My morning started as it had for the past week. Alana stirred and her arm twitched underneath my head, waking me up. Her eyes opened a second after mine, both of us looking down to Felix who had jumped from me to Allie. Breakfast was upon us and our pet slash kid was ready to eat, but for once, Felix fucked off before we could fully awaken and let us get some more sleep. It was the weekend and I’d given him my saltiest look to get him off my nuts, meaning that I got to cuddle up to Alana for a little longer and get a few kisses in while I did so. It had been a while since she’d slept in her own bed, and even then it had been a few days since we’d gotten alone time, last night and the morning included. All was well, however, since our friends were just passed out drunk in my living room and in-progress recording studio.

Hasha and Li-Oh had taken the studio for some reason, which left Beth, Tara, and Aliss to share the couch between themselves because Coma’s chair was still his, even after he’d donated it to me. I always let him have it since my other chair was better anyway, but I was the only one who could really get some decent rest in it. That aside, Alana gave me morning smooches to get the day started and I decided to get a little handsy for a little fun. We hadn’t done much more than round third base, but I still got a thrill out of copping a feel when I could. Her impossibly soft bottom kept my attention and she was all too happy to feel up my muscles wherever they were. After a good ol fashioned bout of making out that almost went too far again, we pulled away from each other.

I got out of bed first and Alana gave me a low whistle, admiring the wood that grows early while I stretched. It was worthwhile to just let it flow and stand as it would since Alana like to poke and prod at it from time to time, and the morning was no exception. She slapped my pickled so I whacked her with it before covering up with a robe and heading to the bathroom only to discover that Coma was in my tub. It wasn’t odd since he liked cold places and the bathroom was the coldest room in the house, but it did mean that I had to wake his ass up and get him out of my shower so I could get ready for my day. He took it as well as a hungover Lasponian usually would, which is to say that he talked shit about my Grandma on the way out and I threw a wet washcloth at him. Which is probably why he pretended to be Alana and threw ice water on me during my shower.

Getting out meant that Alana could get in while the girls headed over to her place to get showered. However, Hasha was the last to join them, a certain look on her face that Coma and I didn’t miss. Li-Oh still hadn't shown his face, so Coma and I went to go see him in the studio and found the guy butt-ass naked with a doogie (A condom, usually spermicidal) on his chest and two more in my trashcan. Cacoma laughed his way out of the room and I just shook my head, not really surprised and not really happy that my favorite room in the house had been soiled before I could even get laid myself. With that in mind, I woke Li up with a cup of ice-water and Coma laughed about that too until I froze his ass in the most literal sense by casting Hoarime at his butt.

Alana came out of the shower in some casualwear she’d never worn before while the boys were being boys, Li-Oh finally getting up and putting pants on while I was busy staring at Alana. She looked fantastic, and Coma agreed, but he wasn’t thunderstruck like I was. Her frilled top accentuated her modest bust and the deep purple paired well with her skin and eyes. I’d never seen her wear shorts before, but the ones she was wearing left her legs largely bare and open for my viewing pleasure, but what tied everything together was the ponytail she had her hair up in, giving her an effortlessly beautiful look.

After Coma said, “Damn, lookin’ good, Lana.”

Alana smiled. “Thank you. What do you think, Gatian?” Her bangs were still a little damp as she brushed them aside.

“... I…” I licked my lips. They were awfully dry. “Yeah.

She blushed. “That’s not a real answer, Mister!”

“I’d die all over again just to see you like this,” I said softly, nodding along.

Aww! That’s so morbidly sweet!”

“Fuckin’ River People pick-up lines.” Coma scoffed. “Septurns can’t use that.”

“Get wrecked.” I shrugged, still looking at Alana. “I love you so hard.”

“I love you too, silly goobski.” She giggled.

“Coobski?” Coma asked, confused.

Alana blushed harder looking down. “I-I-I meant boski!”

He shrugged, tapping my shoulder. “I dig it.” By which he meant he understood, in most cases. Since we’d exchanged the look, it meant, ‘I’ll find out for us, man’. Coma the real homie.

Allie looked at me through her hair. “... I… Well… I didn’t mean anything by it…”

“What’s it mean?” I asked, hopefully forgoing the need for Coma’s research.

“I-It’s just… It means ‘silly’, but cuter, I guess.”

“My vaski is a goobski,” I said flatly.

Coma chuckled. “Seems like it. I’m gonna hit the shower.”

Li popped his head out of the studio. “Someone say shower?”

“Nevermind, Li. Go ahead, man.”

“Thanks. I don’t know what happened last night, but-”

Alana pinched her nose. “Eww…”

Coma and I weren’t far behind her. “Damn dude, what did you do in there?”

“I… May have doubted what was in the condoms.”

“Yeah, no, you fucked Hasha, hackwar,” Coma chuckled. I didn’t know what hackwar meant and Coma never explained it to anyone any time he said it.

Maaan, I hope it doesn’t get weird now.”

Bathe, stinky.” Alana huffed, getting out of the way.

“And take your nasty loads with you, dude.” I chimed in.

“I’m just Amanese!”

“Y’all smell like ya fuck dead animals.” Coma barked.

“Is that what that smell is? God, thanks for reekin’ up my fuckin’ studio. Next time, don’t open the rubber.”

We tie the doogies off because-

“Because your ick is smelly! Go flush!” Alana groaned, waving a hand in front of her face.

Li-Oh muttered some unkind things about Lasponian honesty, Thesuvian olfactory preferences, and River Man douchery before he went to get cleaned up. Coma, Alana and I all took to the living room and had some hair of the dog. Felix came back from under the bed to tell me that he’d found a bullet and wanted to add it to his collection, so I told him he could keep it and he went off to the closet I kept open for him. He slept in there (Sometimes) on the top rack and kept his stuff on the shelves like a good kid, he just had some problems with wetting the bed during nightmares. I never treated it like a big deal and tried to help him through some of his trauma, but the little guy had seen as much as I had and came through the other side warped in his own way because of it. Everyone loved Felix, but he could be a real downer just because he didn’t know what bloodshed meant to normal people. He was learning, just not all that fast.

When Li got out of the bathroom, he scooped up his buddy and got to petting as per Felix’s request. Coma headed in and Li immediately asked, “That didn’t really happen, right?”

Alana giggled. “What, don’t tell me all the looks you give Hasha are just idle curiosity.”

He shot her a dirty glare, his cheeks reddening. “I’m just sayin’, y’know?”

“That you’d prefer if you could remember it?” I asked amusedly.

He blushed harder. “... I finally get to the goal and she’s gone before I even wake up.”

Alana’s heart broke on her lack of sleeve “Oh, I’m sorry, Li. It’s not the end of the world though, right?”

“Yeah, don’t you always brag about being the Pipe Master when you’re drunk?” I asked.

“Yeah, but it’s all bullshit! I don’t lay pipe, I lay straw when I’m drunk!”

“It sounded like you were doing a good job at mating,” Felix commented.

He pulled the little ohsum’s ear. “Hush, you’re too young for that stuff.”

“I’m getting close to mating age! It’s only a couple more years”

“Don’t be in a hurry, it’s not fun when you’re Human.” Li spoke softly, looking at him.

I looked at Li in turn. “You made the right choice, man.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. When everyone’s telling you that it’s wrong it probably is…”

“But everyone keeps saying to go for Hasha, right?”

“Yeah, and I get it, but… I don’t know-”

“Maybe she doesn’t take sex as seriously as you think?” Alana tried.

“It’s Hasha. If it isn’t noteworthy, she ghosts the guy.” Li sighed.

“It won’t be like that if Hasha wants to stay in the group. The main reason we keep her around is because you argue for it. The other one is because she’s loyal like a real bitch, just callous” I reasoned.

“Don’t be a dick, man.”

“I lie all the time. Right.”

“... Shut up.” He huffed in such a manly manner. Very manly. Like Max when I was pounding that boipussy.

“Anyway, what are we all doing today? Didn’t Beth plan something?” Alana switched tactics.

“She sure did, and I’m willing to bet that it involves food.” I chuckled.

