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A Love Made True

“Gatian, you’ve been acting strange these last few days.” Alana said worriedly, catching me during our lunch break.

She was right. I had been. I’d been avoiding her and our friends when I could and when I could actually bear to be around them, things still felt different. “Ah, I guess I have.”

She put her plate of rabbit food and a bowl of fries down on a table and placed a hand on my arm. “... We… Gatian, I just want to be there for you…”

I gave her a smile. “I’ll get over it, Alliebear. Just some misgivings is all.”

“Gatian, I don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m sorry-”

“Alana, we’re fine. I’m just…” I shook my head.

“... Can we talk later?”

“Of course,” I replied, not really wanting to mean it in the slightest.

We parted ways and I ate lunch with the group for the first time since the week started and everyone commented on my absence. Apparently I wasn’t half as good at hiding the turmoil inside as I thought because Bethany pointed out that I looked uncomfortable, Coma commented on it, and everyone else made sure that I knew that I looked like I didn’t want to be there. Of course, that didn’t make me want to be there any more than I already did, but they were still my friends and I felt like I owed them something. At the very least I owed them my company, but even that started to feel like something I should be keeping to myself. The fact that every woman in our circle besides Hasha, the ones I knew well and cared about… They could all accurately describe my member, and that disturbed me to no end. The fact that my friends watched people kill others and had no problem with it… There was no veil of falseness behind LV. No smoke and mirrors to make those memories seem like they didn’t truly happen. Those came from someone’s mind and that was brutal on my psyche.

I ended up leaving lunch earlier than usual to get back to playing music. I’d been playing a lot lately for my own enjoyment and had taken to going to the tavern after work. Playing for coin and my own form of peace of mind was good enough for me, but it was mostly for something familiar. Something to feel like myself again, I guess. Music had always been an escape for me on Earth and it continued to be one for me on Septural, the only difference was that I was now making it. Anything from the wildest indie to the most contemporary rock was at my fingertips and the melodies I heard in my home were what really made me feel… Worthy, I guess. Bringing music to life always made it feel worthwhile to be alive and it never stopped doing that for me. That being said, I played at the Welcome Center, cast a somnerre as I walked, and made it to the tavern unassailed.

Tim, the nephew of the owner with a heart of gold, was already setting up my corner for me and had done the same the day before. It seemed to be a developing habit of his to prepare for me when I came, so I came up to him with a grin. “Hey there, Timmon. How’s the day been?”

He grasped my hand, a jolly smile on his round face. “It’s been good already, but it’s about to get better, aye?”

His thick, northern Thesuvian accent was analogous to Welsh with a touch of cockney just to be extra stereotypical, and yes, his teeth were fucked. “That it is, my friend. Got a lead you want me to start with? I know a couple of your usuals.”

“Ah, can ya do the Septurn Classic? I even gotcha somethin’ special to use for it, just gotta see if I can find the damned thing.”

I gave him a smile. “Then I’ll get warmed up while you take care of it. Don’t forget to tell the folks I’m in.”

He gave me a look, friendly and mocking. “And what will we do with the half of this side a’ town that don’t come by?”

“Ah, I guess you wouldn’t miss a performance to nab ‘em, would you?”

Not on your life!

We both got a chuckle out of that and I grabbed a seat on my usual stool, the familiar faces already coming a little closer. I joked and jibed with a few patrons over chords and notes that I played to get tuned, my new song aching to be played. Tim came back in time for more people to come, just making his reception with my alternate instrument that much worse. However, when I laid eyes on it, I felt something I’d usually felt when around Alana or at least something akin to it.

Tim held an undlegar, made entirely of wood and polished to perfection. The strings were all made of proper material; the bronze-y stuff that was hard to find and only made the sound when you hit the note right. My heart melted as he presented it to me and said, “A gift for the last few days. Ya done livened the place up and brought in a whole new kinda mood, Gatian.”

I accepted it from him carefully, afraid to drop it and marvelling at the originality of the piece. Even the frets were correctly embossed in blued grandium. “... Tim… How did you find this?”

