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How would you carry the Bony Bear’s carcass to your home?


Death Corrosion. The results of the battle. Inventor.


The bear’s look expressed relief and... gratitude, maybe. Wow, I was able to understand the downworlder dying with the final death; the game developers worked well!

It’s incredible to come up with something like that! Then the bear fell to the ground, and the system messages appeared.


Effect of ‘Death Corrosion’ is over! The Bony Bear is dying!


1000 Experience points are obtained!


Your level is increased!

Current level: 5!

Total Experience: (1432/1600)

5 points of characterics skill are obtained!



Achievement unlocked: ‘David and Goliath Ι

Description: Having fought with someone you could not win against before, you showed extraordinary courage and witness. It allowed you to defeat an enemy which was ten times stronger than you

+1% to the chance of total repelling dangerous enemy’s assaults;

+1% to the chance of dealing critical damage to dangerous enemies;

+1% to the chance of avoiding any enemy’s attacks;

The requirement for unlocking the achievements: you shouldn’t be helped in a battle


I’m thrilled with all these bonuses! I wonder what other untold treasures this bear has. Gold coins, mountains of artifacts, rarest potions, and ancient scrolls came into my mind, but... I didn’t get anything else!

How is that possible? Why? I almost died trying to get away from that bear, and I beat it … Sitting on the monster’s back, I grabbed its skull and pulled it, intending to tear it off and put it in my bag. I couldn’t leave here without a trophy! I was so worried that my health points were reduced. I think it’s better to succumb to the passing temptation and not resist my desires. Ow! Screw it!

I screamed in pain and grabbed something that was biting my leg while I was trying to rip off the skull. It was the second toothed skull. I cursed angrily, put the elk-tahr in my bag, and kept working. I was trying to get the trophy for over two hours, but it was all in vain. I might as well have tried to take a precious stone from a dwarf. I kicked the damned bear in the back of its head and opened my mouth in surprise.

“Yes!” I jumped up in joy and ran to my trophy.

The emerald lights barely smoldered in the deep darkness of the eye sockets, but they still looked terrifying, and each tooth was the size of a finger. I wonder how I managed to beat this beast. The skull was as heavy as a bag of cement.

I didn’t doubt that I could carry it, the game rules allowed me to put even a tank in my inventory bag—provided that I had sufficient strength. However, I had to get to my home before the evening. If I was able to unlock the achievement ‘Mule Stubbornness’, it wouldn’t give me any bonuses, but it would, at least, confirm that I was as stubborn as a mule.

After sitting and thinking for about ten minutes, I figured out how to drag all the bear’s bones to my house. But before I started to implement my idea, I began to search for the Fly Agaric. I shouldn’t leave it here; it saved my life. I found it quickly enough. The Fly Agaric was dented, and its cap was bitten off in several places. Now I had to find my stick. I looked for it for a long time, because it had fallen far from the mushroom. I wonder what’s wrong with it?

Poisonous stick cursed by the Bony Bear

Description: An ordinary stick, broken off by some fool from an oak fallen many years ago, successfully survived its only battle and was cursed and soaked with the poison of the Panther Fly Agaric

It used to be very fragile, but now its power is supported by two types of energies

This item which used to be utterly useless in melee is now deadly... for hares

Effects: ‘Poisonous’, ‘Cursed’

Item class: unusual

Strength: 50/50

Damage: 15-19 base, 4 damage points per second, 5 damage points of death magic

Requirements: level 15

Note: Your stick can now shoot like a gun sometimes


I was a bit astonished with such a transformation in the rotten wood into an outstanding weapon. I don’t care if it’s useless now. I’m in no hurry, and I have time to cook chops from all sorts of monsters. Now it’s time to figure out how to bring home this mountain of bones.


I gathered a bunch of straight, long sticks and tied them all together. Fortunately, I took the rope from my dwelling beforehand. I put a couple of logs under the makeshift stretcher and dragged it along with the whole load. I hope my stretcher won’t fall apart along the way.