Li scoffed. “Beth is always hungry. I swear, if that little Sotan ate anymore, she’d be as wide as you are tall, Gat-Cat.”

I shrugged. “Maybe, but you know she’d panic if she ever put on more than five pounds in a week.”

Alana giggled. “Oh my, neither of you know?” We looked at her expectantly. “Beth and Coma have been talking. Apparently she’s thinking about putting on some weight for him~”

“Ooo, thick Beth.” Li raised his brows at me. “Could be kinda sexy.”

“I prefer my women to be able to reach the top shelf, but Beth is already pretty damn cute. A couple extra pounds certainly wouldn’t hurt her at all, especially if it goes to the back.”

Li and I touched knuckles. “Dude, she’s already got that Sotan chest going on.”

“More of a thick thigh kinda guy,” I glanced at Alana and subconsciously licked my lips. “She’s already got some, but-”

Alana gasped. “Gatian, you would hound after my best friend!? And my thighs are not thick!

“You’re some kinda sexy, and you act like you wouldn’t get a taste of Coma or Li if you had a chance,” I scoffed.

“Maybe, but we had a deal! You have to stick to me and Aliss!”

“Fine, but you can only go for me and Coma.”

We laughed at each other, not worried about either of us cheating for so much as a second while Li just watched on confused. “What? Gatian can only have Dianites and Alana can only have brown guys?”

“Gatian isn’t brown, he’s Cook’s Sugar.”

“And Alana isn’t all that tall, her beauty is just more easily visible than others.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet, Gatian!”

“Not as sweet as you my little snowdrop~”

Li and Felix both sighed (Or groaned, I wasn’t that concerned.) as we got started before the day was even set to get going. Coma came out of the shower soon enough and everyone got a move on to Alana’s house so the girls could finish up with company. As it turned out, Hasha was some kind of fucking bashful about talking to Li and neither of them said a damn word to each other the entire time they were sitting together. It was brutal to say the least, but there were honestly doing decently and Beth had gotten them started by outright asking if they’d slept together. Hasha had to confirm it and she may have let it slip that it was surprisingly good, which was why she was feeling so awkward. She’d made fun of Li for years about his whiskey dick and the laundry list of ladies who would protest any of his brags, but she kinda had to admit that she had a good time and wanted to try again sober. Li was ecstatic and thus they became fuck-buddies.

Sadly, Beth is evil when she wants to be and asked, “So… Gatian.”

I had no clue what was coming, smiling at her as I usually. “Sup, B? Whatcha need?”

“When are you gonna dick up Alana?”

The room fell so silent you could hear a pin drop on the carpet. “Uh…”

“You mean it hasn’t already happened?” Aliss asked, giggling. “Don’t be silly, Beth, it’s almost been half a year!”

I looked at Alana, blushing furiously as she was. “Right…

Tara gasped. “What!?

Coma coughed. “Damn.”

It’s not like that!” Alana blurted.

“W-We’re just waiting for the right time…” I tried, my own embarrassment eating my ass like groceries.

We’re not weird!

“We just don’t-”

“It’s just that-” I looked at Alana and she looked at me. I shrugged. “Oh come on! Don’t make me answer this myself!”

“I don’t see why we even have to answer it. It’s our bodies and our relationship. If we want to wait, it’s our right.”

“Or maybe Alana’s scared of Gatian’s sausage.” Aliss nodded sagaciously, having seen it exactly once while slightly chubbed. She’d walked in on me after a shower, to explain. “I’d be a little scared if that was my first.”

I wished that I was the type to faint, but Alana and I still said, “Aliss!” in unison.

The woman in question shrugged. “Just saying.”

Really now?” Beth asked, all too interested.

Tara glanced down at me and I glared at her. “Well...”

Alana whacked Aliss because she was nearby. “I’m not afraid of Gatian or his sausage!”

“Allie, I’m gonna sit down.”

“And I’m going to stop talking to these people! Geez!” She huffed, folding her arms and garnering my attention. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I noticed.

I stared for a moment, stopping dead in my tracks until Coma hit me. “Preoccupied or nah?”

“Sorry, marshmallows on the mind.”


“Don’t worry about it.” I shook my head. “When are you gonna give Bethany the ass-blasting she needs to shut the hell up?”

“You did not just say that, Mr. Celibate.”

“Maybe some things are worth waiting for?”

“Why don’t you two just put on a show for us?” Hasha teased.

“How about I freeze everyone in this room?”

“So what were we doing today?” Tara asked.

Everyone looked to Beth and she said, “We, my friends, are heading to the spa!”

Li, Coma, and I all looked at each other. “You guys-”

Coma raised a brow at me. “What’s wrong with the spa?”

Li-Oh nodded. “I like the spa.”

I sat back in my seat. “I’m surrounded by femmes and femboys. Hasha, you fucked Li, didn’t you? Just stuck it in that tight lil’ ass, didn’t you?”

Alana giggled. “Oh, is the big bad River Man too afraid to go to the spa?”

“... Kinda.” I said uneasily, not liking the looks on everyone’s faces. “I don’t think-”

Penalty!” Pretty much everyone shouted.

“D’aw, fuck.” I groaned. “What is it?”

Beth raised a hand first. “You have to let Alana sit on your lap until we leave!”

Hasha’s hand had been up next, so she said, “With Aliss on top!”

“Hey!” The tallest gals in the group said.

I was already sitting and I didn’t mind. “Aww man, this gonna be…” I couldn’t help laughing. “Shit, this is gonna be great! Best penalty ever!” I patted my lap. “C’mere, Allie, give your boski some love!”

Alana sighed and came over giving me a kiss before she sat in my lap sideways. I hugged her and smiled up at her, the reason for my ‘excitement’ becoming more noticeable. “Gatian, you should’ve emptied your pockets, at least.”

“There’s nothing in my pockets.” I said as Aliss sighed and came over.

“Sorry, Lana.” She sat on Alana and my vaski realized what it was.

“Oh. Oh dear.” Alana murmured, turning cherry red.

I chuckled and held onto her while Aliss seemed to be getting comfy. “You know, you’re pretty soft, Alana.”


“Sorry, I know I’m heavy-”

“Not as heavy as me.” I snorted. “I’m havin’ a good time.”

“Really?” Aliss asked as I put a hand on her back to help keep her steady

Alana covered her mouth, looking at me from the side of her eye as I made it twitch. “I sure am. Alana is pretty soft.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Beth asked, looking confused.

“Sit in a guy’s lap. I dare you.”

She looked at Li, then to Coma and asked, “Is that seat taken?”

“I don’t like having things in my lap. Guys don’t in general.”

Li nodded. “Yeah, it’s just weird.

“Too bad.” She walked over and gently sat on him. “I don’t,” She snuggled up to Coma, ”really get it. What’s it supposed to do?”

Coma seemed to be fine with how things were going, wrapping his arms around Beth and getting a weird look for it. “What? Gatian did it to Alana.”

“Yeah, and they’re dating.” Something that was true, but her words were betrayed by her snuggling up to Coma and laying her head on his chest. “We’re just friends, man.”

“True, but it kinda feels like I’m supposed-.” He stopped cold when Beth got to the spot.

“You know, this isn’t actually half bad. Does this have a name on Earth?”

“It’s either cuddling or snuggling.” I answered, seeing Coma’s discomfort. “Earth guys love it.

“Ah, I guess it’s pretty similar… Say, Coma?” Beth asked.

Alana looked at me, I looked at her, and we both looked at Coma as he said, “... Yeah…?” There was so much awkwardness in his voice.

“What’s in your pocket?”

“Uh… A knife.”

“Huh. Didn’t feel it when I sat down.”

Aliss hummed. “Then are you sure it’s the knife?”

Bethany wiggled on his lap. “It might be. It’s soli- Ohmyfuckingshit!” She was gone in an instant, whacking him half the time. “I can’t believe you!

“It just happened! You kept-” Coma tried to defend himself.