“Ah? Grandpa was an aspiring musician in Avalesce. Poor bastard got branded two times and called it quits. Came right back home and played in this very tavern for years, he did.” He shrugged. “Better off in your hands, I would say.”

I played a few notes on it, the thing horribly out of tune. However, the strings had been replaced before it had last been used and were quick to come back to life with a little help. “Septurn Classic, right?” He nodded and there were a few cheers, making me chuckle. “Then good thing I know it by heart.”

Septurn Classic Folksong

There was a Minstrel fair and light

Would hark the brightest day!

His fairest maiden ever prudish

Could not get off- No way!

Cracked-coll Cracked-coll

Can we crack a coll today?

Cracked-coll Cracked-coll

I’ll lay my seed in hay!

The Minstrel did sing of the day

Where he could crack his coll!

When he might go and reach the peak

His maiden would surely fold!

Cracked-coll Cracked-coll

Can we crack a coll today?

Cracked-coll Cracked-coll

I’ll lay my seed in hay!

Mister Minstrel had a mo’ to spare

He took his chance and asked!

His maiden took it poorly

And she stuck her foot in his ass!

Cracked-coll Cracked-coll

Can we crack a coll today?

Cracked-coll Cracked-coll

She crack-a the coll o-nay!

Yes the song is about busting a fucking nut, and yes, I was fully a-fucking-ware that I had friends in the audience listening to me sing the stupidest song I’d ever heard in my life while people laughed and fucking cheered about it. Apparently, Septurns were bawdier people than I’d ever really considered since no one had ever requested me to play that song, but hamming it up and being dumb with it seemed to be the way to go. However, I really didn’t want to deal with some of the people that had shown up, so I led into one of my own happier songs and broke out a few familiar ones that kept the smiles going. By the time midnight rolled around, I’d already made plenty again and didn't really need any of it at all. There was just something fulfilling about playing my songs for people rather than playing them to teach them, but maybe it’s just me.

Alana and friends came over to my booth when I announced that I was done for the night, but I say that with loose interpretation. They took their time in coming over, but Alana had a smile for me when she got within speaking distance. “You’re still the best I’ve ever heard.”

I grinned in turn. “I try. What brings everyone over?”

“Coma mentioned that he’d seen you in here yesterday and that someone had said you’d been here for the past few days. Trying to earn some extra money?” She asked pleasantly.

“Ah, something like that. Just feels nice to play for an audience, y’know?”

“No, not really, but I can see that you really enjoy it.”

“Yeah, takes me back.” I smiled into my glass of ale. It was the weakest in the house.

“... Gatian, I can’t… I can’t help if you stop telling me what’s wrong.”

I sighed. “... I just don’t know how to say it, Allie.”

“Culture shock?”

I stared at her. “... I forgot that phrase.”

She offered me a hand and I reached out to take it. “River People don’t share partners or watch LV, do you?”

“We don’t share partners, but we have Television, and it’s… It’s not like LV. Not much.”

“Is there something about LV that bothers you?”

I took a moment to gather my words. “Alana… How does watching the memories of someone killing other people not bother you?”

“Because it already happened. There’s nothing I can do to change it…”

“... And you’d just watch someone’s last moments, some of the most shameful in a man’s life…?”

“What makes them shameful?”

“A lot of people don’t have a chance to go to the bathroom before they die. Some people beg for their lives. Some people break down and cry their hearts out when they know they’re not getting back up.”

“... I’d noticed that a few times, but I thought it was just odd…” Alana tapped her chin, a ponderous look on her face. “... I suppose you see LV as if you were there yourself?”

“Yeah. Kinda.”

“I guess it would be different if I’d actually seen someone pass away in person… I’m-”:

I shook my head. “No, I’m just… It just takes time, Alana. I’m not… I don’t think I’m going to be able to hop into every aspect with Thesuvian culture with you.”

“I should’ve known that,” She said, squeezing my hand. “I’m sorry, Gatian. I’ll try to be more considerate from now on.”

“And I’ll try to be less… Withdrawn, I guess, but…”

“You don’t know how to feel about everyone?”

“... I kinda feel like I’m only welcome because I look good.”

