Castle Kingside

by Gennon Asche

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Ruling Class
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A puzzling encounter leaves Dimitry a beggar with a strange emblem on his wrist. Around him, the people suffer as ruthless organizations, opportunistic nobles, and an overly pious church vie for power in a land under constant siege by some unknown threat. He quickly learns the difficulty of life in this new world. 

Starting from nothing, how can he use wit, modern knowledge, and magic to survive?

A story dedicated to anyone who thrives on intricate magic systems, realistic science, impossible odds, and those who rise to defy them.

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Gennon Asche

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  • Overall Score

Review as of chapter 31

This story is a pretty traditionnal isekai story. A dude get transported to another world with magic. He even gets a power during the transition. However, it's a lot more grounded and realistic than most of its counterparts. For example, he starts homeless and left wondering how he'll be able to feed himself.

Now was it any good? Personnally I enjoyed my time reading it. The writing is definitely on point and have nothing bad to say about it. As for the story, the start was actually the best part imo. After he gets to the brothel, more flaws starts appearing. I'll now discuss those flaws in more details. I might seem nitpicky but pointing flaws is just easier. Keep in mind I enjoyed the story at large. Beware of SPOILERS.

First thing I want to mention is a flaw I noticed in multiple isekai stories already but it has to be said. It's the tendency to forget their previous life. Authors are excited by the magic world and tend to not pay much attention to it. It's actually a bigger problem in this case since the story is a bit darker. What comes to your mind first when you are lonely and in despair? For most people, it will be friends and family. However, they are not even mentionned a single time.

Now let's talk about the 2 other characters from the main cast starting with Precious. The way she is introduced is just so forced. Let's have a demonic creature that reads people emotions in the story. Sounds cool why not but can it be bit more thought out than having said creature going directly to mc without any reason. People might claim that it was because she was attracted to his despair but a whole lot of people have shitty life there. Btw most people would just kill her but she just goes and knocks on his windows. She hides all the time but here no problem. Don't get me wrong btw. I like this character but forcing things like that really takes you out of the story since it doesn't flow naturally anymore.

Next let's continue with Saphiria, the obvious romantic interest. Precious was forced but this is on another level. They are quite a few problems here imo. First problem is why does the mc wants to escape? He asked for a job. Delphine then hired him, fed him and gave him shelter. I don't remember her threatening him at any point. He is not the first butcher because people probably quit. So why does he want to escape? He is not a slave. Saphiria is. That means suddenly an espace must happen. I can't reasonnably think of any other reason. If he wanted to go elsewhere, just pay a merchant convoy to travel with them.

Second big problem, the escape itself. So mc wants to escape for whatever reason and he wants Saphiria to help him survive in the wild. First task reveal everything to the person with a magic slave collar... Come on, really? Whatever, he better gtfo out now because Delphine won't appreciate someone trying to steal her property. Does he just go on his way hoping for the best? Nope instead he outs himself as the disappearing man, assault a bishop and all around risk his life to free Saphiria who he has known for 2 days... Honestly this was rather disappointing. He felt closer to the 2 homeless guys at the start but it's not like he risked his life to save them. However, Saphiria is the romantic interest so we brute force through any common sense. He doesn't know her, has no relationship with her. In fact she is not even really herself due to the collar.

That's the reason why I prefered the start. It flowed naturally. It made sense. It seems to me the author already had the main cast in his head. He knows them and already has plans and ideas for them. Problem is I don't and mc neither. He brute forced them in the story and in Saphiria case he did it to a ridiculous degree. Good thing is since now they are present I guess it shouldn't be necessary anymore. It would be a worrying trend if this would continue.

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Very interesting and with hard science concepts.

Reviewed at: 13 — Night of Repentance

A good start and an interesting main character. As of now chapter 14 we get cool scenes when Dimitry experiences difficulties and obstacles he needs to overcome. We also have cool side characters and aa plot that envelops the context in an intriguing way. I can't wait to read more. 

Style: I like the prose and the style the author uses. Dialogues are cool, and the scenes seems not rushed. The only things I don't like are the indentations when reading on the phone though. 

Grammar: Didn't find any important error and wasn't looking for them. 

Characters: Well, we get cool characters and varying psychological growth on them. We get a fairy also that's precious to the mc. All in all, they feel more than 2D, which is good. 

Story: The plot seems to await more, since the chapters are still in an introduction of sorts while Dimitri learns more about the world and the jobs, etc. 

Conclusion: Read it. If you are bad with blood, beware of some sensitive stuff though, since the mc is akin to a surgeon it is possible to find pieces of mutilation, body parts, organs, etc in the story. 

  • Overall Score

I can not understand why the MC risks his life and the lives of people around. Every single bad situation he gets into is result of him making a bad desicion. I find it hard to rationalize a person in the MC profession to constantly making bad decisions like that. I had to stop reading because everything the MC did was just to further some grim storyline the author wanted to push no matter how unbelievable it was for the MC to get into these situations.

Spoiler: Spoiler



random bypasser
  • Overall Score

Surprised this hasn't blown up yet

Reviewed at: 29 — Can I Kill You?

me personally, l love this story it doesn't rely on crazy power system, levels or any of that stuff but more so on the actual story telling. There is magic in this novel but it's not overpowered.If you've ever read the wandering inn you might like this. And if you're discouraged by the cover or title don't be because the characters are quite good and the mc to some may look dumb for his decisions but to me it makes sense as someone with his occupation needs those traits which results him in committing to the actions he does. Anyways a potential great story in the making better than a lot of the other stories on trending list in my opinion.

  • Overall Score

Takes a few chapters, but then it's really good.

Reviewed at: 31 — The Emblem's Guidance

Great story so far (ch 31). It took a few chapters to really hook me but then I couldn't put it down.

  • Overall Score

Like there is a lot to praise. But i rather focus on what bothers me. 

- scene changes are way 2 subtle. To the point i would like them to be more prominent. 

- sometimes i am missing filler. Like most of the times in novels there is 2 much. But these chapters are often to the point. Maybe some world building? 

- i barely know the main character. Only thing i know of him is that he is probably a slav, surgeon, stoic and at the same time caring? 

Review done at chapter 33

So far the intric magic system that we were promised is still obscure. For now i would classify it as high fanatsy. Where by definition things just work and nothing is explained. We dont know the rule on which they govern etc.  I am sure this will change. But we only know what the mc knows which is how classic fantasy books were written, but not what i am used too on this site. 

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Story is pretty damn good

Reviewed at: 36 — Bon Voyage

I'm really enjoying the story thus far. I like the characters, and the pacing is on point. There haven't been any dull points as the story moves at a reasonable speed. There's no dull training in some cave for 20 chapters or anything of the like. I'm very excited to see where this story will go.

human 000
  • Overall Score

I like this novel quite a bit,  it maybe sometimes rough on the edges but it has the quite delightful darkness that one may enjoy alot 

Dawod Dawod
  • Overall Score

If you like magic systems, realistic science, and combinations of the two, you should like this!