Bethany yanked him out of his chair because Sotan and continued beating his ass. “I was just trying to get com-” She suddenly stopped and everyone looked at me, Alana, and Aliss. “... Aww lord!

Aliss started wiggling in Alana’s lap. “Ooo, can you feel me, Allie? Me and my sausage~?” She mocked my voice, making hers husky and masculine for extra effect.

Alana squeaked out, “Shush!

Bethany grinned evilly. “I know what the real reason you two haven’t done it is! You just like to feel it!


Aliss got off of Alana and Allie then sprung off of me in turn, but I just let my arms rest on the back of the couch and spread ‘em wide. “Yeah, I like having a soft bottom in my lap. It’s nice.”

Aliss groped Alana and got whacked, but not before she said, “Damn, that is soft.”

“Stop molesting me and let’s go to the spa!” Alana protested.

Bethany smiled at me some more. “Oh, I don’t know. If Gatian likes soft bottoms, why don’t we see whose he likes the most?”

“What, so you’ll sit on Gatian’s dick, but not mine?” Coma asked, rubbing his everything.

“Well, maybe if I would’ve known I was gonna be sitting on sausage-”

He plopped back down and patted his lap. “Then get the fuck back over here and get poked.”

Bethany blushed. “Well…”

“Full of shit? Yes you are, yes you are~” I teased.

Bethany huffed and went straight back to Coma’s lap, even after all the fuss she’d put up. “I am not.

I winked at Coma and he leaned in, blowing gently in her ear. “You are full of something sweet, right?” He asked.

She shivered in his arms and Alana started coming back to me, trying to sit next to me. I shook my head at her and she blushed while Bethany said, “I’m full of spice and meanness, which you’re gonna figure out here in a sec.”

He hugged her and pressed his lips against the base of her neck, making her go straight as one of my own favorite moves got her warmed up. I could see that Hasha was stroking Li’s thigh while they talked to each other and watched events unfold and Aliss had gone to keep Tara company since Alana and I were cuddling again. Alana was a little less embarrassed about it, but she still wore a blush along with the little smile on her face whenever she chose to shift positions for ‘whatever reason’. It seemed like the ships were all setting sail with Aliss being the only one without a...

I just now realized that I counseled Hasha’s boyfriend.

Oh, shit, wait, polyamory. Forgot about that shit. It’s really easy to forget when only some people practice it, but it’s not uncommon in Stalfisk.

Anyway, Beth whacked Coma softly for practically kissing her. “Stop that! I can feel you breathing down my shirt!”

“I thought you were comfy?” He teased ruthlessly.

“I’m the only-” she looked at Alana being back in my lap, then looked to Hasha and saw her immediately hop onto Li, making him frown in turn. “Okay, so maybe not, but still!”

“How do you guys enjoy this?” Li asked, trying to shift and get comfy.

Hasha glared at him. “Girls like it just fine.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have stuff to get squashed!”

Coma loosened his arms from her waist and placed them around her chest, squeezing her breasts. “Are you sure you’re not just being… Sensitive?

“I am sensitive!”

Coma got a laugh out of that. “So what?”

All you’re doing is turning me on!

Everybody, including Beth, laughed at that and she got off of Coma, much to my surprise. “No offense, but… I just don’t think you’re my thing, Coma.”

“Ah, I figured you were queer anyway. It was just fun to mess with you.” He shrugged it off, smiling as Aliss let out a deep breath and grinned to herself. She stopped when she saw that she’d been caught by yours truly. “Besides, I like to aim a little higher than Sotans anyway.”

“Uh-huh. Short jokes are the first step to little pee-pee jokes, just remember that.”

“Wait, are you-” Tara gasped. “I knew it!

Alana leaned into me. “Wait... How many of you didn’t know?

The ginger’s eyes widened as Tara giggled. “I was kidding, Lana.”

Alana looked at Bethany, her face worried. “... No one else knows?

Bethany’s jaw dropped. “You knew!?

I raised a hand. “I thought so, but you only make passes at guys. I’ve caught you lookin’ at gals, just never commented on it.”

“You’ve only ever talked about being with guys after Alfgeir, and even then you never wanted him to touch you. And you’re really handsy with girls. And you always look at Hominee when she ch-”

Shh-Shush! Shut up! Stop talking!” Bethany squeaked, looking every bit like a freckled tomato. “Geez, I should’ve known you’d know, but still!”

“Bethy, I’ve been your best friend since Class One,” Alana said gently. “It’d be worse if I didn’t.”

Beth rubbed the back of her neck. “Well... I didn’t plan on being outed today…”

Hasha chilled out in Li’s lap, looking pretty comfy. “Hey, more dick for me.”

“I have Alana anyway. Unless you suddenly planned leaving the group, nothing’s changed for me other than who I have to beat up for pissing you off.” I nuzzled Allie and she giggled.

“I already knew, so you know I don’t care,” Alana said kindly.

Coma shrugged again. “I’m not disappointed. While we’re coming out, I’ve been trying to bang Aliss for months.

Aliss giggled at that. “Oh my gosh, I knew it!

He raised a brow. “How’s my progress on that, by the way?”

She twirled and glided over to him, landing in his lap. “I think you might have a shot if you’re trying to make more than a one night knock.”

Coma’s face brightened up. “Oh shit, really? I thought you weren’t interested!”

“I was playing hard to get~

“Playing hard to get almost kept you single.” He pointed out, amused.

She kissed his nose. “Playing hard to get got me a boski.”

“What does goobski mean, by the way?” He asked.

Alana lit up like it was tanning day and she’d forgotten the oil as Aliss said, “Goobski? In the Old Tongue it means ‘beloved idiot’.”

Coma and I both looked at Allie who was giving me a sheepish smile. “... Surprise?”

“You goobski.” Tickle torture was apt for the moment.

I only got so far before Alana grabbed my hands and pressed them to her chest, laughing all the while. “Gatian, if you don’t stop tickling me, I’m- I’m-”

“Letting me grope-” I gave her a gentle squeeze and an old familiar feeling started in my face. “Whoa.” she whacked my arm, but it was my nose that bled. “Shit, get off a sec.”

She did, glaring at me while I pinched my nose until she saw me tilt my head back and go toward her kitchen. “G-Gatian?”

“Nosebleed, had my mind blown,” I said casually, trying not to let my mind cloud while I smiled.

She came with me as I got cleaned up, joined by Beth. “So what? You get too hot under the collar and your nose bleeds like a Thesuvian?”

“Only with the really, really hot ones.” I plugged my leaking orifice and let the blood flow into the henny-towels.

Beth reached up and grabbed a breast for herself. “Damn! That’s soft…” She gave Alana an appraising look when she got her hand slapped. “So are you two-”

Monogamous, and you knew that!” Alana huffed.

Beth shrugged. “I just figured I’d ask. Never hurt to try.”

“Ha! You’d have to go up on her.” I chuckled.

Beth and Alana glowered at me. “You’re/That’s not funny.”

I raised my hands. “Hey, I’m already bleeding.”

“Mhm, and you’d better shush if you wanna stop.” Alana huffed, turning her nose up at me.

Beth patted her ass ad headed back to the living room. “I’m ready to head to the spa since you two aren’t doing the penalty anyways.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I groaned. “I’m not seriously gonna have to go, right? What even does a Thesuvian spa have?”

Allie’s eyes lit up. “Oh, they’re some of the best in the world! They have mud baths and hot springs, and they also have a recreation room with a jet-pool and a Locovisual!

Beth’s brows shot up. “They finally put that in!?”

“Apparently they had a River Person stop by and get a job there. Now she does all the electrical and installation stuff. They’re getting really modern!”

I cracked a smile, pulling the needless plugs. “That actually doesn’t sound half bad. Are we all going naked or what?”

Beth stared at me, then looked at Alana. “I didn’t think about that.”

Allie beamed. “We can pick up new waterwear!”

Aliss had her arm around Coma’s shoulder and his head was resting on her chest. “I’m good with that.”

“I am not getting into the mud baths in something new,” Half-Pint groaned.

I shrugged. “I don’t give a fuck. I was planning on hitting the springs first.”