Her eyes told me I was wrong, then she did. “Gatian… We love you because you’re a generous, funny, goofy goobski who won’t hesitate to do anything for any one of us. You’re… You’re more than just a handsome face, Gatian.”

I shook my head. “Still feel weird, but I’m starting to understand it, I think.”

“Life never seems to get less confusing for you, does it?”

“Not really, no.”

Alana came a little closer and I got off of the stool, pushing it against the booth’s table. I liked that we had a little space to ourselves, even if it was seating. As I stood, she sighed. “When it rains, it pours… I hope this is the last thing for a while.”

“I’m sorr-”

She gave me a stern look. “Don’t be. It’s not your fault that you’re even here in the first place, Gatian. I, as a Welcome Center Greeter should have known that you would need to be introduced to concepts before being thrown into them. It was my fault, not yours. You have nothing to apologize for.”

I kissed her briefly. “You’re so willing to shoulder the blame… It’s not all yours, Alana, but I appreciate it. Allie-vaski.”

Alana blushed and smiled a little. “... That’s a very affectionate term, i-if you didn’t know.”

“I figured it would be since vaski is short for vavinski and Thesuvians use abbreviations to be cute.”

“It isn’t fair…”

“You could call me Gatski. The Great Gatski.”

“Is that a reference?”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t work well for me, so it’s funny.”

“Gatski…” She smiled to herself, holding her fingers to her lips. “Funnily enough, it means something like ‘beloved great one’ in the Old Tongue, but I don’t know what exactly it would translate to.”

I picked up my guitar, Tim having taken the undlegar back at my request. “What say we go home and make up on some of the time we lost in the past few days?”

Alana gave me a warm smile, that faded early as soon as it came. “Our… Our friends want to talk to you.”

“Ah. Shit.”

“Tara and Beth especially.”

“Ah. Shit.”


“I’ll talk to them, I just don’t want to.”

“I understand, but…”

“What’s wrong, Allie?”

Alana sighed. “... They both… They’re more…”

“Shorter than you? Easier to run away from?”

She giggled and tried to smile. The attempt failed, but it was worthy of note. “... Nothing. It’s nothing. Please talk to them, Gatian.”

“If you’re worried-”

“You prove time and time again that I have nothing to worry about, and yet I took you to a place where you would reasonably worry about nearly everything that goes on there. Gatian, I have no reason to be jealous so I won’t be. You don’t give me reasons to suspect that you would cheat on me, so I won’t imagine any.”

I held her hand and gave her a more meaningful kiss than the ones we’d shared in the past few days. “Thank you for the faith.”

“It’s well deserved.”

I left her company to go and join our friends who were all polishing off the last of a meal or two while I approached. “If it isn’t Mister Finger-n’-Flee himself!” Hasha slurred. “Come to get friendly and-”

Li clapped a hand over her mouth. “Hey, man. Feels like we never see you outside of work these days.”

I had a seat next to Beth and Aliss scooted to let Alana sit down. “Just having some River Man problems, you know? You guys all technically rank as swingers on Earth. Or polyamorous.”

Aliss nodded. “And…?”

“... That’s not normal to me. In Avalesce, most people are presumably monogamous and don’t do that. In Ponydale, multi-partner relationships were hyper-kinky and were based on fetishes. The dynamics on the spa really fucked with my head.”

Beth chuckled. “So, what? Fingering your friends made you feel weird?”

Yeah. Way beyond weird.”

“Oh.” She stopped laughing.

Coma rubbed his neck. “Kinda feel like I pressured you into it…”

Aliss coughed. “If we’re placing blame-”

“Alana and I already had this talk. I don’t think I’ll be going back to the spa any time soon.”

Tara nodded. “It was fun, but not having you around really sucks, Gatian. We missed you, bud.”

“You sure it wasn’t just the dick you missed?” Coma teased.

“That’s what he thought it was, Cacoma. That’s not really funny.” Aliss defended.

“Oh. I thought it was just River People mogonamy.”

“Monogamy, and it is, but every one of the girls was all over Gatian at the spa besides Hasha. I’m sure he feels like some River Women do outside Thesuvia.” Aliss put a hand on his arm.