I wonder why the bear’s remnants are so heavy. It’s not like it could overeat! Apparently, the bear had a large collection of bones. I hope that my greed is stronger than my fatigue and helps me to carry the load! I pulled the stretcher hard, and my fatigue indicator showed that I was exhausted. In real life, I couldn’t have even moved an inch of such a load.

I didn’t use my extra points, because I was greedy. Despite all my worries, I successfully coped with the quest. Even rotten logs didn’t let me down. I was able to carry my cargo and then went to sleep.

Your Strength increases by 1 stat point



You’ve received skill ‘Inventor’

Description: Thanks to your mind and wit, having used the available resources and tools, you’ve created a rather complicated thing

Skill Class: unusual

Skill level: 1

Note: The strangers have already manufactured stretchers, but they were significantly different from what you’ve done. It is strange that no one has invented such an innovation before.

Great! I’ve never doubted my talents! However, I doubt that no one guessed to make such a stretcher before. Why have I obtained this skill? Are the other players really that stupid? I don’t understand this system, which gives me plenty of skills. I might get a second-level ‘Freeloader’ in a couple of days. Or maybe I’m really lucky? I don’t believe that. I’m definitely not lucky. Especially if you remember my past.

However, I even began to wonder what kind of stretcher I’d created. Why was this wreck glued together with a half-rotted rope so unique?

Handmade dilapidated stretcher, manufactured by some incompetent man from some rotten logs

It’s made of very crooked sticks and half-rotted rope

However, due to the influence of incomprehensible factors, this ‘innovative’ product possesses unique properties

Effects: -20% to the weight of cargo, +20% to the structural Strength

Item class: unique


It’s great. The game keeps bullying me. Why does the game consider me an incompetent guy? I’ve completed the quest. What factors do they mean? Having examined the stretcher in detail, I noticed a strange barely visible sign, a part of which was blurred.

This way I had slightly increased the ability ‘Knowing the Essence’. There was a stylized feather of a fairy-tale bird in this sign, usually worn by aristocrats.

Detected sign is not identified


I suppose it’s needless to identify it! This feather is responsible for lightening the load. Which object is responsible for increasing the strength? After examining my stretcher, I found an ordinary nail hammered into one of the logs.

It’s possible that the nail isn’t identified and is responsible for the second effect. In any case, I carefully examined my stretcher once again and made sure that it was otherwise all completely normal. I’d better go to the stone and find out what the bear was doing there.


About the author

Sergey Belsky

  • Moscow

Bio: Sergey Belsky is a Russian author of thirteen books in the genres of Sci-ence Fiction, Fantasy and LitRPG. He is in the top 10 of several popular self-publishing sites in Russia.

He took up writing books while he was studying at the university. By profession Sergey is an engineer of navigation systems of hypersonic cruise missiles. He never considered writing as the main profession. But once im-mersed in his own fantastic world, he realized that he loved writing.

Impressed with the masterpieces of world literature, D.R.R.T. Tolkien and D.R.R. Martin, he creates a fantasy saga “The Chronicles of Arcania”, which finds response in the hearts of many readers and this interest stimulates him to write further.

He wrote his first and most successful book series “The Beetle” in the Li-tRPG genre. 5 books of the series were written during 2017. The series has firmly taken its place in the top bestsellers. The main character, who got into a virtual game with full immersion, turns into a beetle. Readers love this series for the unusual nature of the main character, for his adventures and the de-tailed underworld, consisting of many locations and dungeons. The series is finished and is now being translated into English.

In 2018, Sergey began a new LitRPG series "Class-Neutral", which also became a bestseller. Both series are similar, and at the same time completely different. The action takes place in the same world, but in another part of it. The class of the main character is extremely unique. The character is endowed with the magic of the nature and space. Now the 4th book of the series is being written.

All books of the author are interconnected, they are as the elements of a vast and detailed universe. Each book and each cycle, step by step, opens the reader this magical and wonderful world of Reyne.

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