A Pawn of Chaos in the Game of Fate

by Allen Clark Copeland, Jr.

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Female Lead GameLit Harem High Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Supernatural Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Betrayed and murdered by her best friend, Anessa is reborn into a new world. A world of magic, cultivation and madness. Born with gifts to craft she used them to try to regain what she lost in her past life: a life of comfort.

She resolved to change herself when this life of leisure lead to the death of those she held dear.


All places and/or people mentioned in this story are purely ficticious. Any identification with people, places, buildings or otherwise are purely coincidental and no real life relationship should be inferred.

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Cover by Charlie Utting.

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Allen Clark Copeland, Jr.

Allen Clark Copeland, Jr.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[Completed] Book 1 - Rubble Rats - Index ago
Rubble Rats — Prologue: The Deal ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 1: Rebirth - Crossroads ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 2: Rebirth - Red Beauty ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 3: Daughter - The Unusual Mortal [Nuwa] ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 4: Daughter - Pomp and Order ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 5: The Escape [Anessa] ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 6: Rubble Rats ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 7: Essencetial Basics ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 8: A Dream of Death Part Ⅰ ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 9: A Dream of Death Part Ⅱ ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 10: Seal ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 11: Sight ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 12: A Primer on Arts ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 13: A Chance for a Future ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 14: Strangers Watching ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 15: The New Recruit [Sir Orris] ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 16: His Majesty the Wise ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 17: Newest Rubble Rat [Bola] ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 18: A Shell of Success [Anessa] ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 19: Monster Teacher ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 20: A Teacher's Trust and Value ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 21: A Divine Art Part Ⅰ ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 22: A Divine Art Part Ⅱ ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 23: Beyond Compare - Consequences [Nuwa] ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 24: Sealed Ruins [Anessa] ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 25: Green Eye - Origin ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 26: Unsealed Ruins ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 27: Unsealed Ruins Part Ⅱ ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 28: Bola's Loss ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 29: Aftermath ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 30: A New Home? ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 31: Reasons ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 32: Idiot with Truth's Sight ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 33: Discussion ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 34: Waking Up ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 35: Engraving ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 36: Harold's Hard Knocks ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 37: Girl Trouble ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 38: Spooning ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 39: Confession ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 40: An Idea with a Little Help ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 41: Engraving Competition Begins ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 42: Engraving Competition - Semi-Finals ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 43: Engraving Competition - Finale ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 44: Vibrant Lotus - Little Swindler ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 45: Vibrant Lotus - Auction ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 46: The Deal - Taking Care of Idiots ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 47: The Deal - The Contract's Hidden Text ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 48: Misery - Missing Person ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 49: Misery - Happy Birthday ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 50: Resolve - Listless ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 51: Resolve - Contract ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 52: Family - Meeting Sir Orris and Harold ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 53: Family - Departure ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 54: Family - Trip to Aspwood ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 55: Meeting a Family Member - Uncle ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 56: Meeting a Family Member - Mother ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 57: A Path - Maaka Institute ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 58: A Path - Preparation's Kiss ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 59: Trudging Through - Hello Tutor ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 60: Trudging Through - The Darkness in the Light ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 61: To Advance - Bruiser of the Wind ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 62: To Advance - First Contact ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 63: The Invitation - Recruiter ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 64: The Invitation - Closure ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 65: The Maaka and the Void - Nuwa's Sanctuary ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 66: The Maaka and the Void - Family Structures with Enrollment ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 67: Friendly Tournament - Breakthrough ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 68: Friendly Tournament - Forfeit ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 69: Friendly Tournament - Imprint ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 70: When Light Calls - Carlyle ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 71: When Light Calls - Gibalter ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 72: When Light Calls - Planar Shift ago
Rubble Rats — Chapter 73: Initializing - Planar One of System 232-B ago
Book 2 - Welcome to Hel - Index ago
Welcome to Hel — Prologue: Elder ago
Welcome to Hel — Chapter 1 - Arrival ago
Welcome to Hel — Chapter 2 - Good Doggie ago
Important News... ago

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Well written but depressing as hell at times.


Worth reading if you want a sort of western cultivation type story.

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This web novel could probably be pretty great, and may even become excellent as it goes further, but I will never know, because I stopped reading at chapter eleven.

Eleven chapters in and I have not the slightest idea what the protagonist is like.  I know nothing of her character except that she would make a deal with a devil after months of torture to make it stop - like basically anyone else would.

I also know basically nothing about the world she is living in.  Who are the people surrounding her?  Why are they doing what they are doing?  Where are they?  How does the world around them function?

(I'm being a bit vague to avoid spoilers so don't expect details here, by the way.)

I'm not asking for an infodump, and I can appreciate mysteries and suspense, but I have seen nothing so far but rapid fire plot without setting.  I can say what has happened, but without context that means nothing.  And to make matters worse, there are details and chunks of time that are flat out missing. These omissions seem purposeful; the author is setting up many mysteries and I'm sure this work will be filled with discovery and revelation.  However, without some solid ground to build on I fear that the mysteries won't really be that interesting in the end.