Hasha was too busy sucking Li’s face for me to notice that Traves (Travis) had come along, but then he spoke up. “I know a lot of River Women feel... objectified, when they go to places that are more sexually… liberated, than their River Countries.”

“Good point, Trav.” Beth gave him a nod.

Alana smiled and waved at him “Hasha finally got you out of the house?”

He snorted. “More like Li did.” Which made sense. Traves and Li-oh were like opposite sides of the same coin and were doing more and more together with Hasha as of late. “You know Hasha never makes coming out sound good.”

She stopped long enough to give him a kiss on the cheek. “You know I’ll buy you whatever you want, Sugarbutt~”

He kissed her back and rolled her eyes. “If it’s not food, paper, and ink, then I don’t need much.”

Hasha started sniffling and Li took over. “Yeah, but I could use a new choker or something if you want to go shopping tomorrow.”

She hugged him. “Yay!”

Alana looked longingly at the two and I caved after having held up for so long. “I’ve got some extra money to spend now if you’d like to do something for ourselves, Allie.”

She gave me a frustrated look. “You know I can’t let you-”

“You pay for whatever we do, I’ll buy the food or whatever consumables we need while we do it.”

“... That’s not too bad, I guess.”

Aliss nudged her with her shoulder. “The independent ones are hard to deal with, aren’t they?”

Coma scoffed. “Like you dote on me.”

“I dote on you all the time!”

He gave her a sly smile. “Then why don’t we go back to your place and get an ice cube?”

Aliss laughed. “Walked right into that one, didn’t I?”

Alana looked at me, giving me a potent though innocuous look. “M-Maybe we could- Er, well, you could c-come over…?”

I smiled at her. “Let me see if Felix needs me to fix breakfast for him and I’ll be right on over. That is, unless you want to come along and see him for yourself.”

“Oh, he’s probably asleep right now.” She seemed to be happy at just the thought of his sleeping face. “It doesn’t bother you-”

“Felix likes you, Alana. If he wants to see you, that’s up to him. I’ll never tell him to stay away from your place or you yourself.”

She smiled a bit more and the group noticed us being cute, the mood feeling like it had in the past. Unsurprisingly, however, my friends asked me to put on a personal concert back at my place so we all went to my apartment and I played as soft as I could as to not wake up the neighbors. Old Lady Lorran still came up to give me some cookies and asked me to keep it down, so I sent everyone else home after laying some out for Felix on the small kitchen table and sang Lorran to sleep as I usually did whenever I woke her up. She appreciated the lullaby and always said that she felt a lot better for it when I sang for her, which reminded me of something.

I remembered singing for my Mom and with her when the Alzheimer’s was getting bad. She couldn’t remember a lot of things, but she never forgot I’ll Be There by The Spinners, and that was the song I usually sang for Lorran, even if it was more of a love song. It just felt like it fit the mood whenever I sang for her, but I eventually went to Alana’s and sang it for her too. She liked the song, but she had one she wanted to sing for me, even if she really looked like she didn’t want to try singing. However, with her own guitar that we’d technically stolen from the Welcome Center (I’d lied and asked for it. It was given to me for whatever I needed it for anyway) and she started playing an unfamiliar song. One that I’d never heard before. The chords were simple and the intro meandered from style to style, but the song was… Well, just let me write it down.

For Gatian by Alana Wolvram

Chorus 1

The obstacles inside, should never have the right

To be part of your problems

Let not your path decide, take it all in stride

Troubles falling one by one

There was another said

To be part of my head

But he was never quite like you

I looked so high and low

Never knew where to go

But then you came right through


Chorus 2

The beauty that you’ve seen, deep inside me

Feels like it grows and grows

The man in front of me, makes me want to be

The best of the Diancies

But how could you not know?

I don’t want my love to go

So with this song I must show

Singing for the truth

I will bringeth down the roof

To offer you this proof

Words are not my strength, I sing for you at length

I’ve tried to make it all sound all sound right

But days have turned to weeks and the song is incomplete

So I guess for now this good night

One more final verse

And this song I shall rehearse

I swear you will hear it first.

