complimented her, as she hardly got compliments or praise outside of her friends and her grandpa.

"Smooth recovery there casanova~ but it'll take much more than such a basic compliment to woo Ayajo here" Zenchi had expertly slid into the conversation, coming up and standing next to Ayajo.

Despite not knowing who this new person was, Midoriya hurriedly tried to deny him as he blushed, embarrassed that he was seen accidentally flirting with someone he had just met. 

"I-I wasn't trying to w-" 

"Hey don't be so panicky now, I was just kidding~ there was no harm done, pretty sure Ayajo appreciated you calling her cute" 

She nodded in confirmation, making Midoriya sigh in relief with a small blush on his face.

"I'm Zenchi Kanosei, call me either one, I'm best friends with these two and that guy with the crown being unsocial behind us, is Stephen Ozoku, also one of our best friends" He introduced himself and Stephen putting his shoulders around both Zero and Ayajo as he stood between them.

"This Majesty will introduce himself at his own leisure Zenchi!! You shall not do it for me!!" Stephen stated loudly, a little upset that Zenchi had given out his full name without his permission.

Wanting to introduce himself again, Midoriya opened his mouth to speak before being interrupted by Zenchi.

"We already heard your introduction so it's fine, but is it really true that you're that Izuku Midoriya? The tenth-ranked examinee who had gotten the highest number of rescue points and zero villain points?" he asked, wanting to confirm it.

"Y-yes that's me" 

"I'll tell you right now that I admire the fact that despite you being at the U.A. entrance exam that has an already abysmal chance of passing to be able to enter the famed top hero course, you still decided to help and rescue people during the exam."

"You must have an amazing quirk that allowed you amass so many rescue points, that defeating the villains would be no problem to you, yet you still only focused on rescuing your fellow examinees, as if you didn't care if you passed or failed and that their safety was your sole concern" 

Zenchi had a look of respect and admiration as he finished, causing Midoriya to flinch at the number of inaccuracies he had stated.

"Do you not think we have spent enough time chattering outside of the classroom?" Stephen questioned in annoyance, having lost his patience as he could have been sitting down comfortably inside the classroom in the time they were conversing.

"O-oh yeah, sorry... I'll open the door" Stephen's complaint had made Midoriya forget about his current thoughts as he went to open the huge door, so as to not keep him waiting.

He only hoped that two certain people wouldn't be in class 1-A. His wish did not come true as the moment he opened the door, two familiar loud voices exited the room.

'Just my luck...' He could only pray that he would survive the first day.

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