Alana smiled at me. “So you want to come?”

“Yeah. On Earth, spas are gayer than Li is horny.” I explained.

Beth looked at me. “... Gay.”

“Yes, as in if I were to go to a spa and anyone was to find out, they would immediately assume I fucked men. Which I used to, but-” Beth and Alana traded a look and dragged me to the living room where I got stared at. “Okay.”

Coma looked at me funny. “Did you just say you used to be gay?

“Bro.” Li laughed with Hasha. “You like dick?

I blushed. “No, not anymore. It was a couple years ago anyway.”

“What about before then? And did you get with anyone we would know?”

“The only guy I got with on Septural was Max, but that was when he was the Guildmaster in Hooversdum-”

“What!?” They all chorused.

You nailed that little piece of sex-bomb!?” Aliss gasped.

Alana just stared at me with a goofy, goofy smile and a blush. “Oh… Oh my…

Beth fanned herself. “Holy shit, I think I might be greedy, but damn!

Tara licked her lips and Hasha giggled to herself. “Damn, Gatian! Way to go!”

I blushed harder and flipped everyone off. “I’m straight, and I was never gay, I was bi.

Beth straightened up, but she was the only one. “... Seriously?”

Alana giggled some more. “That’s… That’s kinda hot…”

Beth gave her an odd look, but when the rest of the girls commented on it one way or another, she saw that she was the only one with the Avalesch mindset. It… It still hurt. To have Beth come out as gay and then immediately turn around and judge me for being bisexual, and not even currently being bisexual… I accepted her, so why couldn’t she accept me? I didn’t understand it, but I didn’t have to since she appeared to get the fuck over it and still talked to me as a friend. In any case, we all picked up new swimsuits that were still called ‘Waterwear’ as I debated on whether I really cared what I got or not, but in the end I still went with something blue because I like blue and a lot of my things were either silver or blue. It went well with the Earth-Moon-like quality of my eyes, which I always forgot about outside mirror-time. I don’t tend to look in the mirror very long or look at my eyes anyway, but Alana complimented me and that’s all I cared about. I alsoI got compliments for matching with my hair, which was an accident.

All the girls had gone together and were keeping their purchases secret while they made the guys model for them. Li and Coma were a little reluctant to show off, but I didn’t give a single fuck since I used to have nothing to be proud of. I mean with my appearance, although it applies to other things as well. Shit, after coming to Septural and losing weight, plus working out and eating better, I was looking good. I had to say that I liked looking in the mirror when I actually did so just to see how I’d come from being the portly guy from Accounting to being a Trademaster that was respected and feared. Generally, I tried not to stare at myself or anything, but the confidence boost was real. When I went into the changing room, I examined myself in the mirror since I felt like it and smiled at me, giving myself a nod. I had a decent rack of abs going, the decently defined six pack going strong. My shoulders and triceps were definitely the good part about my upper body, but the pecs weren’t sagging and they bounced when I wanted them to instead of when I walked. My biceps were toning up well and my legs were looking pretty cut up, but in a good way. The more I looked at myself, however, the more I saw the scars from training, making myself feel kinda… Self-conscious, I guess.

With all that in mind, I walked out of the changing rooms and let the muscles flex as they would, getting approving looks and a couple blushes. Coma poked his head out after I came out, but he went back in when Li-Oh strutted his stuff, getting more giggles than whistles for his slim, skinny frame. Coma was last and had to be coaxed out, but I don’t know why. The guy had a bit of a gut that could be knocked out with dedicated crunches, but his upper body? The fucker was swole and I’d never noticed since he always wore a jacket or a baggy sweater with everything, but honestly Coma could’ve gotten it back a couple years ago. That being said, he got the fuck over himself when he started getting felt up, especially when Aliss stepped in and let her hands wander. He had the wrong complexion for a blush, but the little grin he wore while Aliss told him exactly how much she appreciated his hard work? Definitely worth the trip.

The boys stayed in their gear and the gals paid for everything because they got something out of it. And it was also customary for Thesuvian women to make more money than their male counterparts because of sexism and a wage gap that had long existed in the country. Seriously, if Alana did my job, she’d make damn near twice as much as I did, even without a title. It was bullshit of the highest degree that didn't get rectified with the advent of River People ideals because of some bullshit about the opposite being true in a different country. However, it basically meant that Alana made enough from her job to take care of both of us if I ever wanted to focus on my music, I just can’t deal with not having a job. Hell, the only reason Li had a job was because he was single, and Coma was a special-order machinist for small and medium metal parts. He loved his job and said he wouldn’t quit, even if he got married.

That being said, none of us guys really liked that we got free shit since we all worked and could pay for it ourselves, but Alana was too busy having fun to listen to me for once, so I decided to just accept the kindness and swallow my pride. However, when we got to the spa , I paid my own way and gave her a look when she tried to pay for me again. “Hmm? Is something wrong, sweetie?” She asked quietly.

“River Men are used to filling the role of a Thesuvian woman, Alliebear. It’s nothing, I just don’t like people paying for my shit.” I explained.

“Well…” She pursed her lips, visibly upset about the news.

“I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to-”

“Well, what if you just pay for the stuff relating to your… Stuff, and I’ll cover the rest?”

I gave her another look. “I make enough to get by, Allie.”

“... But…” Distress entered her appearance.

Aliss came by with a mildly annoyed Coma. “I feel like you two are having the conversation we just had.”

“I’m just saying it’s kinda early to-” Cacoma started.

Aliss gave him a look. “You’re not defeminating me on the first date, Coma.”

He sighed and looked at me. “What’s your argument?”

I looked at both of the women who were taller than me and said, “What are you? Sexist? Can’t believe a man can make his own way? Too good to let us take care of ourselves? Are we incapable of doing so?” I waited a second, but just a second. “Lemme answer that for you; No. We’re not. The only things either you technically have over us are height and paychecks. We’re still on equal ground last time I checked.”

Aliss gave me a look. “Shut up, Gatian.”

Alana nodded. “I just… I just want to take care of my boski…” She gave me the Sad Eyes.

“Oh mercy,” I muttered. Alana was still giving me the look when I turned back to her. “... Fine. If it means so much to you…” I rolled my eyes.

I got a hug for it. “I knew you’d come around! Oh, just think of all the things we can do now, like-”

“Wait, did you think I was poor or something?” I pushed her away and gave her an odd look.

Alana froze, Aliss froze, and Coma looked at me like I was crazy. “Dude, you have accounts in like, four countries. How would you be broke?”

They both stared at him, then looked back to me as I nodded. “Yeah, I’ve got somewhere around ten or fifteen thousand holli worth saved up.”

Alana leaned down and her face was very close to mine. “You mean… You mean you’re rich?

“.... My family would usually call it street rich, yeah.” I leaned away.

She put her hands on my arms and looked me in the eye. “You’re telling me that you could have afforded a Locovisual this entire time and you chose to live at the Heights?

“... I wanted to be closer to you…” I said, blushing furiously. “Wh-What’s-”

I got a kiss for that and Aliss was all like, “Oh my stars, that is so romantic!”

“Wait, what’s wrong with the Heights?” I asked.

“There’s nothing wrong with the apartments, it’s just that… Well, you could have a house built and still not have to work until you started collecting your Trademaster’s Pension at forty-something,” Aliss said, shaking her head at me. “Still, very cute.”

“Not as cute as you, my sweet jerom~” Coma said, likening Aliss to a tall, graceful bird.

Aliss smiled at him. “We should get sushami after this!”

“You mean sushi or sashimi?” I asked.

“No, a River Person taught the Flistians how to make it and they combined the two. Sushami!”

“It’s fun to say.” Alana commented.

“Speaking of fun, shouldn’t get with-” I looked behind me and saw that we were alone. “The fuck did they go?”

“Sir? They went to the springs,” The clerk lady said, having listened the entire time.

Alana and Aliss took off and Coma and I followed at a sedate pace. “So you and Aliss, huh?”