We’d just sat in her living room and she played for me, her talent not making up for her nerves. She made it through the whole song and had a hard time looking at me until I started hiccuping while trying to clean my face up. “... You don’t have to laugh…”

“I-It’s not-I hiccuped. Laughing! You’re so sweet!” I said through tears.

Alana looked at me. “O-Oh, you’re… Oh right, River Person tears of happiness.”

I nodded. “God, I feel like such a sap, but I love that song!

She held her guitar to her chest and smiled shyly. “... I wrote it just for you…”

I got up and gave her a hug and a watery kiss on the cheek. “I know, Alliebear. How long did it take you to write that?”

“Um…” She blushed.

“It doesn’t matter how long it took, I’m just touched that you wrote it for me.”

“Well… I’m glad it only took a couple months then.”

I pulled away from her and fixed my face for the last time. “... Months?”

Alana rubbed her cheek, looking down. “Septurns… We aren’t really musically inclined like you River People… Most Septurns are terrible with instruments.”

“You’re good, though.”

“Only when I play with you.”

“Then maybe you’d like to sing a duet with me?”

“Oh… I could do that.”

And so I taught my favorite lady the entirety of Something Stupid by a certain Mrs. Nancy Sinatra and we had fun with the song while learning and playing with it, growing closer until we put the guitars down, showered separately and went to bed. Alana had me shower first and thus I was in bed before her, but when she came to the room, I had a hard time believing that sleep was coming any time soon. She usually wore an olone or a similarly short pair of shorts to bed, but that night she wore the first nightgown I’d ever seen her wear, and what a sight it was. The sheer, purple material was different from anything I’d seen her wear before and actually offered very little in the way of opacity or modesty. I could see her body underneath and could barely make out a line of underwear, but the waist-level of the nightgown was the most innocent part. The camisole-like thing cupped her chest perfectly and showed just enough of her breasts to be absolutely enchanting. That paired with the blush on her face while she wore it…

Perfect didn’t describe the moment.

I welcomed her into bed with a smile. “Don’t tell me you’re trying to seduce me.”

Alana gave me a shy smile. “I-Is it working…?”

I rolled my eyes. “You say that like you couldn’t ask for a little or a lot of extra love whenever you want. I might not be an exhibitionist, but after the first time we can do it wherever you like.”

Her eyes held a question that I had an easy answer to, even if I didn’t like the way the day had led up to it. “I…”

I swept the covers away from me and exposed my mostly naked state, tent and all. “I wouldn’t say no if you wanted to come over here and make something of the night. We could bear to be a little late to work for once.”

She came a little closer. “W-We are early most of the time…”

I beckoned her toward me. “Then why don’t we make something of the dawn?”

[Ctrl+F Intimacy is Over to Skip]

Alana crossed the last few feet on her way over to me and bent down for the initial kiss. I met her as much as I could without actually standing, but rolling her over me and onto the bed was easy. She made a delightfully surprised noise and giggled when I climbed on top of her to continue the kiss, submissive and happy to let me work my magic. I’d already explored the usual places with my hands in the springs, but we weren’t in public anymore. We were in the privacy of Alana’s home and I could definitely deal with it. The kiss was quietly passionate, growing in intensity once I let my hands wander over familiar territory. My willingness to feel my way around let Alana’s apprehension fall to the side as well with her fingers tracing the fine lines of my musculature and scars, her delicate digits brushing over every ridge and valley that they could find. I didn’t break our kiss because I’d had my fill of her; I broke it because I was hungry for another kind of affection, another taste of her. At the moment, her breasts seemed like a sumptuous meal.

Before I could palm, her breast, Alana’s breath hitched and she pressed her hand over mine. “... Gatian…”

“Yes, my beloved?”

“... I love you.”

I couldn’t help the smile that broke out on my face. “I love you too, Alana.”

Her hand guided mine to her breast and the other reached up to cup my face. “... I can’t stop my heart from pounding… I… I’ve never felt like this…”

“Then may I introduce you to my Gatian Brand love? It’s twenty-five percent more fun than any other brand~”

She giggled and pulled me down for a kiss. “I guess I’ll be a loyal customer.”

