Unpleasant Meeting. Rot. Tragedy.

“Where are you going, Louse?” Scum asked me.

“I’m going with you, Chief,” his companion replied.

“Shut up! I don’t mean you! Idiot!”


“G-r-r!!!” The orc got angry, but then he sighed and turned his attention back to me. “Did you, NPC, think that we would let you go after that insult? I know that quest NPCs revive at the respawn point, not like typical NPCs. I have no idea where your respawn point is, but I think you’re going to be very upset when you have to go back there.”

Well, only two of six scumbags stayed here.

I was surprised that some of them had left the game after our conversation. I tried to figure out how to get away from this rabble—who exceeded my level several times over—and I settled on looking at those bastards as if I were a high-level top player and they were nothing more than low-level noobs. I saw fear in their eyes. I might try bluffing…

“What do you want, strangers? Are you going to kill me?” I looked at them with contempt. “You’ll deprive me of a variety of problems. I don’t think much keeps me here, but I’ll come back and kill you anyway.”

“What can you do, asshole?”

“You’re just a fat orc looking worse than your name!” I exclaimed. “You’re a half-blood. I wonder if you are a half-ogre or a half-troll? Even their ugly faces are better than yours, so I don’t know what unknown creature your ancestor was, but I bet the arch-demon would be scared of it.”

“Bastard!” Scum screamed and hit me with his sword.

Scum deals you damage—15 damage points, health 25/40

“A-ha-ha!” the pain was unbearable, and I tried not to cry—attempting to pretend it was just a scratch on my chest.

“Is this all that an orc of your level can do? Then I can’t understand why the dwarves haven’t wrapped your guts around your neck yet. You’re a rotten creature. Though you’re not an orc are you. You’re a stranger. I wonder if you’re as nasty in your own world as here? What made you so rotten?”

“Shut up!”

Scum deals you damage— 9 damage points, health 16/40

“Do you like the others to feel pain? Weakling!”

Scum deals you damage —9 damage points, health 7/40

“A-ha-ha!!!” How and why is this so painful? I’m afraid I’m going to cry after just a few strikes. I shouldn’t show my pain. “All the evil you’ve done will return to you. Rainea won’t forgive you the things which your own world forgave you for.”

“Boss, he’s a wrong NPC, he doesn’t feel pain and talks in an unusual way,” Louse said to Scum.

“Fuck off!” the orc yelled, pushing Louse away several feet and reducing his health points by half.

It’s strange that my health points don’t decrease that much. He might have attacked me in a special way, in order not to kill me immediately but rather to torture me a little longer... It looks like that anyway.

I saw his confusion; he had never met such a phenomenon before. He beat me, and I neither asked for mercy nor cried out in pain. I hated this type of person.

Effect of ‘Full Recovery’ is applied.

I was so relieved that I couldn’t help sighing. But my happiness was short-lived.

Scum deals you damage—7 damage points, health 33/40

“Ah-ha-ha!” I continued to laugh, but tears were now streaming from my eyes. “Asshole! Scum is a very appropriate name for you. Ha-ha-ha!”

Scum deals you damage — 11 damage points, health 22/40

“Boss, please stop. This NPC seems to be watched by the admins. He’s too weird and smart. He keeps laughing after your strikes.”

Scum deals you damage —12 damage points, health 10/40

Ignoring his companions, he still kept beating me with his sword, causing incredible pain throughout my body. The scumbags held me; I felt their hands shaking. Why is my bluff failing?

Effect of ‘Full Recovery’ is applied.

“I’ve been deprived of everything; do you think you can cause me more pain? The Hellish hounds will eat your guts, and the bony creatures from the Gardens of Death will take your bones and condemn your rotten soul to eternal torment.”

Scum causes you damage —10 damage points, health 30/40

Scum causes you damage —14 damage points, health 14/40

I didn’t know how long my torture lasted, but it seemed like an eternity to me. It wasn’t clear why the admins didn’t help me. How did the game allow such an opportunity?

My emails to the tech support weren’t responded to. Freaks! I’ll sue you! I’ll punish these scumbags in exactly the same way. I was a little groggy; the world seemed to be murky and heavy like a fog clouded everything around.

There was only fucking pain. I’m so sick of these things. I thought the players of the first nine levels couldn’t be attacked, but I seemed to be wrong. I hate them.

“Boss, the Full Recovery scrolls are over!” I heard somewhere nearby. “Boss, stop it!”