He bit his tongue and chuckled a bit. “Honestly didn't even see her as a real option until you came around, man. Everyone’s been pushing me and Beth for years, but then you came along and fell for Alana.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Dude, you’re the first River Person to date a Thesuvian woman that I know. Hell, a lot of Thesuvian men don’t even like staying in-house, y’know?”

“I kinda get it, but there’s just… Well, you know Alana.”

“I do, but I don’t see what you see in her, man. She’s too sweet.”

“Whatcha mean?” I asked as we got closer, stopping next to the door.

He lowered his voice. “I mean I’d be afraid of pissing her off all the time or messing up and not knowing it because she wouldn’t say anything, and sometimes the quiet ones have a temper. Thesuvian women are allowed to abuse their spouse here. As long as they don’t break something, at least.”

“Ah, that’s… Fucked. That’s absolutely fucked, but Alana... she’s great at communication. It’s one of her many pluses, like not being abusive. I know an abusive woman when I meet one, and she doesn’t have the coldness for it.”

He patted my shoulder, both of us heading inside. “Lissie’s a talker too, but she doesn’t like to talk about the deep stuff so much. Might change now that we’re together, and if she tries-

“She’ll whack ya, but she’s not going to throw a punch. The way she wants you to like her is kinda obvious.”

“Perceptive fuck. Was reading people your skill?”

“Kinda.” I scratched the back of my head.

Coma and I went down the hall casually, talking all the while until a door opened and we heard, “You’re in the wrong hall, fellas.” Come from an older Sotan woman. The door opened when we stared at her, revealing a short naked ginger. “Well?”

I pointed the other way and started walking. “Thanks for the heads up. Nice rack.”

Coma followed. “Our bad, thanks.”

Hmph! And I know it’s nice!” She called after us.

We got to Li soon enough with him just chilling in the locker room, listening to the music. “Took you guys long enough.”

“The tall ones are harder to please,” I joked.

“Tsk, their standards are higher.” Coma cracked.

“They have a hard time getting over themselves.”

“They just don’t think we’re up to par.”

Li gave us both shitty looks. “I’m ready to go look at our stacked friends.”

I stripped my shirt off and tossed it. “Ditto.”

Coma did the same. “Sounds good.”

We stuffed all of our shit into Li-Oh’s locker because it’s not like any of it needed to go elsewhere, and with that, we made our way out to the co-ed springs. Much to our glee, Bethany had been keeping watch and ran off to go tell the others that we’d come out, so Li, Coma, and I all waited for them to show up before getting into the water. Before they came out I had plenty of time to look around, appreciating the more modern take on traditional hot springs. The stone slabs laid into the floor were tasteful, and using different stone for the walls was a nice touch. However, the lack of a ceiling in the place was a little weird and made the light drizzle that came down suck a little, but steam sure as fuck helped with it. In any case, People were being friendly with each other and I’m pretty sure I saw a couple casual handies underwater, but I didn’t look that long. No one was making much noise other than the constant drone of conversation, but I wanted to ask if the spa was the place where it was okay to watch. In any case, me and the boys were ready for the West Side to come to the East Side, which I can say because the springs faced east.

Blathering aside, assume that various compliments that didn’t amount to much were tossed around from person to person. That being said, Bethany was the first one out again, her form-fitting suit being more than a little attractive, I had to say. It wasn’t that Bethany was a stunner so much as she knew how to play to her strengths, which were definitely her chest, hips, and toned stomach. Without much of an backside to go with her wide hips, the effect was lost on me but I really did appreciate the pink, red, and white floral for being cute. She joined the boys and we gave her Bro Comps, which was all we were really willing to say to her since it already felt more like she was one of us. Bethany took it in stride, beaming when Coma told that she was officially ‘One of the Pole People’. The next one out was Tara, and while she had a boyfriend already, the guy rarely came around and preferred to stay home and work on poetry. He also wasn’t one for the physical stuff which was fine by Tara, but out of our non-Thesuvians she was the tallest and most stacked. With hips that couldn’t lie if they tried and a chest to best the rest, Tata’s- Tara’s outfit definitely suited her. I thought a one-piece would’ve looked better for my own reasons, but I couldn’t deny that the heft and sway of her breasts caught my eye. I barely even realized that she’d gone for a solid light brown that matched the gentle, creamy-coffee tone she had to her. Once I realized that I wasn’t just staring at gravity-defying boobs, I picked my jaw up and told her that she looked good.

Now. the problems that would usually arrive when a guy has no time to himself and chooses not to get laid popped up and I started thinking of pounded puppies and kicked kittens but to no avail. I had three more to get through and I couldn’t be hard before mine came out, which sucked. Especially since Li had already gotten a comment from Tara about something of the sort. At that particular moment, Coma and I traded a look and a nod before Aliss came out. Now, I wasn’t ogling my homie’s girl, but I’d given Aliss some looks in the past and she was nice to see in motion, and Alana truly did prefer that I keep my interest to her and Aliss, even if we would only be intimate with each other.

In any case, I thought that she was prettier than Tara, though that wasn’t saying much. However, for all her height, she didn’t have too many endowments to show off. However, the sleek one-piece she’d picked suited her and the color she usually kept her hair, a bright platinum. The planes and valleys of her body directed my eyes past the obvious places and had me wondering just how the hell a camel had gotten all the way to Thesuvia. Or at least, how one of their feet made the journey. Coma caught a comment about popping a woody and apparently I was the last one standing, but I was made to suffer a little longer.

While Li and Coma got teased for being aroused, I couldn’t help but notice that Beth’s outfit had two little standouts and that Tara’s bottoms looked a little dark the further one looked down. I’d barely seen the little tells, but I had a feeling that everyone was going to have an awful lot of luck later in the night. With three of our four ladies out of the way, I was glad when Alana and Hasha came out together because Gaht. DAYUM. I’ll start with Hasha because I saw her first, and I had to say that orange was not my color at all. Even if it was a muted pastel like the one Hasha wore, it just wasn't my color. However, even as the least ‘River Person cute’ of our friends, she still pulled off her intended look quite well. She had the ass to wear a bikini unlike Bethany, but what she had in booty she lacked up front. However, I forgot she even came out when my tall glass of gorgeous came out to play.

Alan was blushing as usual when she came out, when we locked eyes, she held her hands behind her and gave me the cutest smile of all time. Maybe it was the swimwear, maybe it’s Maybelline; I don’t know, nor do I care. All I knew was that Alana’s one-piece was… It was… Great is a word that could be used, but perfect has more oomph to it. The dark, rich green shimmered in the light as she walked through the steam, every snowy inch that her suit exposed bare for my eyes to feast upon. I started from the bottom up and saw that her thighs were… Unladen, they just… Okay, so my mouth is watering, and I need to quit. However, Alana. Being slim-thick was working perfectly for her, and the ever so slight crease that showed her lower lips had me feeling awfully faint for a moment, but then my eyes traveled over her tiny, barely noticeable ponch and scooted on her to her breasts, perfect as they were. I hadn’t known if they were perky or saggy since I’d never gotten a good look at them without a bra. Although while they were being contained with her suit, I couldn’t have found anything more perfect for her to wear. The peep-hole where her belly button showed was sexy, the woman the suit was on happened to be sexy Even the fucking straps were perfect for her.

I didn’t even realize I was hyperventilating til I was on my way down, the dumbest grin on my face while I gawked at the people coming to surround me. Coma and Beth got me back to my feet and I shook them off, going over to Alana before she could worry herself too much. “First your nosebleed and now you almost faint? Gatian, I-”

“Yes, you the fuck are.” I said giddily.

Aliss giggled. “I think you knocked him over by just by wearing my suggestion, Lana.”

Eeyup.” My voice cracked and I didn’t even care.

Alana’s blush crept down her neck. “... R-Really? It’s not… Too much?” I laughed like an idiot. “It’s too much, isn’t it? Isn’t it!?

I put my hands on her shoulders, seeing that she was about to cry. “Can you put this on some other time too?”

“... What?”

It’s not too much~” Aliss sang.

“Yo, Gat-Cat, you cool, man?” Coma asked, nudging me.