“You’re only a customer if you buy the product. If you help make it and just so happen to get something from it…” I gave her a little squeeze before pulling her camisole down, preparing myself for my first glimpse at Alana’s privates. “I’d say you’re co-owner of this love.”

She bit her lip and I looked down, her nipples perfectly pink and small. They were adorable if I may say so, and so very sensitive if my first impression was anything to go by. I teased her with my fingers and made Allie gasp, her breathing turning ragged the more I played with her. “That- That feels really nice…”

“Do you think I could make it feel nicer?”

“Eep! I-I-I…” She blushed hard, her expression adorable as I lowered my head.

I was sure to let my breath was over her breath, eliciting a strained noise from her just as I freed my tongue from my lips. I let the slick muscle pass over the tip over the bumpy, soft tip of her breast without ever touching the peak and she gasped, her hand snaking up into my curly locks. The tension seemed to be rising and nerves took over her countenance, so I gave her another kiss before continuing. When I let her breast enter my mouth, I was surprised to find that she actually had a taste beyond the sweet mint of our kisses. Septurns having flavors to them was a little odd, but having Alana’s breasts taste like peppermint was odd. I didn’t mind and even found it to be pleasant, but even as I avoided tasting the tips of her pert, surprisingly perky mounds, I think Alana had a small orgasm if her shudder was anything to go by.

She seemed more relaxed as I moved onto her nipple, taking the first in my fingertips as I so pleased, The smile my vaski gave me encouraged me to suck a little harder to make her moan a little louder, my techniques from reading erotica coming in handy. The tip of my tongue swirled around her peaks in turn, earning plenty of delectable, enticing little noises besides that which she’d been making. With every especially intense pull or nibble, her back arched a little and she let me do what I felt like doing. Eventually her hand gripped my hair and she writhed beneath me, climaxing for certain this time as I just played with her breasts. When she let me go, I realized that Alana was gentle even when she was supposed to be out of control, the grip she’d had on my hair barely being enough to hurt. Any other woman would have made my scalp tender, but I appreciated Alana’s restraint.

I let go of her breasts and kissed her again, not able to reach all of her thighs as I would’ve liked to. Still, every centimeter of smooth flesh that I felt heightened the moment for me, and getting to lay kisses and hickies on her neck before I made my way down her body was fun in and of itself. However, when I started kissing my way down her collar, Alana asked, “A-Aren’t I supposed to…?”

When I’ve had my fun~” I growled playfully.

“F-Fun~” I bit her. “Oh. That’s… That’s fun…” She whispered longingly.

I squeezed her breast and started kissing my way down her chest. “I don’t mean to be greedy, but...” I kissed down her sternum, stroking her thighs again. “I can’t get enough of you.”

She squirmed a little as I skipped over her tummy and started kissing up her thighs, having crawled between lovely, long, smooth legs. Her breathing hitched and grew more erratic with every passing caress. The reactions I garnered made the moment that much sweeter, and even the heady scent of her minty arousal filled my head with nothing but dreams of her flavor. However, when I went to place my final kiss on her lower lips, I found that I’d completely forgotten that she was wearing panties. Embarrassed for all of two seconds, I took the time to pull them off with my teeth and was rewarded with a soft laugh as my reward. However, just as I pulled them off, Alana closed her legs and bent her knees.

I laid my hands on her knees and watched as she blushed deeper and deeper, turning as red as her cherry further and further with each passing moment. “G-Gatian…”

“Yes, my vaski?”

“You… You’ll be gentle, won’t you?”

“As gentle as the breeze.”

“The wind can blow pretty hard...” She glanced at me.

“Then as gentle as a lover’s kiss.” I chuckled.

She smiled a little relaxing as she spread her legs a bit. “Then… Do-Don’t be… Well, Thesuvians…”

“I’m eager to see, not to judge. And I wonder what you taste like down here, so get over your nerves and let me lick you better than you’ve ever been licked before.”

Alana looked at me and laughed. “Oh, Gatian… I do love you so much…”


“... There is no but, goobski.” she spread her legs and the hunger came back with force. “I just- He- Hey~!