Now admittedly, maybe I am just an idiot and somehow missed the world building while reading; that certainly is possible, but ultimately I find it unlikely.

Which leaves me with a character whose character I know almost nothing about doing things in a world I likewise know next to nothing about.  Which is about par for the course on RoyalRoad, I suppose.  An average novel; technically competent - in the sense that the grammar and spelling were on point - but narrow and shallow.  Maybe a little below average, because usually there is enough world building or character development for me to make some statements about either, but I would hard pressed to explain even the smallest and most basic facet of either for this novel.

  • Overall Score

I have to say that book one was an awesome ride.

In many ways anessa gets hit with the very short end of the stick. She lives the life of a cleberity in a culitvation style world for her talents. Then she find out the price of them. 

You create a world that makes sense. You see people being people the good bad and ugly. 

Most of all I really like the she messes with everyones plans. I can't wait to see what happens in book 2. 

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Female to female? she blushed? This is why I really hate female MC. 

  • The story intro was good but only the intro... 
  • The MC's just too OP. It would be better if her abilities come from hard work. 
  • She don't have reasoning in every actions and decisions.
  • She's just passive, just following the flow like "do this & do that" without knowing the consequences. 
  • The grammar was good

I know it feels biased but I'm just stating what I've observed.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Drop at chapter 37.


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  • Style Score
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So I am very much enjoying this story. I am still fairly new to Xianxia so I'm not sure what is an overdone trope and what is still fairly new to me. I have read enough to know a Female MC on its own is pretty rare and I'm adoring that. Also the writing and grammar as a whole is well written with tasteful time skips at appropriate places.

The Bad: 

Spoiler: Spoiler

The Good. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 My personal favorite: 

Spoiler: Spoiler



  • Overall Score

The story is good, has short chapters and the plot is interesting, the dialogues are done well. We get anessa as she is reincarnated into a new world and meets a bunch of characters, also we get energy levels and dantians. You can advance little by little since the bites in each chap are small yet robust. I give 5, the only suggestion to the author is that many sentences start with "I" which can be jarring to some, especially chapter 8 at the end with the scroll. 

Apart from that seems good to add to my list.  

  • Overall Score

Currently on chapter 13 and the story is going pretty well. I enjoy the different POVs where we learn what is happening to different characters while the MC is doing something else and I have not noticed many, if any, grammar mistakes granted I am not really looking for them.


  • Overall Score

Intersting story with good pasing

Reviewed at: Important News...

binged it after seeing the ad(Vol 2. cp 1).

I really liked the story. I feel like a lot of authors and readers focus a bit too much on the style of writing and making everything too realistic etc. In trying to do that they either have 50 pages explaining the mechanics or end up with a really boring story or often both. This one feels like it has the right balance. Also, I didn't find more than a couple of grammatical errors. 
I can be a bit biased as I love eastern fantasy novels but I can say that its a very interesting novel with a good enough plot. I love the pacing as well. In these kinds of novels, power level tends to rise drastically and often novels have really detailed early levels but skim through the later ones. I feel like this story will do justice to the later as well. Another point in favour of this novel is that it showed involvement of the top echelons of the whole world/multiverse pretty early on giving us an end goal of sorts so it doesn't feel like an ever-growing mindless powerleveling.   

That said I had 3 major issues with the novel. 
a) There a lot of shock elements in this novel. They are interesting/moving at the start but later on feel like jump scares from cheap hollywood horror movies. This is caused by the bigger issue that you are not able to properly depict the emotions and relationships of the cast. A little more interaction with the support cast would have helped imo.
b) The age of children felt weird a couple of times. Can't you just +5 the age of everyone in the first 30-40 chapters? (and adjust accordingly later on).
c) last which I feel a lot of authors do. I feel like they have written down the plot and decided how they wish to progress it. You introduce a couple of things and have a grand revel in mind for later on and that revel would progress the main plot. But to do that, you are taking huge liberties. The cast sometimes goes out-of-character to achieve that. OR plainly acts in a stupid fashion. An example would be an orphan mc working on a desk he got from his parents for 6 years but only realising its made of gold the day before he's about to meet his grandparents and realising he was from a wealthy family. examples from the story would be:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 There were a couple of times I felt like things were kept as a secret longer than they should have been and no harm would have come if things were told sooner. it's like the Kakashi's face thing. The author hyped it up so much that anything he would have done would have felt like a let down so he didn't reveal it till the end. Here its like that but instead of not revealing, we get a disappointing unravel making us question as to why we had to wait in the first place. 

A minor issue(which could be only me):
The compression ratios often felt confusing especially when she was comparing the effects one had on the other. I feel like having different names for the 2 might have helped.  

That said, overall I'm really enjoying the story and hope you continue. The recent slow release rate is having me worried.