“Heaven is green.” I giggled. Alana gave me a kiss and I snapped out of it, looked down at the rest of her, looked back up, and before I even realized it was already over, I needed another kiss. “Goddamn, you look fucking delectable!

Alana looked at Aliss who shrugged, then to the rest of the group. Everyone shrugged, so she asked, “I-Is that good?”

“I’ll tell you when we get home if you put that back on.”

She blushed, the implications clear. “Oh my.

Coma clapped my shoulder. “Alright, can we just go ahead and say the Diancies are the winners of the Waterwear Showdown?”

Aliss gave him a look while Li scoffed. “If we can pick two, then I’m saying-”

“Guys and girls! We have eight people, so the guys vote and the girls vote one a piece.”

The girls all looked at Beth like she couldn't count before she and Li joined me and Coma. Tara chuckled. “Since when are you one of the guys?”

I picked up a wet towel and snapped her with it, getting a loud yelp for my troubles. Beth looked scandalized until I dropped the towel. “She’s just started initiation, so there’s always that.”

“That was my ass!” Shorty protested.

“I know. I just hit it with a wet towel.”

The rest of the girls got a laugh out of that and the circles formed quickly. “Alright team,” Li started. “I say I’d fuck the tits off Tara.”

Beth scoffed. “Guys and tits.”

Coma grunted. “If that’s the angle we’re working, then it could only be Tara.”

“Let’s leave Tata- Tara out of it for now and look at the rest. Everyone knows who my vote is.” I shrugged.

I got some knowing smiles that were tempered by envy on a couple faces. “Yeah, what y’all got isn’t common. Not trying to step on your toes-”

“Hey, I know where she’s looking and I know where you’re looking. I’m not worried.”

“Sweet, cause my votes on her too.” He said quietly.

Bethany nodded. “Definitely Alana.”

I looked back to the girls and saw that they were looking at us. “So we’re agreed?”

“Hey if we’re just going with ass-” Li-Oh tried.

“Alana has ass and something up front.” Beth pointed out. “Hasha’s got the seat to beat the heat, but Alana’s like, the perfect middle ground wherever you go.”

“She really is.” I nodded.

Li pursed his lips, looked back at the girls for a moment, then came back with, “But she’s so pale.”

“Don’t be racist, Li,” Beth said irritably.

“Yeah man, you know Lana’s cool.”

“Yeah, I know, but-”

“Wait, what’s wrong with pale people?” I asked confusedly.

Coma rolled his eyes. “Snow-Skins are supposed to be conniving, violent, and manipulative or something. The Amanese are real bad with that little stereotype, but it’s kinda bad all over Teh Se Bang.”

“Okay, that’s fair, but-”

“And pale can still be cute. If Alana ever went tanning and had a little more confidence, all of you would’ve known I was gay a lot earlier.” Beth glanced at me. “But exclusive is exclusive.”

“Don’t munch on my snack,” I grumbled.

“Ah, she’s not my type. Too bashful, and kinda reserved. I like to be the center of attention.”

“Too shy, too tall, not freaky.” Li shrugged. “That, and I’m just not into the Thesuvian-Swing

“I’m just not into Lana like that. She’s like a big sister to me.” Coma shrugged, which is probably how his shoulders got so defined. Dude was shrugging his seventy-pound arms all the time.

“So we’re all agreed?” I asked.


“Sounds like it.”

Biased much?” Li scoffed.

“And you aren’t, Mister Tiddyman?” I raised a brow.

He blushed and had the good grace to say, “Fair’s fair I guess.”

We joined the girls and the first one to say anything was Hasha. “Took you guys long enough! Gosh, it’s like you had to take pictures and get busy before making a choice!”

I rolled my eyes. “Who did you all pick?”

Aliss cleared her throat. “Well, after careful deliberation and based off of previous findings...”

Tara picked up with, “And after some careful observation….”

“Gatian; got it.” Beth said plainly. “We picked Alana.”

Tara glowered at her. “We were getting to that!”

“Took too long.”

Coma chuckled. “It’s the sausage.”

I lit up and tried to glare at him when Li nodded and said, “Sausage.”

Everyone else nodded too. “Hey!

Tara scoffed, not paying attention to me and my chagrin “And have you seen Gatian? The guy’s toned and kinda ripped.”

I pointed at Coma. “His muscles are bigger than mine!

Aliss rolled her eyes. “Yeah, he’s a clean-cut, foul-mouthed factory guy, but you’re a sexy adventurer with scars.”

I felt a few of the ones on my stomach from where I’d been stabbed once or twice. There were plenty of scars from surgeries too, I just didn’t pay them any mind. “Oh. Okay.”

“So the hottest guy and gal are a couple?” Beth asked. “Can we all just agree that Gatian and Alana make the cutest power couple in the whole town?”

The group agreed while Alana and I took the time to comment to each other about the things we appreciated about each other’s outfits. However, when I mentioned that Alana’s suit left just enough to the imagination and made her blush, she pointed out that my trunks were a little loose and kept falling down and exposing more and more of my pelvis as the steam soaked in. I hoped that I wouldn’t lose my trunks on standing, but I decided to tie my shorts off anyway, despite preferring the looser fit. We didn’t talk long and finally got into the damn hot springs which was a great move. The water was a little too hot, but once I sat and got used to it things were a lot more relaxing. Having Alana and Aliss on either side of me was also nice, but when they kept scooting closer I got a little worried. Aliss and Alana talked around me for awhile so I just sat back until Aliss’ hand fell to my thigh with her and Alana making direct eye-contact. Alana didn't seem to mind, and when I looked at Coma he was interested, if you catch my drift.

It was then that I remembered that Aliss had admitted to being an exhibitionist and Coma a voyeur.

I looked at Alana and saw that she was putting a hand on my other thigh, gently squeezing me beneath the water. Both hands started creeping up my thighs and I severely needed an adult that wasn’t getting off on the events unfolding, so I looked to Bethany and saw that she was chatting up Hasha and Li. My eyes ghosted over them and I saw some shit I ain’t really pay enough attention when I should have asked earlier. Guy on guy, girl on girl, guy on girl, and all sorts of devilish combos were going on around me and I felt Aliss touch it. She raised a brow and looked at me, stiffened both of body and rod. She saw my discomfort and went for Alana’s hand, dragging it directly on top of me. If I wasn’t being set up to be yelled at, then I was clueless.

Turns out, I was clueless.

[Ctrl+F ‘Degeneracy is Over’ to Skip]

I looked at my vaski. She looked at me. There was a question in her eyes that I didn’t quite get. “... Are you okay, Gatian?”

“The fuck is going on…?” I asked softly, glancing down to the pair of hands resting on me.

Aliss gave me a peck on the cheek. “Don’t worry about it, silly~ Just relax and let the good times roll.” She squeezed Alana, making her squeeze me in turn

Alana licked her lips. “I-If you’re uncomfortable…” Bitch, you bet I am.

“People… Don’t do it here, do they? Is this the place you’re supposed to do the watching?”

They both laughed, Coma was the one who said, “They keep it kosher here, man. You can get off, just don’t get under or behind someone. As for watching, it’s why most people come here if they’re single.”

Damn… When in Rome, I guess. Or rather, when they’re on your bone. “Okay.”

Great-” Aliss started.

“Gatian, neither of us are going to be mad or offended.” Alana offered me a gentle smile. “It’s just customary for Thesuvian vaskis to share with friends in places like these.”

Aliss gave her a look. “Yeah, it shows us exactly what we missed out on so we know what we want.”

“Hey!” Coma chuckled. “I’m- Yup.”

Aliss gave him a wink. And turned back to me. “Sit back, relax, and let your eyes wander. I’ve seen you glance every now and again, so…” She took my hand and placed it on her collar. “Let the nice, tall ladies take care of this little problem.”

Alana stopped her from squeezing me again and looked me in the eye. “Only if you’re okay with it.”

How the hell do I tell you that if someone touches you, I’m killing them? “... I’m sorry, but I think I’m too possessive to share…”

Allie beamed. “The only competition you have here is Beth now, so don’t worry. I don’t think I’d enjoy being with a girl as much as a guy.”