I stroked between her impossibly full, impossibly puffy lips, staring at them with fascination. “Holy Hell… Alana…”

She closed her legs around my hand, trapping my arm. “I-I-”

“Alana, you can’t just show me such a fuckin’ perfect pair of lips and not let me kiss ‘em!

She eased up and peeked through her fingers. “Wh-What…?”

I opened her legs for her and carefully caressed her sodden petals. “Allie… Your lips… They’re easily the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.” I’d taken my eyes off of her face and started kissing down her legs again until my lips made contact with her plump outer labia.

“I-I-It’s not… Fat?

I kissed both petals at the same time, flicking her somewhat large, engorged clitoris with my tongue. With her height, it was no surprise that her pearl was a little on the large side, but even the hood and nub itself were appetizing. “It’s beautiful…

Without any further need to explain my arousal, I began slowly and took my time in licking the dew from her flower as carefully as I could. Every refreshing drop cooled my tongue and fanned the flame inside, but I could wait a while longer to make Alana mine for once and for all. I traced her labia with the tip of my tongue and made her wriggle beneath me as I teased and toyed with her, not tiring of her noises or reactions any time she gave them to me. However, I wasn’t planning on making her wait forever so I put my tongue to better use and gave her clitoris a second and third flick with my tongue, sending her over the edge for a larger orgasm than the one before. The time was coming for me to take her completely, but I still had time to spare before she caved and got over her shyness.

There was extra nectar flowing from Alana’s opening and I tasted it to be sure. It was minty and more of a polar-ice kind of minty than peppermint, the change in flavor welcome. Instead of using my tongue on her clitoris, I chose to enter her with it and use my fingers to stimulate the important part. All things being said, she tasted fantastic and had no stamina after the last orgasm even though I’d stopped to let her have it freely. Alana’s legs tightened around my head and I felt Heaven squeeze my melon until she let me go, both of us panting for similar reasons. I’d gotten a faceful of love from her and it was all rather wet, so I wiped my face off on her bed aftrer I licked my lips clean and rose. Alana seemed to be having quite the time of it, shivering from time to time and biting her knuckle to stifle her moans further.

“Are there any Thesuvian customs about tasting yourself on your lover’s lips?” I asked playfully.

I-I-It’s... It’s a fetish…” She gasped between breaths.

“Is it one of yours?”

All she had to do was nod her head and I came to her, freeing myself of my own restraints so I could lean down and take what I wanted. My member pressed against her as her breasts melded against me, our lips meeting each other as we prepared to consummate a relationship formed out of pure emotion and continued out of mutual respect and admiration. I’d never felt closer to Alana than I had at that moment and rarely had I ever felt such… Contentment, I suppose. As my shaft parted her lips and wetted in her nectar, even as our kiss extended onward and the sun rose on us, I couldn’t help but feel as though the moment was crafted perfectly for us. Breaking the connection allowed me to look my love in the eye, to see the echoes of my own emotions in her.

The time had come. “... Are you ready, Alana?”

She cupped my cheek softly with her hand, gentle as a falling feather. “I’ve never been more sure of anything, Gatian. I’m ready.”

I never broke eye contact when I lined myself up against her tight, narrow entrance. Lubrication was a must, so I teased her for a few moments and let her get her breath before I prodded her entrance, the slickness helping me ease myself in. She couldn’t have possibly been much tighter, not if I wanted to join with her. My size had never been a problem before, but as I saw the hints of pain etch themselves into her face I couldn’t help but want to free her of the ache. I’d only gotten a couple of inches in, so I pulled myself out of her as slowly as I had gone in before trying to make more headway. She held onto me and I decided that another kiss was necessary, the move being the best I’d made by far. Once our lips met, my rod slid into her up to her hymen, the small barrier preventing further entrance. There was no time for me to ask as Alana wrapped her legs around me and aided me in claiming her purity, the final push making her gasp into my mouth.

