Class Neutral: Stranger is Coming

by Sergey Belsky

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Cyberpunk Harem LitRPG Male Lead Non-Human lead Virtual Reality

Are you tired of ordinary life, boredom and monotony? Your life consists of the work only and deprived of any fun and vacation...
Well, it's high time to explore the majestic beauty of virtual reality, to walk through the ancient cities and master unimaginable magic spells. This realm looks like our world , but at the same time it's rather mysterious and dangerous... 

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Sergey Belsky

Sergey Belsky

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Couldn't get into it -- too many blue boxes

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

I read through the first five chapters and the author is telling everything with litrpg boxes and not showing.  The MC picks up an item or learns a skill a few times, thinks a comment in between, and that's an entire chapter.  I do not enjoy this style of fic.  

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TL;DR: Only telling and no showing makes reader a bored entity.


Oh man. A day after I write a review about not seeing much litVRMMORPGs that get over 100 pages and liken the genre to shit smeared hippopotami on a bad safari and I'm looking at another one.

This one is a bit different though. It only took me three chapters to get a bit bored and a little miffed.  And for quite different reasons too.

The last one had a prologue so flowery and expansive it was like being caught by sarlac and then slowly dissolved in it's stomach and the only reason I could not get out was there was still more of the same expansive style slowly lulling you in unimportant details like a slightly mad anesthesiologist.

This one, on the other hand, starts quite brusquely. But also with the distinct feeling it just wants the task out of its hair. No fanfare, no sense of wonder, just a narrative done by a dad bored out of his skull who has been forced to tell you a story. Just to get it over with so he can go smoke a cigarette or watch dancing with the Stars. Or something.

First chapter prologue, second chapter character creation and third chapter first steps and the tone is still the same.

What does not help is the fact that the only thing we're reading is basically MCs inner monologue and the blue boxes he is seeing that tell everything else. Even the stuff they should probably not tell about.

For example I lost interest the moment MC's inner monologue told us about rustling bush and a blue box then finished the job by telling us about the rabbits that are attacking him.