At my confused look, Lissie explained. “You and Coma are only allowed to touch if you get permission. You can ask, but it’s not really ‘acceptable’ to approach someone outside of your circle. Now, if you were to come here alone and look for fun…” She gave me an obvious once over. “Well, don’t be surprised if someone asks you to rent a room-”

“Which would be cheating.” Alana said firmly, making her serious face. I knew it was serious because her left dimple was showing, but not the right one.

“So…” My head hurt. “... I can get all the handies and suckagents I want, I just can’t stick it in?”

“Yup.” Coma sighed. “It’s great to come here and get offers when you’re single, but coming with friends is nicer. You can get handsy without asking.”

Speaking of our friends, I looked back to Hasha, Li, and Beth, seeing that Tara was coming our way with a salicious grin. However, even as the magnetic power of shiny, slick, bouncy breasts tried to keep my gaze, I couldn’t help but notice that Beth’s hands were directly between her legs and that Li was poking above the water with Hasha’s hand stroking him. When I actually started paying attention, I noticed that Li hand his hand under Hasha’s top and that the darker woman was also stroking Bethany’s thigh. Two hands stroked me at the same time and my focus was diverted back to Alana, who seemed to be waiting on me to do something. I pulled my hand out of the water and brought her in for a nice kiss, but then I felt Aliss’ hand on my shoulder and pulled away from my vaski, meeting her gaze. I saw reassurance there, so I did something I never thought I’d do.

Aliss kissed me and I didn’t stop her. One of my girlfriend’s squad smooched me and she was cool with it. And my best friend’s girl, not to leacve that out. And she was one of my own best friends. It was fuh-ckin’ weird. Aliss was, and I hate to say this, but overall a better kisser than Alana and she was also more eager for it. In fact, Aliss was so voracious that she pushed me back by the face and gripped me a little too hard, making me pull away. She eased up immediately, looking surprised. “What? The big bad Trademaster doesn’t like it rough?”

I stared at her. “... I’m with Alana.

Coma laughed. “He’s got you the~re oh shit~”

It was weird to hear my bromie moan. It was even weirder when Aliss pulled the string on his shorts and pulled him out. “Aren’t you a watcher?”

“I’m watching.” He sighed, his voice tight.

“You’re getting off from this too, aren’t you?” I could see her arm working, so I looked back to Alana and went back to kissing her while they were busy with each other.

Another tap later had Tara pushing Alana away playfully so she could sit on it. “Oh schlove! You weren’t kidding, Lana!”

She blushed and grinned while I decided to go Roman. I let my hands drift up her back and got an indistinct noise of approval for doing it, letting my hands rest on her shoulders. “Just remember, Alana has first, second, and last dibs.”

Tara ground her supple bottom on me and almost got me to moan. “Oh, I know, but I can still have a little fun too, right?”

I reached around and stroked her thighs, making her giggle. “I don't mind, just let me know if I’m going too far.”

Tara looked back at me, lust in her eyes. “Oh, sugar, trust me. You can’t go too far out here until you whip it out.” She continued to grind on me, jostling my hands a bit while Alana watched on with interest.

A quick check told me that Li, Hasha, and Bethany were fuckin’ goin at it, which was fuckin’ hot. Granted they were all friends I’d never considered having sex with (in depth), but knowing that I could probably get a blowjob or a handy from most of the gals in the group was… Fuckin’ weird… Life had thrown me a fucking curvy nutsack and told me to swing at it... However, seeing Beth eat Hasha while she sucked Li-Oh? Fucking. Diabolical. I could even seen one of Beth’s lips past her bikini bottoms and the fingers she was using on herself. My mouth felt dry all of a sudden and Alana leaned in front of me for just a second to see where I was looking before giving me an innocent smile and getting up.

I felt kind of abandoned while chatting and feeling up Tara, but just as she went to move my hands somewhere a little more fun for her, Alana pulled one of the strings on Beth’s bikini and turned to wink at me. Instead of just continuing like nothing had happened, the Sotan moved her hand and started over, this time spreading herself wide open for me to see. There was steam and distance between us, but I was some kind of aroused. Having it all be okay; Hell, having the scene in front of me unfold like Beth’s lips… Life was odd, but I was leaning toward good. It was hard to see, but I could barely see a double strip of fur on Beth’s muns, a strange pattern for a landing strip.

As I’d been saying before going down that particular rabbit hole, Tara put my hands on her tits and let me feel for myself just why she was the ‘hot one’ of the group. “Hmm, I can feel you throbbing~”

“And I can feel you being soft as fuck.” With Alana’s attention focused solely on me and my exploits, I felt a little emboldened.

Deciding to give her a little show felt like it was what I was supposed to do, especially since my ‘innocent’ little Alliebear seemed to be getting a little warmed up herself. Her hands went to her chest when my hands gripped Tara’s so I pulled my friend closer and higher up on my lap so she was getting the full length underneath her “Ooo~ It’s bigger than I though~” My right hand went from her breast to her stomach, inching it’s way down. “Oh. Damn…”

Aliss and Coma were having fun watching themselves, but they decided to go get a better position for it and an older couple came up to them. I watched for a moment as Coma laid it out and Aliss backed him up, the older Thesuvian’s taking to the younger one quite quickly. I watched on until hands started going places and Coma started stroking, giving my attention back to the task at hand. However, when I cupped Tara’s sex with my hand, I wasn’t gauging her reaction. Alana’s hand gripped her breast and it was obvious as shit; She was a voyeur. Tara’s hand came over mine and I started to pull back, but she held me where I was.

Mmm… Wouldn’t happen to know how to use those, would you?” Tara purred.

I stroked her between her lips and got a little shiver. “It’s been awhile, but I don’t mind some practice.”

Letting my fingers pet and stroke her sex was fun since she was out of the water. I caught Li looking at us and he tapped Hasha’s shoulder, getting her to stop for a few seconds. He then arched his back and groaned, garnering some attention from Alana and Beth. The short one looked back at my vaski and said something to her, but Alana wanted to watch, so Beth told Hasha to take care of herself and started coming on to Allie. Even as I found Tara’s absolutely tiny clit, I hesitated to play with it because I remembered that there was something I was supposed to do first. I reminded myself to try to slicken up my finger first, so I let it slide between her lips and got her shaking for a second or two.

Confused wasn’t the word for it, but I kept going anyway. Stroking her clit was enough for Tara, however. “Oh fuck~ Gatian~”

She arched her back and grinded on me while I kept stroking, thoroughly befuddled since I’d only been teasing her for like, thirty seconds. When I slipped a finger into her, I learned why. Tara must have been getting no action. “Did you just-”

“It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to come out and my man isn’t very physical,” She said quickly.

I flicked her pearl a few times and made her twitch and bounce on my lap while Beth felt up Alana, both of them looking at me and Tara. “Say, do they-” I looked around and answered my own question. “Nevermind.” I slipped my left hand under her top and palmed her breast, pinching her nipple once I found it over her large areola.

Fuck, why are you so good at this?” She gasped while I just barely got started.

“When I actually start trying, I’ll let you know,” I said blandly, pinching her clit gently. As in the tiny thing was barely being squeezed..

Fuck! Ohmyfuckohmyfuck, Yes!” Tara shouted, a warm trickle running down between my legs.

We were being stared at while she slumped against me, weakly grabbing at my hand. “... Did you enjoy it?”

Tara slid off of me and rested against my wall, giving me a look. “Fuck.

“Damn. You’re sensitive.”

“You know-” She took a deep breath and tried again. “You know it tingles when a River Person touches a Septurn, right?”

“It does?”

“It’s kinda like being tickled without being tickled, y’know?”

“I do now.” I chuckled.

She patted my leg and gave me a peck on the cheek. “I needed that.” Tara sighed heavily and sank down into the water. “This is why we love the spa.”

Alana and Beth came over with my vaski sitting next to me and the short one wiggling between me and Tara, her bottoms tied to her wrist. I saw for myself that it really was a dual-landing strip. “Now that. That was fun to watch.”