I would’ve stopped if she didn’t start moaning nearly as soon as I reached her deepst depths, a portion of my rod still unenveloped I was surprised to say the least, but then I realized that Alana was climaxing and I couldn’t pull out if I wanted to. With her legs still hooked behind me, she brought me in further and I felt another barrier once I was pushing my full length into her. Again the tightness returned and she shivered and shook beneath me, her size having no effect on how enticing I thought her moans and expressions were. I came to a full stop and tried to start thrusting, but Alana’s honeypot was too much for me to bear. I couldn’t manage to pass five repetitions before I lost control and pushed as deep into her as I could go, releasing my seed for the first time in a considerable period. However, the climax wasn’t to be had alone since Alana soon began writing beneath me all over again, crooning about the warmth filling her depths.

She looked me in the eye and smiled weakly, her gaze carrying her affection through to me. “My love…

Good lord… It feels like we were made for each other.

We held the position for a few seconds until it hit her. “... Gatian…?

I raised a brow at her and took a deep breath, watching as her eyes slowly widened. “What? You thought I was a one-and-done kind of guy?”

“I-I just thought…” She covered a wavering smile with her hand. “... I-If you c-c-can…”

“Oh, my sweet little vaski, we’re just getting started.

I proved that I planned on keeping my word by immediately pulling myself from her, though her snug walls just impeded the progress. Not wanting to hurt her during her first time kept me from ravishing her like I wanted and her endowments meant that I wasn’t going to last as long as I would’ve liked, but there was something about me that Rachel had always appreciated and that was my stamina. I could go without technically having to stop if I really wanted to until my back started hurting. However, I didn’t have back problems on Septural and Allie was about to learn the sexual voracity of a man deprived of a busted nut for months on end.

Beginning slow was the key to building a good orgasm, but even then I kept a thumb on Alana’s clitoris the entire first round. With every thrust being welcomed with a moan varying in pitch and volume, I quickly learned how to make my favorite moans come more and more often and even came to find out which ones meant she would climax fastest. Her walls, slick as they were, practically drew my member further and further into her until I reached the bottom of her honey pot, but for the second round, Alana asked if she could be the one on top so she could see where we were joined. I had no issue with it and took the time to look for myself as I picked her up and practically dropped us into the new position. It hurt a little when we came to a stop but the look on Alana’s face made me certain that it had been the right move. As her mouth open into a silent scream, I felt the barrier start to give way and the very topmost paert of my tip penetrated her cervix. Apparently it didn’t hurt with Thesuvian women, but that was a fuckin’ shocker if I ever felt one.

I was deeper inside of Alana than I had been in any woman, the sensation more fulfilling, more completing than any I’d experienced during such an event. Then, just as I doubted my stamina for the first time since we started, Alana started gyrating her hips and fingered her pearl, her inner sanctum slowly welcoming me in further. I hadn’t thought it possible, but her cervix molded around my tip until it swallowed it, the feeling simply too much for me to bear. I let my load loose without being able to hold back, the intensity of the orgasm clearing my mind of anything other than the purest of ecstasy while Alana’s nectar flooded my waist. We climaxed together and I felt my own seed engulf my tip as I filled my beloved from the deepest part of her, only stopping once I had climaxed longer than I ever remembered.

{Ctrl+F Intimacy is Over to Skip]

The release had been the beginning of something new and the end of our activity with Alana being too weak to continue. She tried not to collapse on top of me as to avoid crushing me, but the woman was light for her size and I had no problem with letting her rest on top of me. After a few minutes of basking, her inner entrance squeezed me out. “Awww…

I couldn’t help but chuckle, her breasts near my face as I rolled us over. “I don’t think I can pull out, so…”

Don’t… Please…?

I wrapped an arm around her and gazed into her eyes. “You could never convince me to.”

She smiled back, her eyes closing for a little longer than a blink would have lasted. “Gatian…?

“Yes, Alana?”

“... Thank you for coming to Holloway.

“Thank you for being here. I never would’ve stayed if not for you.”

Her final smile was dreamy and her last words for the time were spoken softly. “I love you, Gatski.”

I love you too, Allie-vaski. I love you more than you know.”

She fell asleep with a smile on her face and I laid and watched her rest for longer than I probably should have. The dawn light shone through her curtains and made her look like a sleeping angel. One that I had loved over the course of the last couple of hours and one that had taken me for the ride of a lifetime.

Well, Booksy… I think that’s it for now…

Life’s good.


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