“What?” the orc responded as if coming out of a trance. “What is it?”

“You’ve been tormenting this NPC for four hours; he isn’t laughing, and he seems to be unconscious.”

After his friend’s report, Scum swore viciously, showed me his fist, and then started thinking.

“The herbalist lives nearby, bring her here. Let her cure this NPC. Then I’ll kill him. It has bothered me.”

I tried to scream, but my body wouldn’t listen to me. My lips remained closed as if a vice had squeezed my skull from all around. A bit later, they brought Narylna into the clearing and pushed her roughly. I was ready to kill them, but my body was being disobedient.

“What are you doing, strangers?” she exclaimed. “How can you do this with Alexey?”

“What? Alexey?” the scumbag said. “Is that him?”

“Boss, let’s go. There are no NPCs with Russian names.” Louse’s voice trembled.

“What if he’s an admin’s fosterling?” Bad Foe exclaimed. “Come on!”

“We’re not going anywhere!” Scum’s smile was so filthy that it could desecrate the altar of a light or even dark god.”

“Look at this woman. Now I know how to hurt him.”

“Don’t you dare do it, bastard!” I hissed. My voice could frighten all the Hellish Abyss’s creatures. “Run, Nary!” I shouted and kicked Scum, dropping him in the dirt, but she couldn’t escape.

It seemed to me that a thousand-ton load fell on my shoulders. They hit the girl several times and took her by the arms.

“If your mothers knew who would be born, they would surely take you from their womb and feed you to the desert vultures. Although I doubt vultures would eat you!”


I thought my insides exploded from the strike. I spat blood on the path. Well, I’ll endure this. They mustn’t touch Narylna!

“Now, let’s have fun,” the orc said cheerfully and struck Nary with his sword.

“No! Don’t you dare!”

“Ah-ha-ha! Now I see what I wanted!” the orc rejoiced and plunged his sword into Nary’s ribs again. The girl screamed. I hated the scum torturing her and me as well as the admins for allowing this.

I hit Scum in the face, knocking out a fang; my hand arched. I knocked down Louse and Bad Foe, but Nary still couldn’t escape. I tried to protect her. Finally, she was able to cope with her pain and ran back toward her house. I needed to distract them as long as possible so that Nary had more time.

Three high-leveled freaks couldn’t cope with me. Maybe, they weren’t going to kill me and intended to torture some more time. I was glad, they were focused on me.

I didn’t see Nary, so everything would be fine. She was likely to have a lot of healing potions at home. She would surely be healed. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I hit the approaching orc in his filthy muzzle with my broken hand again. Then I felt a strong blow across my back and a huge flash of pain in my heart.

“Louse, bastard, what have you done?”

“I’ve killed him, boss. There’s no need to torture this NPC further.”

“You’ll take his place then.”

It was the last thing I heard, then darkness covered everything.


About the author

Sergey Belsky

  • Moscow

Bio: Sergey Belsky is a Russian author of thirteen books in the genres of Sci-ence Fiction, Fantasy and LitRPG. He is in the top 10 of several popular self-publishing sites in Russia.

He took up writing books while he was studying at the university. By profession Sergey is an engineer of navigation systems of hypersonic cruise missiles. He never considered writing as the main profession. But once im-mersed in his own fantastic world, he realized that he loved writing.

Impressed with the masterpieces of world literature, D.R.R.T. Tolkien and D.R.R. Martin, he creates a fantasy saga “The Chronicles of Arcania”, which finds response in the hearts of many readers and this interest stimulates him to write further.

He wrote his first and most successful book series “The Beetle” in the Li-tRPG genre. 5 books of the series were written during 2017. The series has firmly taken its place in the top bestsellers. The main character, who got into a virtual game with full immersion, turns into a beetle. Readers love this series for the unusual nature of the main character, for his adventures and the de-tailed underworld, consisting of many locations and dungeons. The series is finished and is now being translated into English.

In 2018, Sergey began a new LitRPG series "Class-Neutral", which also became a bestseller. Both series are similar, and at the same time completely different. The action takes place in the same world, but in another part of it. The class of the main character is extremely unique. The character is endowed with the magic of the nature and space. Now the 4th book of the series is being written.

All books of the author are interconnected, they are as the elements of a vast and detailed universe. Each book and each cycle, step by step, opens the reader this magical and wonderful world of Reyne.

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