Tara patted her leg. “Sure you’re still not into guys?”

Beth pretended to give me a once over and shrugged before hopping into my lap, surprising me completely. “Nothing inside, okay?”:

I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big hug. “Now I’m starting to feel like the town bicycle.”

Beth giggled and patted my leg. “Just consider it a brovejob and it’s less weird, right?”

I let my hands wander over her sternum and chest, letting my hands rest on her ample breasts. She was decently endowed for being as short as she was, but her ass was not dick friendly. After giving her chest a try, I got a snort for my troubles. “What? I can already feel your ass, I’m just checking on what all I’m missing out on, right?”

She laughed and bore her breasts to the whole room. “IF you’re gonna play with ‘em, at least do it right.”

I gently cupped her breasts and found that her nipples were actually a little thick, which was fun because they were already hard. A little pinch got nothing out of her so I figured she wasn’t terribly sensitive. The pressure I applied the second time got the sexiest moan I’d heard by far, and as much as I would’ve liked to dive below the water, Alana beat me to it and commented on the softness of Beth’s lips. The Sotan took it in stride and encouraged me to try for myself, so I felt her lips and they were, in fact, soft as fuck. I kept her request in mind and let my finger dip between her lips and stroke her opening, but the main even was definitely her swollen clit. I’d like to say that it took some maneuvering, but I had her cumming in five minutes and she held on for ten more when I refused to stop, making Tara, Hasha, and Alana all stare in amazement when I made her squirt twice. By the time I was done with her, Bethany was barely coherent. Li and Hasha offered to get out with her, though they practically had to hold her up for a little while.

Coma and Aliss followed them shortly after and Tara had gotten what she wanted, leaving with them soon enough. After all too short a time, Alana and I were left alone and I wasn’t sure of how to take the situation. “So…”

She wouldn’t meet my eye, blushing hard. “... It was a good idea to get you here…”

I chuckled awkwardly. “Yeah, everyone seemed to think so… I’m just…” At the moment, I really wished that I hadn’t come, but I didn’t know how to tell her that. I did, however, want her more than fuckin’ ever. “I’m just kind of-”

Alana looked at me, resignation in her eyes. “I know, it’s… It’s okay.”

I blushed and looked into the water. “W-Well… We could fix it now… I-If you want?”

Allie blinked. “What?”

“We… Well, you touched it, but we… We never actually did anything together.”

She stared at me before carefully placing herself on my lap. “I-I’m not too-”:

“Perfect? Yes, you are too perfect.” I pulled her back further on my lap and rested my head against her. “... I’ve been waiting for this since y’all sprung it on me.”

“... So have I…” She murmured softly. Looking back at me.

I needed no further impetus. My hands wandered unfamiliar territory for the third time in the day, my heart knowing that I’d made myself wait for this particular moment. When Alana stiffened up, my hands went to her shoulders and toiled away at the stress they held. Then I moved on to rubbing her arms, the pale flesh warm from the springs. It was like running my hand over sleek living marble with every pass until I wrapped my arms around her. Alana made a happy noise and hummed until my hands slip upwards toward her covered breasts. She whimpered a little before my hands shadowed them completely, her little moan making it that much more important for me to make things good for her. I could feel her nipples poking out through her waterwear, inviting me to slip my hands under her one piece and take control. Inviting, but not commanding. Alana helped me do just that by making me squeeze her breasts a little harder than I thought she would’ve liked, but not by much. When I went even harder, she whimpered and winced, giving me the idea to rub the ache away if I’d caused any. The fact that I wasn't touching them directly occurred to me again and I sought to rectify that, but…


Yes?” She breathed, her voice like a wisp of steam.

“... May I?

Alana Wolvram looked back at me, a lovely expression meeting my gaze along with misty emeralds. “You’re such a gentleman with me… Of course, my love.

With her say so, I forestalled the moment with a kiss that turned into my vaski straddling me with my rod barely contained by my trunks. She took a deep breath, the length of my member pressing against her. Allie’s… Her… I don’t want to use the usual words for her; she’s too respectable for that. Her womanhood rested against my shaft as we embraced again, taking another step down our path as lovers. Yes, some of my morals had been outright thrown out of the window for the woman, but it was for the sake of accepting her culture. I didn’t want our first time to be in a place used by the public for anything of the sort, and our restraint with each other showed that. What happened between us largely stayed right where it was. I didn’t touch anything on Alana that I wouldn’t have done in public as a jest, and the look she gave me when we pulled apart was… I felt as though I’d fucked up.

[Ctrl+F ‘Degeneracy is Over’ to Skip]

“... Not here… I…” She shook her head, biting her lip. When Alana spoke, it seemed to pain her. “C-Can you wait a-”

“I would wait through my entire life all over again. I can wait a few hours.”

She kissed me one last time. “... I’m sorry I pushed you into… This.”

“You understand me too well.” I caressed her cheek, satisfied with the gesture.

She gave me a wry look that was ruined by the heat in her gaze. “You can say no, Gatian... Never feel forced to do anything with me or for me, boski.”

“I could, but I wouldn’t leave you here alone. And it got kinda fun when people startedGetting off on top of me…” I admitted, getting quieter and quieter.

My vaski tilted her head, her patented puzzled face worn proudly. “Did…. Did you…?”

“No, but it kinda...“

“Oh…“ She bit her lip and looked down.

“I-It’ll go down,” I chuckled weakly.

She gave me a naughty smile. “Well, at least you know you’ll attract the right kind of attention.”

“I’d rather not and just have you looking at me, honestly.”

“Then I’ll be sure to look, as per your request.” She smiled at me and I could feel my heart melt like always. Alana placed a hand on my arm. “Should we go join the others?”

“Yeah, I’m really wrinkly.” I chuckled, standing up.

Alana followed and we took our leave from each other to go back to our respective locker rooms, meeting up with everyone soon after. It had been a good time so far, but I could only wonder what depravity there would be next on the list. However, Alana lead me to their outside area and I learned why the visit had been forty-five holli.

There was a grill and a patio out and everyone was already eating something or other. The good times did seem to be rolling as everyone stopped the debauchery and started with something I could deal with on a moral basis, but when I saw that they were all looking at something, I had a hard time abiding by it. There was a TV on with a third person perspective over someone’s shoulder as they hacked and slashed through enemy after enemy. If it were a movie I would’ve had no problem, but I knew that Locovisual was based on memories. Seeing people eat to literal slaughter…

When in Rome...

I ignored the fuck out of the LV and instead went to go get something to munch. My mood turned somber, I tried to keep up the cheer, but Alana sensed my waning mood and offered to escort me home. Nothing seemed good when it was offered to me, so I went home without eating and had a few of my friends guess what was wrong. After all that, Alana kind of understood wasn’t really in the mood to talk by the time we got home, eventually just bidding Alana goodbye to consider the events of the day. I…

No, Booksy, I wasn’t… I wasn’t happy with myself after today. I had a good time letting loose, but I feel… Wrong. I feel like a fucking slut. I feel like my friends are heathens and they want me to be a whore. Even Alana didn’t bat an eye at the blood on the LV or any of the shit going on in the springs, but it’s her culture; Her way of life… I’m either going to have to get used to it or shut the fuck up if I want to be with her, but knowing that she condones swinging and partner-swapping to a point and even just…

Booksy, I can’t buy an LV. I’m not joking. I can never have my memories committed to a runner or someone’s going to find out a lot more than I want them to know…

Goddammit, the fucking springs are still… I mean… Even if Alana gave me the go ahead, how could I just do that with people I’m going to see tomorrow? My coworkers? My friends… What the hell kind of relationship did they all have and where the fuck do I fall in…? Today was good for a fuckin’ headache and a heart full of guilt. That’s about it. At least I’m upset about being treated like a vibrator rather than being the guy who massacred people... I’m going to roll some soma. No, don’t worry you paranoid book, I’m not going to use one of your pages…

Yeah, sounded weak to me too. Still, I’m getting better.

Aren’t I?


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