Dungeon Maker

by VRDraco

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead

Ace Cross is not your typical NEET, although he has all the making of one and is recluse, he is still a very outdoor type of person. One day he is killed (by a truck no less even after dodging off the road) his soul was going to white light in the sky (the sun) but before he could arrive a magical circle appears and he is pulled in and given a second chance at life in a magical world under the most cliche trope of anime, as a summoned hero.

He isn't 'the' hero though, he got the most uncommon hero class and something that has been extinct in all the nations blocking the advance of the demon lord. That is the Dungeon Maker. As a very unusual class that makes not only death traps but proper dungeons with ecosystems, this is the life of humanities first dungeon maker in 1,000 years since the demon lord war began. This is not just a story of battling the demon lord but also of how our heroes making a new life force themselves as all of them died in their original worlds.

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Interesting premise severely hurt by bad writing

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

A group of Earth humans are summoned to a fantasy world to defeat the hordes of demons (who are basically the standard fantasy humanoids like goblins and minotaurs) that threaten the country. The MC has a unique class that lets him create special dungeons that attract and defeat those demons. This premise is very interesting and I looked forward to reading the story.

But the execution is severely lacking. Everything works flawlessly for the Gary Stu MC, his samurai-girl partner is one of the most cringe-worthy clich├ęs this side of anime (including draw-strike-resheathing her katana and sudden bouts of clumsiness, only the nose-bleeding is missing) and the guy with the Hero class fits every bad trope (handsome and charming, but arrogant and a complete tool). Other characters are one-dimensional stereotypes as well. The writing style is rather simple. While grammar and spelling are sufferable (incomplete sentences and similar), almost every sentence is something happening with no scene-building or setting of mood. Dialogues consist mostly of important pieces of information, when it's not showing the edginess of the speakers. The pacing is racing, yesterday they were summoned, today they're training and tomorrow they'll fight against the hordes.

If you like power fantasy stories then you will greatly like this story but I'm rather disappointed. I read all available chapters (13) but I'm not sure if I will continue.


This is a really good book!

Reviewed at: Chapter 22

Let me start by saying that I have binged this over the last 2 days and have absolutely zero regrets. It is an interesting take on dungeons and the adventure story genre. There are a few places where the wording is awkward and some is cliche...but it has an inherent charm that if you look past and just read is rather enjoyable. I will keep reading this story because it is extremely unique and a very different change of pace.


 I read the whole book on Amazon KU the night before it was posted... a very good plot, with engaging characters... as a side note, while I appreciate that something came out I would still like to see updates to other series... not full-on books but at least some chapter updates here on RR.

Mister Bill

Fun dungeoncore story

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

I read this on KU last week. Fun little story and a new take on dungeon building, which is nice.