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Herbalist’s words. Achievements. Training with silvan


A letter from Nary

Content: I didn’t know what I could give to someone who saw other worlds and who is difficult to be surprised. Looking at the scruffy mushroom, I realized that I can help you.

The elixir of growth will restore this mushroom, though it might grow a bit. There might be some other strange effects, but I doubt it.

Thank you for everything, and visit me more often please because I feel rather lonely here.


Thank you, Nary. I wish you lived in my reality and we had met ten years ago. Perhaps, my life would not be so empty now.

Following the letter from my sweetheart, I dropped a couple of drips on the Fly Agaric; all the holes on the purple cap mended immediately; the mushroom became a little larger.

“What a wonderful remedy!” The silvan nodded. “Here’s your reward. Here you go.” He gave me a heavy bag with a hundred gold coins, and asked sarcastically. “Aren’t you going to count it?” He chuckled to himself and then continued, “I think you can choose the artifact a bit later. Now we need to study ‘Search for Death.’ Hold on.” He made a few motions with his hands, and a message emerged.

Skill ‘Search for Death’ is obtained

Description: The energy cycle of Life and Death keeps happening in most worlds as well as in Rainea. Death leaves its traces in the places where it takes the Life energy, and now you can see them. You’ll also be able to see those who took an innocent creature’s life with impunity

Skill class: very rare

Skill level: 1

Are there any exceptions? I’ll put it in my diary. I wonder why I was given this ability as a reward. Although... I guessed! This quest is connected not only with the demons, but also with the Gardens of Death’s creatures.

“I can see on your face that you’ve guessed.” The silvan smiled. “Yes, I’ll need your help to make all the bony creatures go away. However, you need to be trained in order to develop the acquired skills in my absence.”


Forest Keeper offers you the quest ‘Training with the Silvan II’

Description: To help the Keeper to complete this difficult quest, it’s necessary to learn a number of skills that will help you fight with any creature, using the Keeper’s abilities

Terms: to learn all the skills that are necessary in becoming a Forest Keeper; to listen to your mentor carefully and complete additional quest.

Additional: improve each ability received from your mentor to the third level

Class: rare

Reward: + 1000 to the experience, + 500 to the reputation with the Forest Keeper, +50 to the reputation with Reena, Silvan skills

Penalty for refusal: – 1000 to the reputation with the Forest Keeper

Accept quest: Yes/No?


The Fly Agaric will likely grow on my head now. It’ll penetrate into my brain soon and take control of my body. It’s going to be fun... I’ll be covered with moss and will be able to disappear into a muddy puddle. My beard will grow at an accelerated rate, and, of course, it will be gray.

I shouldn’t refuse, though. A couple of useful skills for melee and survival in the forest will come in handy because I’ll have to run from the demons again, I’m sure.

What kind of trap did we get caught in? Reena still got caught, and she’s the Keeper’s assistant. Does that mean that these skills are useless against the Lord?

I hope the new skills will still be useful. What if I asked Reena to be my pet? I mean a pet that destroys demons of the hundredth level with just one bite. I would be glad to have such an assistant; she would help me to reach at least the fiftieth level.

On the other hand, I won’t increase my own parameters if I do so. And why didn’t I get any extra achievements even though I did a lot?

Wow, Rainea seems to notice me, I amused as a message popped up.


Achievement unlocked: ‘Tom and Jerry II’

Description: You fought the archdemon, whose level exceeds yours by several times, and you survived. Protecting your companion, you weren’t afraid to cause damage to such a dangerous enemy, but don’t think that it will ever be the same again

Reward: instant recovery of your health when you get out of your enemy’s sight and are no less than 300 feet away from them

Restrictions: you can’t use it more than once a day

Additional effect: ‘Unnatural attack’

You can damage a character of any level. The higher the level, the lower the damage

Limits: the ability is only available for a single blow. You can use it only against the characters whose level is larger than yours for no less than twenty stat points

Class: epic

Note: Don’t consider yourself a hero—heroes don’t keep running away from danger


“I see you’ve become a little stronger, and you can now surprise many enemies who think they’re far superior to you.”

What an interesting achievement. I was still upset by the note. I ran away from the archdemon because I couldn’t fight him. He was too strong.

However, in addition to the first level pathos, I obtained an interesting skill and an unusual ability. I’ll need to study this attack. Most likely, it allows me to divert attention and to escape while the enemy is in a daze. I appreciate this ability because it restores all HP. I think it will be very useful for me. I wonder what the benefits are of reaching the third level, and why do some NPCs see my level and others don’t?

“There is no time to rest. You need to learn,” the silvan muttered. I looked at him questioningly and showed him my leg: it was still injured, although I was immortal and didn’t know what to do with it.

“You didn’t die, and the injury caused by a demon’s weapon is always severe; it took a while for it to heal, and now I cast the last spell.”

He muttered something and hit with his staff; my leg glowed with an emerald green light.


Forest Keeper treated you with the effect ‘Oak Leaves’ Hugs’

Broken Femur is healed!


I appreciate it. I felt better immediately. Anyway, I hate this damn pain! Why is it so strong? Damned developers!

The silvan took a glass of muddy water from a small locker, which I hadn’t noticed before, drank it down in one gulp, and then grunted something and went out of the room. In a minute he returned.

“Do you need a special invitation? Come on! We need to get to the Mossy Swamps; it’ll take two hours of walking, and we better reduce this time so we can train more. So we shall run this distance, without stopping.”

Oh, screw it! I hope the ‘Marathon Runner’ won’t use all my HP and that any Hellish hares or badgers won’t attack.

I almost missed the swamps. Fortunately, a marker showing the direction appeared on the map for me. During an hour of running, I was as angry as the archdemon whose heart had been stolen.


About the author

Sergey Belsky

  • Moscow

Bio: Sergey Belsky is a Russian author of thirteen books in the genres of Sci-ence Fiction, Fantasy and LitRPG. He is in the top 10 of several popular self-publishing sites in Russia.

He took up writing books while he was studying at the university. By profession Sergey is an engineer of navigation systems of hypersonic cruise missiles. He never considered writing as the main profession. But once im-mersed in his own fantastic world, he realized that he loved writing.

Impressed with the masterpieces of world literature, D.R.R.T. Tolkien and D.R.R. Martin, he creates a fantasy saga “The Chronicles of Arcania”, which finds response in the hearts of many readers and this interest stimulates him to write further.

He wrote his first and most successful book series “The Beetle” in the Li-tRPG genre. 5 books of the series were written during 2017. The series has firmly taken its place in the top bestsellers. The main character, who got into a virtual game with full immersion, turns into a beetle. Readers love this series for the unusual nature of the main character, for his adventures and the de-tailed underworld, consisting of many locations and dungeons. The series is finished and is now being translated into English.

In 2018, Sergey began a new LitRPG series "Class-Neutral", which also became a bestseller. Both series are similar, and at the same time completely different. The action takes place in the same world, but in another part of it. The class of the main character is extremely unique. The character is endowed with the magic of the nature and space. Now the 4th book of the series is being written.

All books of the author are interconnected, they are as the elements of a vast and detailed universe. Each book and each cycle, step by step, opens the reader this magical and wonderful world of Reyne.

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